The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 385 - Securing Food for Soft Bun (1

Chapter 385: Securing Food for Soft Bun (1) StarveCleric  StarveCleric "It's the final moments of her glory, there's no need to pay so much heed to it." Following those words, a hint of viciousness flashed across Liang Mumu's eyes. … As time gradually approached eight o'clock, Auntie Sun finally got up and apologetically held back the guests who were coming over to offer their blessings and gifts to Grandpa Lin. It was finally time for the event that Shi Yao had been anticipating the entire dinner—singing the birthday song and cutting the cake. While the longevity peach cake was indeed massive, there were also many guests present in the banquet hall, so the share that each person received wasn't really that much. Shi Yao felt her heart falling deeper and deeper into the abyss when she saw how the massive cake grew smaller and smaller with each slice. Eventually, when the massive longevity peach cake was all gone, she had a look on her face that looked almost as if someone had plunged a knife right into her heart. It took a while before she finally dejectedly picked up her fork and dug into the cake before her. Grandpa Lin didn't like sweet stuff, so he simply symbolically ate a small portion of it before leaving the rest to Shi Yao. As if having received a treasure, Shi Yao delightfully received the cake. Even her voice seemed to have become much sweeter at this moment as she said, "Thank you, Grandpa Lin!" In order to manage her own figure, Lin Jiayi would usually avoid eating food that was high in calories at night. So, just like Grandpa Lin, she symbolically ate a small portion before passing the rest to Shi Yao too. Having received yet another slice of cake, the smile on Shi Yao's face grew even brighter. With happiness beaming from her face, she replied jubilantly, "Thanks, Sis Jiayi!" Taking her reaction into sight, Lin Jiage, who was just thinking ‘‘ a second ago, immediately pushed his share of the cake, which he hadn't even touched at all, to Shi Yao, saying, "You should have more if you like it…" By then, Shi Yao had already finished one slice of the cake. She pushed her empty plate to the side before conveniently receiving the one Lin Jiage was passing over. As she stabbed her fork into the cake, she directed a sweet smile toward Lin Jiage. As her mouth was still full, she didn't say anything to him at all. Nevertheless, her decision to eat what he had passed over first had somehow delighted him… All of a sudden, it was like a flower had bloomed into Lin Jiage's heart. He looked at his parents and relatives sitting around him and said, "Dad, you can't eat sugary food due to your diabetes. I'll be taking your cake away then so that it doesn't go to waste…" "Mum, aren't you on a diet together with Lin Jiayi? You should eat less of such food at night…" "Aunt, you look like you're racing right for 100kg! You really need to control your food intake now. I'll be confiscating this cake then…" "Uncle, if I remember correctly, you don't like honeydews, right? Look, there's some honeydew on your cake. I'll do you a favor this time around and deal with your cake for you…" With such thoughts in mind, Lin Jiage arranged the four plates of cake he had confiscated neatly on the table, pushing them over to Shi Yao whenever she was done with one. Not too long after the cake cutting ceremony, the guests began to approach Grandpa Lin once more to present their gifts.