Chapter 270: The Danyang Sect Arrives (2) Xu Zhiwei’s expression changed when he heard what Yue Lingjun said. The Gong Clan’s mansion did not belong to their Danyang Sect, so it was very stupid of Yue Lingjun to act like her usual Eldest Miss self. He hurried into the building. Shattered shards were strewn all around the floor. Yue Lingjun was on the bed, looking like a crazed shrew and shrieking at the top of her lungs. The servants waited, kneeling on the ground and trembling uncontrollably. “What are you doing, Junior?” Xu Zhiwei admonished sternly. Yue Lingjun heard Xu Zhiwei’s voice, and her head snapped up immediately. Seeing Xu Zhiwei, she broke down in tears. “Senior, sob, you’ve finally arrived.” Seeing her crying so dismally, Xu Zhiwei did not have the heart to scold her. He stepped toward Yue Lingjun. “Master received Great Master Gong’s letter and sent me here to bring you back immediately. How are your injuries?” “The Gong Clan was horrible to me. They refused to let me have the Obsidian Flower Bone Patching Ointment. They want me to become crippled!” Yue Lingjun glared at Gong Honglei with hatred. “That’s right, our Gong Clan is useless. We are unable to procure the Obsidian Flower Bone Patching Ointment for Eldest Miss Yue,” Gong Honglei quipped coldly. “Don’t be angry, Honglei. Junior only said those things because she’s been dealt a heavy blow.” Xu Zhiwei felt a little awkward. It was not easy for his Master to procure the Obsidian Flower Bone Patching Ointment. Yue Lingjun was not related to the Gong Clan, so what right did she have to demand something so valuable? “Eldest Senior, why are you siding with him? Don’t you know? He helped Ye Jiuge bully me. If it weren’t for Ye Jiuge whipping me, I wouldn’t have run out, and Senior Qiao wouldn’t have died. It was all Ye Jiuge’s fault. Eldest Senior, you should kill her quickly to take revenge for Senior Qiao,” Yue Lingjun screamed with hysteria. “What nonsense is this, Junior?” Xu Zhiwei frowned at Yue Lingjun. He had already heard that the whipping was carried out on Gong Xifan’s orders. Every Spiritual Practitioner was punished. No one ran. Except for her. Now that tragedy had occurred, she blamed Ye Jiuge. No matter what, this was even unreasonable for Yue Lingjun. “Senior Xu, please talk sense into your Junior. I’ll be taking my leave,” Gong Honglei told Xu Zhiwei and left immediately. “Eldest Senior, you must kill them all to take revenge for me,” Yue Lingjun’s hair was disheveled, her expression savage, and her voice sounded hoarse from all the screaming. “You are tired, Junior. Rest now.” Xu Zhiwei sighed and tapped Yue Lingjun’s sleep acupoint. After she fell asleep, he checked on her injuries. Her calves were tightly encased in bandages, but her soles and calves were sunken. Xu Zhiwei reached out and touched the sunken calves, feeling the shape of Yue Lingjun’s bones. He sighed internally. With wounds so severe, even Master couldn’t do anything to help. Junior was genuinely crippled. Junior had always been haughty. How could she withstand such a blow? What lay ahead was unknown. Furthermore, the Master was obsessed with beautiful women. Most likely, he would not care about her anymore. Xu Zhiwei felt somewhat irritated just thinking about it, so he turned and walked out of the residence. Stepping out of the building, he saw Gong Honglei waiting in the courtyard with a flask of wine in his hands. He smiled at Xu Zhiwei. “Brother Xu, what about having a few drinks?” Xu Zhiwei looked at Gong Honglei and knew that he was after news about Ye Ruyi. When he was in front of so many people, it was difficult to reveal information. If he were to get drunk and disclose some information, that could repay them for looking after Junior. It was almost evening, but the Gong Clan had already lit the lanterns some time ago. The lanterns illumined up the surroundings so much that it looked like daytime. Ye Jiuge paced restlessly around the building. From time to time, she peeked her head out, hoping that Gong Honglei would come sooner. “You needn’t worry, Eldest Miss. Xiao Hong is keeping watch and will return once there is news.” Luo Tian had just finished talking when a spider-like shadow flew in. “How was it? Is Gong Honglei coming back?” Ye Jiuge asked Xiao Hong. “He has already left the residence,” Xiao Hong chirped in reply. “Then, you guys leave the room first. Oh, right! Inform Ye Yu to pack up and be ready to leave anytime.” Ye Jiuge decided to leave the moment she got the information she wanted. Luo Tian nodded then left with Xiao Hong. Soon, Gong Honglei walked in, reeking of alcohol. However, he still looked alert. “What did Xu Zhiwei say?” Ye Jiuge handed him a cup of hot tea. “He said that your second younger sister isn’t a good person.” Gong Honglei took a sip of the tea and related whatever information he’d managed to dig out of Xu Zhiwei. So, Ye Shanshan had won Patriarch Lingyun’s favor. Supplemented with Medicinal Pills, she had progressed to a high-level Spiritual Practitioner. To suck up to Patriarch Lingyun, she’d dreamed up a scheme of getting Ye Ruyi to become his disciple—essentially, sharing a husband with her younger sister. The perverted old geezer was very happy at the thought of having two sisters serve him. He’d immediately sent her out to talk with Ye Yuxuan. At first, Ye Yuxuan hadn’t been very willing. But his cultivation had stalled, and he was unable to make any progress. So, Ye Shanshan had offered him treasures in exchange for Ye Ruyi. Patriarch Lingyun was also very generous. He was willing to offer a Universal Window Haworthia Pill in exchange for Ye Ruyi. Once Ye Yuxuan heard this, he accepted without a second thought. The Universal Window Haworthia Pill was one of Patriarch Lingyun’s treasures, and it was the best Medicinal Pill for Spiritual Masters advancing to the mid-levels. Even within the Danyang Sect, many wanted it for themselves. Xu Zhiwei had revealed this information on the pretext of being drunk because he was unhappy with the exchange. He was Patriarch Lingyun’s Chief Disciple, heir to his legacy. He had assumed that the Universal Window Haworthia Pill would be passed down to him. Who knew that Patriarch Lingyun would exchange it for a little lady. No wonder he felt depressed. “Ye Yuxuan!” Ye Jiuge gritted out. Ye Shanshan might be terrible, but if Ye Yuxuan had not agreed to the deal, she would not have been able to take Ye Ruyi with her. When it came down to it, the worst person of all involved was Ye Yuxuan. She should have slit his throat when she had the chance. “You do not need to worry, Moyun and A’li will pass by the Danyang Sect on their way back. I have already contacted them and told them to stop the people from Danyang Sect. However, you will have to deal with the Ye Family by yourself. After all, Ye Yuxuan accepted a gift from Patriarch Lingyun. If he does not return the Medicinal Pill, even if they stop the people from Danyang Sect, it will be useless,” Gong Honglei said. Ye Ruyi was still young. She could not control her fate. It was not her fault that she’d been sold. “I will return now. I will make Ye Yuxuan vomit out that Universal Window Haworthia Pill. That much, I promise,” Ye Jiuge replied. “Alright. I will prepare your horse now. You don’t need to worry too much. Moyun acts fast, so they should be able to stop the group. Even if they don’t manage to stop them, the Gong Clan can go to the Danyang Sect on your behalf and demand that the girl be handed over. Patriarch Lingyun would not put us in a tough spot, either,” Gong Honglei promised Ye Jiuge. The Gong Clan still owed Ye Jiuge a favor because of the Blood Lotus Flower! “You have my thanks.” Ye Jiuge nodded gravely. Already, the Gong Clan had exchanged the Master Solidifying Pill for her. She still didn’t know what to trade the last Blood Lotus Flower for, so the debt had been left hanging. If Ye Ruyi had been brought to the Danyang Sect, she would really have to rely on the Gong Clan’s help. “It’s nothing much. You do not have to thank us. Compared to what you did for the Gong Clan, it’s nothing.” Gong Honglei waved his hands then went off to prepare the horse carriage for Ye Jiuge.