Super Gene

Chapter 2326 - The Promise of Bai Ling Shuang

Chapter 2326 The Promise of Bai Ling Shuang "Why?" Han Sen's lip curled a little. "If you want the relic, then give her to me. Otherwise, don't even think about it. The choice is yours." The princess' face didn't change. "Fine. Whatever. She is just a useless kid. If you want her, then you can have her." Han Sen rolled his eyes and returned to the building. He brought out Bao'er and lobbed her toward the princess. The princess frowned. She caught Bao'er and immediately turned away from Han Sen. She took Bao'er away from the garden. She moved hurriedly, as if remaining in the garden for one more second would make her feel incredibly filthy. Bao'er lay across the princess' shoulder, clutching her neck. She winked at Han Sen. "D*mn woman... Don't let me find a chance..." Han Sen grumbled, but he winked back at Bao'er. The princess wanted Bao'er, and Han Sen needed Bao'er to amass information on his behalf. Bao'er's intelligence and power made her a great infiltrator. Bai Wei and the princess didn't give Han Sen any further headaches. He was most worried about the meeting with Bai Ling Shuang, and that was because Han Sen wasn't sure what sort of deal had been established between Bai Ling Shuang and Bai Yi. He didn't know what Bai Ling Shuang had offered Bai Yi to make him hunt Han Sen down in Knight's Paradise. But Han Sen needed to go to Night Charm Town. Bai Yi would definitely have chosen to go there if he had returned from his confrontation with Han Sen. Fortunately, Han Sen was able to read all the information that Mister White had given him before the meeting. He knew what sort of social circles Bai Yi traveled in. At the very least, he knew a thing or two about Bai Yi now. At the proposed time of the meet, Han Sen rode the blood kirin and left Planet Water Zone, heading for Bai Ling Shuang's Night Charm Town. Bai Ling Shuang was different from Bai Yi and Bai Wei. She had an abundance of resources. Night Charm Town was like a top club located in King's Kingdom, but it was only one of Bai Ling Shuang's many properties. It was a town, yes, but it was one that covered an entire planet. Because Night Charm Town was very famous among the Extreme King, finding information about the place wasn't difficult. Han Sen made sure to do his homework before he left. Hopefully, nothing there would be strange to him. "Go and tell your master that Prince Sixteen Bai Yi is here," Han Sen said to the receptionist, slapping the woman's butt and squeezing it firmly. He spoke aloud with much pride. "My Prince, Night Charm Town doesn't allow xenogeneics." The receptionist kept a fixed smile on her face, but her eyes revealed the glint of simmering anger. "You don't accept people's xenogeneics? Well, the xenogeneic of Bai Yi is an exception to your rule," Han Sen said, then walked forward with the blood kirin. The faces of the guards changed. They stepped forward as if to stop him, but they then returned to their posts. There were many noble snobs around there. Compared to Bai Yi, though, those people were pleasant. No one liked Bai Yi, not even the workers. "Please wait, My Prince. The princess is coming." The receptionist took Han Sen to a room on the highest floor, then left. "The Extreme King really know how to enjoy themselves." Han Sen sat on a sofa and looked around. He stroked the blood kirin's head as he thought. "Brother Sixteen, you only have one half-deified xenogeneic. You don't have to show-off twenty-four-seven." Bai Ling Shuang walked in and looked at the blood kirin as she spoke. "Half-deified xenogeneic? This is nothing in your eyes, of course, but to a useless prince such as myself, it is very important. I need to bring it around often." Han Sen grabbed a glass of wine and drank it. He looked at Bai Ling Shuang. His smile didn't reach his eyes, and he said, "By the way, thank you for your kindness. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be receiving this." Bai Ling Shuang didn't want to talk to Han Sen more than necessary. She threw something towards him and clapped her hands. A very attractive woman came in. She stepped up next to Bai Ling Shuang and bowed. Then, she bowed to Han Sen and said, "My name is Cher. It is nice to meet you, My Prince." Cher's body was very attractive, and her eyes could snare a person's soul. Her voice was like a hook that could draw the attention of all.