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Chapter 157 - Analysis

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 157:


    Le Anqi never understood why Su Cha did not rebut Yu Siqing.

    Su Cha lightly laughed, “Yup, didn’t you already say that she had slapped the teachers in their faces?”

    Le Anqi was stunned, “So?”

    Su Cha explained, “I did not rebut her as she was a judge. It was a public setting. If I were too high profile and rebutted a judge, it would not be beneficial for me. Even the contestants could tell that she was wrong and that she had offended Quan Jia. Everyone knows of Quan Jia’s professionalism and expertise in this field. Her status is much higher than Yu Siqing’s. If I had rebutted Yu Siqing, Quan Jia might not have been as angry. Instead, she might even think that I am disrespectful.”

    After spending years in the palace, Su Cha could clearly pick up the nuances in relationships, “As I had placed myself in the position of a contestant, the judges were my teachers. I chose not to refute them. Respecting one’s teachers is a timeless principle valued in China. After being offended by Yu Siqing’s claims about me, Quan Jia would definitely pay close attention to me in the future. Now, I can easily make a fool out of Yu Siqing without rebutting her claims. The more Yu Siqing acts out against me, the more disgusted Quan Jia would be. Didn’t you see Quan Jia’s expression when she left the stage?”

    “Among the three judges, Zhao Cunjia is the old-fashioned guy who is good at managing relationships. He does not wear his emotions on his face and would not start a conflict in the sport. However, Quan Jia is more hot-headed. By getting Quan Jia’s attention, I have already succeeded halfway. Quan Jia currently thinks highly of me because of my talent. If Yu Siqing continues to find fault with me, she would only hurt herself in the end. Do you understand?”

    Le Anqi: “…”

    She did not wholly understand Su Cha’s explanation. However, she thought that Su Cha’s analysis was reasonable, “So you are saying that not rebutting Yu Siqing was the right move. Are you not afraid that Yu Siqing would find fault with you again, and prevent you from making it into Top 50?”

    “She would not unless she really does not want to be a judge anymore. I would make steady progress in the competition. At most, she would only find fault with me again during the Top 10 selection round.”

    As Su Cha pictured the scene she gently pursed her lips, “I had given her a chance, let’s see if she knows how to cherish it.”

    As soon as the words left Su Cha’s mouth, Le Anqi shivered.

    She saw Su Cha’s dark, cold eyes, and carefully replied, “I thought you would have beaten her up.”

    Su Cha chuckled, “I am not an irrational person. Whether to beat someone up would depend on the situation. When dealing with people like Yu Siqing, beating them would be useless as it would only hurt me in the end. As long as you grasp her foot till it hurts, she would eventually die of pain.”

    When Le Anqi heard that, she thought that Su Cha became a bit scary again.

    She had always felt that offending Su Cha would bring about suffering…

    That night, Su Cha returned to Bo Muyi’s house and practiced her martial arts.

    In the warm summer weather, she exhaled a misty breathe as if it was still wintertime.

    Opening her eyes, Su Cha watched the mist spread out and disappear into the air.

    Her progress was not satisfactory. Since her last breakthrough, she could feel the intensified vitality flow through the meridians of her body. However, the mode in which the vitality is stored in her body has not changed. The vitality mist could not be condensed into water, and there was no way Su Cha could use it.

    At best, her physique had improved, and she did not need to take special care of her vocals.

    The master bedroom was soundproofed. However, Su Cha recently started hearing faint noises coming from the other rooms. It was not due to the poorly soundproofing, but rather her improved sense of hearing.

    Then, Su Cha heard the faint sounds of familiar footsteps.