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Chapter 214 - Your Little Ancestor Called

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 214: Your Little Ancestor Called

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    Jian Qi called Coco as soon as she arrived at the station, and the call was picked up by a girl with a soft and gentle voice.

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. Was this Coco’s girlfriend?

    Did Coco become straight again in such a short time?

    “Hello, I’m Coco’s assistant. He’s busy right now, so I’ll tell him to call you back later if that’s alright?” The gentle voice spoke in a polite and careful tone.

    Jian Qi was quite confused at how the other seemed to be wary and scared of her judging from her tone. The two of them did not even know each other!

    “No need, I’ll go look for him myself. Where are you guys?” Jian Qi smiled and asked in a gentle tone, so as to not scare this timid bunny of an assistant.

    The assistant told her their address, and Jian Qi hung up.

    After Jian Qi hung up on the call, Coco and Qiao Bo walked in, and the assistant made her way over to them quickly.

    “Coco, your little ancestor called and said that she’s going to come later.” The assistant said.

    The reason why her tone was so careful was that the words “My Little Ancestor” were written as the caller’s contact, so the assistant guessed that the caller would have been hard to deal with. She did not expect the person in question to be so gentle!

    Coco blinked dumbly before he finally reacted, his solemn expression changing into an excited one almost immediately.

    “Give me the phone.” Coco requested in a hurried tone, and upon seeing the contact that called him he almost squealed in excitement.

    Qiao Bo looked at Coco as the latter’s excited expression had become quite rare after he was recruited by the Tang Group to be a manager.

    This person’s smile had always been polite and even somewhat calculated when he was working, so for him to make such an expression, who was this little ancestor?

    Suddenly, a familiar face resurfaced in his memory.

    Was it that girl?

    Coco was about to call the number back, but the director of the shoot shouted for everyone to gather up again, so he put his phone down once more.

    He had to get done with everything quickly so that he could bring his precious baby to dinner!

    Before he left, he turned to the assistant. “Remember to inform me when she comes later, okay?”

    Then, he left for the set together with Qiao Bo.

    “Is it Jian Qi?” Qiao Bo asked curiously.

    Coco nodded, his excitement putting a spring in his steps. “Yes, it’s her!”


    Jian Qi was blocked outside of the set when she arrived because it was a secret shoot, but who could block her if she really wanted to enter?

    She quickly bypassed the guards and got into the set, and upon entering she saw Qiao Bo that was standing there in the crowd.

    After all, as long as this man was here, he would be at the center of everyone’s focus and attention, and always be put under the spotlight.

    This man was both gentle and kind yet cold and aloof, and the contrasting auras coupled with his handsome visage made him even more alluring.

    Jian Qi looked around and picked up her phone, and upon calling she saw a girl pick up the phone in the distance.

    “Hello, have you arrived? I’ll go get you now.” The assistant spoke with a gentle tone.

    Jian Qi had already started to walk over to her. “No need, I’m already in the set.”

    After she said so, she hung up on the call.

    The assistant was confused. She had already entered the set? Were there not supposed to be guards outside?

    The assistant stared at the phone with a confused expression before she saw a person in black attire walking toward her. As the said person was wearing a mask, she could not quite figure out who it was.

    “Hello,” Jian Qi greeted amiably.

    “Ah, it’s you.” The assistant smiled. “Coco’s still busy now, so you might have to wait.”

    “Alright, I’ll take a seat then.” Jian Qi said and sat down at the nearest chair, leaning back and enjoying the sunlight that was just right and falling asleep within seconds.