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Chapter 269 - The Danyang Sect Arrives (1)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 269: The Danyang Sect Arrives (1)

    “Now, no matter where you are, you do not have to worry about running out of Cherry Pills.” Ye Jiuge felt gratified.

    “Thanks.” Jun Yichen was sincerely grateful.

    The Cherry Pill had a significant impact on people who practiced witchcraft. By making it easier for their Life’s Origin Parasites to evolve and advance, reviving the glory of the Blood-clad Miao people need no longer be a dream.

    “We’re friends, so there’s no need for thanks.” Ye Jiuge patted Jun Yichen’s shoulder laughingly. “When do you intend to set off?”

    “Tomorrow. You guys do not have to see me off.” Jun Yichen was very decisive. If he said he was leaving, then he would.

    When Ye Jiuge woke up the next day, his room was empty.

    She was worried that Luo Tian would be down, but he appeared fine and even comforted Ye Jiuge, “We will all meet again if it is fated.”

    “You’re right.” Ye Jiuge reigned in her emotions and continued her enclosed cultivation while waiting for Zi Shang to return.

    The Ten-thousand Beast Technique consisted of four steps—skin, bones, flesh, and soul. When mastered, the practitioner could transform into a demonic form.

    Spiritual Beasts and Demonic Beasts were born with it, so the technique was most suitable for them.

    Humans had too many mental distractions, their souls were complicated, and their bodies were weak. Humans couldn’t practice this technique.

    After dual cultivating with Zi Shang, Ye Jiuge had been nourished by his inner elixir.

    Practicing the Ten-thousand Beast Technique was much easier for her now.

    After only a few days of practice, she had found the technique’s advantages.

    Previously, her beast-speak was only at the beginner level, and she could only understand Spiritual Beasts. The more powerful the beasts’ Spiritual Power, the clearer the words sounded, and communication became simpler.

    Normal animals did not have Spiritual Power, so they were unable to communicate.

    But now, she could communicate with any beast. She could even vaguely feel the thoughts of flowers and trees.

    If she continued practicing, she believed that she would be able to communicate with nature one day.

    Besides improving her beast-speak, Ye Jiuge’s appearance had also changed somewhat.

    A faint, fledging Phoenix Feather Flower print had appeared on her forehead, and her shoulder blades itched frequently.

    She looked in a crystal mirror and saw traces of red feathers on her shoulder blades.

    At the start, Ye Jiuge worried that she would cultivate a demonic snake form. Now, it seemed that she was heading in the direction of a humanoid bird. Flying would be awesome.

    The thought made her feel relieved about practicing the technique.

    Seven days passed quickly. Three days before Zi Shang’s promised return, Ye Jiuge’s cultivation of the Ten-thousand Beast Technique was going well. The toxins in her elixir field were under control.

    She was getting ready to work hard at forming the Phoenix Feather Flower on her forehead when Gong Honglei made contact, requesting that she come out of her enclosed cultivation. He brought word that something had transpired at her home.

    Ye Jiuge was alarmed. Had the Yin Corpse Sect arrived to deal with Qing Mama and the others?

    When she came out of enclosed cultivation, she saw Gong Honglei waiting by the entrance. His face scrunched in worry and agitation.

    “What has happened at my house?” Ye Jiuge asked quickly.

    “Apparently, Patriarch Lingyun has taken an interest in your fourth sister. He asked to take her in as his disciple, and Ye Yuxuan agreed.” Gong Honglei had met Ye Ruyi at Medicine Refinery City. He knew the girl was prideful and would never agree to become Patriarch Lingyun’s disciple.

    “What?” Ye Jiuge was stunned.

    That perverted old geezer, Patriarch Lingyun, would not even spare a small child!

    And Ye Yuxuan, was he out of his mind? Now, he’d even thrown Ye Ruyi into a burning pit.

    In the past, he had doted on Ye Ruyi. She had sincerely thought that he would treat her well. In the end, he’d sold her out for glory.

    If she had known, she would have brought Ye Ruyi with her.

    “Prepare a horse for me. I’ll return to the Capital now.” Ye Jiuge was in no mood to continue cultivating. She could only rush back to stop Ye Yuxuan’s madness.

    “The news is already three-days old. It is too late to rush back now. Perhaps you’ll wish to clarify with the people from the Danyang Sect when they come to pick up Yue Lingjun,” Gong Honglei said calmly.

    “When will they arrive?” Ye Jiuge asked.

    “Most likely tonight,” Gong Honglei replied.

    “Fine. I’ll wait for their arrival.” Ye Jiuge clenched her fists tightly. She fully intended for all her questions to be answered when the Danyang Sect arrived.

    At dusk, the people from Danyang Sect appeared, their faces weary from the long journey. Leading the group was a man of about thirty. He wore a blue robe, had a thick, angled face, and appeared very dependable. His name was Xu Zhiwei, and he was Patriarch Lingyun’s chief disciple.

    Gong Xifan led Gong Honglei and Ye Jiuge in receiving Xu Zhiwei and his group.

    “Great Master Gong, my master sends his gratitude to you for saving my junior,” Xu Zhiwei solemnly saluted Gong Xifan.

    “Honored Nephew Xu is too courteous. However, if you must give thanks, you should give it to Eldest Miss Ye. It was she who saved Miss Yue from the Bloodthirsty Patriarch’s blood pond,” Gong Xifan related the events at Bloodcloud Peak.

    He specifically stressed how Yue Lingjun had ignored orders and acted rashly to return to the group.

    Xu Zhiwei was very familiar with Yue Lingjun’s personality. He laughed bitterly and saluted Ye Jiuge. “Thank you for saving her, Eldest Miss Ye. I am sure Junior has learned her lesson. It is a pity that Junior Qiao was implicated.”

    Seeing that Xu Zhiwei seemed reasonable, she asked. “I’ve just gotten word that Patriarch Lingyun is interested in my fourth sister, Ye Ruyi, and wishes to take her in as his disciple. Is that true?”

    Hearing this, Xu Zhiwei’s expression turned a little odd, then he nodded. “It is.”

    “My sister is still very young, so I’m sure something else is involved. Please tell me what happened, Senior Xu.” Ye Jiuge’s gaze was heated as she stared at Xu Zhiwei.

    “Well, Master heard that Fourth Miss Ye is very talented, and he wants to cherish her talents. That’s why he took her as a disciple. Nothing else is involved,” Xu Zhiwei replied.

    But his expression earlier had betrayed him. Things were not so simple.

    However, Ye Jiuge understood that Xu Zhiwei would not dare speak ill of Patriarch Lingyun in front of so many people. If she wanted to obtain information, she had to find another time to wrest it from him.

    Unfortunately, Zi Shang was not around. Otherwise, these kinds of problems wouldn’t exist.

    Ye Jiuge’s mind churned with great speed, but she gave formal thanks to Xu Zhiwei.

    “It’s late. Honored Nephew Xu, why don’t you rest here for the night and start your journey in the morning?” Gong Xifan offered.

    “We will take up that offer with thanks.” Xu Zhiwei clasped his hands together, then said, “I would like to visit Junior.”

    “That is understandable!” Gong Xifan nodded. He turned to Gong Honglei behind him and ordered, “Lead Honored Nephew Xu to Miss Yue!”

    “This way, please, Brother Xu!” Gong Honglei and Xu Zhiwei were old acquaintances, and they had always gotten along well.

    As Xu Zhiwei walked, he made casual conversation while fishing for information.

    Gong Honglei was a person who said whatever he thought. It was Yue Lingjun’s fault to begin with, so he didn’t mince his words.

    Xu Zhiwei knew Gong Honglei to be a straightforward man. If he said that Junior was at fault, it must not be that far from the truth.

    “Miss Yue’s residence is right in front.” Gong Honglei pointed to a small but exquisite residence.

    Xu Zhiwei observed the furnishings—not too shabby. Now, he knew that the Gong clan did not mistreat his Junior.

    However, the moment he stepped into the residence, there was a shattering sound.

    “Do you people think I’m dead, serving me such lousy tea? I want to drink yuqian longjing. Go get it for me!” Yue Lingjun’s high-pitched screech reached their ears.