The Beautiful Time With You

Chapter 386 - Securing Food for Soft Bun (2)

Chapter 386: Securing Food for Soft Bun (2) StarveCleric  StarveCleric The moment Lin Jiayi tapped into her photo gallery, she nearly exploded out of rage. She smacked her phone back onto the table and turned her face over to glare daggers at Lin Jiage. Her overly violent actions caused Shi Yao, who was singlemindedly feasting on her cake slices, to jolt in fright. Before Lin Jiayi could spit the words "Lin Jiage" through her gritted teeth, she was already met with Shi Yao's confused gaze. In that instant, she suddenly found herself unable to voice out those words that were already at the tip of her tongue. Even her furious expression was swiftly replaced with a slight smile. Lin Jiayi took in a deep breath and she desperately tried to soothe her anger… and finally, when she had barely managed to push down the rage that was bursting up her chest, she turned to Shi Yao and said, "It's nothing at all. My hands trembled a little earlier, so my phone nearly slipped out of my grasp…" Shi Yao replied with a confused "Oh… You should be more careful, Sis Jiayi" before turning her full attention back to enjoying the cake slices laid before her. Lin Jiayi waited for the instant that Shi Yao's gaze finally tore away from her before directing a dirty glare at Lin Jiage. Then, she picked up her phone and sent a message to Lin Jiage. [] [] [] [] After sending that message, Lin JIayi selected a photo and sent it over to Lin Jiage. [] [] Lin Jiayi selected yet another photo and sent it over. [] [] [] [] Lin Jiayi sent a huge series of messages to Lin Jiage in a huff, but soon, she realized that Lin Jiage wasn't responding at all. So, she turned her eyes away from her phone to look at Lin Jiage. Lin Jiage had his phone was placed on the table. Due to the massive amount of incoming messages, he would glance at it from time to time. However, he showed no signs of picking up his phone to reply to the messages. There was a moment that Lin Jiage noticed Lin Jiayi's piercing gaze and glanced in her direction, but he soon turned his eyes back, as if she was nothing more than empty air. He continued looking intently at Shi Yao, and just as the latter was about to finish a slice of cake, he casually raised his right hand to push another plate of cake in front of her. Seeing this sight, Lin Jiayi gnashed her teeth together furiously. She had to exert an inhuman level of self-control before she was able to curb the urge to push Lin Jiage to the ground and beat him up. Taking a deep breath, she picked up her phone once more and sent a message to Lin Jiage: [] [] [] After that, Lin Jiayi finally received the response from Lin Jiage she had been waiting for all along. It was a screenshot. The screenshot showed Lin Jiage forwarding the message she had sent to him over to their mother, Jiang Wangui. Lin Jiayi instinctively raised her head, only to see her mother's stern eyes looking in her direction. Lin Jiayi calmed herself down first before flashing Jiang Wangui a smile. When Jiang Wangui finally turned her eyes away, she made sure to thoroughly ‘greet' Lin Jiage's 36 generations of ancestors before glancing at the message on her phone that had come in while she was exchanging looks with her mother. Lin Jiage had sent her another message: []