The Long awaited Mr Han

Chapter 996 - This Is Forcing The Performer to Die

Chapter 996: This Is Forcing <em>The Performer</em> to Die It just so happened that at this moment, Lu Man's phone rang. She took it out to take a look. It was actually Lu Dongliu's phone call. "Director Lu," Lu Man said after she picked it up. "Haha, Lu Man, did you finish watching the show?" Lu Dongliu said as he smiled. "I just finished watching it. Why did you keep the part where I asked the audience if there were internal decisions and had them raise their hands in the show?" Lu Man asked, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry. "Hahaha, that is one of the parts I'm the most satisfied with; it has too much of a good effect," Lu Dongliu said. "I guessed that you would ask me that." Lu Man: "…" "Being able to contribute some viewership ratings, I'm already very happy." Lu Man kept her smile, but her heart was a mess. "It's really all thanks to you this time!" Lu Dongliu said, smiling. "The numbers now show that ever since Ji Cheng appeared, there was suddenly a big number of audience members who changed channels to watch us, and when it got to Sun Yiwu's appearance, Xing Ke Station lost a lot of viewers. Until now, the final viewership ratings have yet to come out, and we can only know the specifics tomorrow." "Then may I trouble you to send me a copy tomorrow?" Lu Man said. "No problem. Even if you didn't ask me for one, I'll also want to send you one," Lu Dongliu said. "However, it's still the holidays now. Did you return to the television station?" Lu Dongliu was not someone from Dong Hua. His old family home was somewhere else, but because he was always working at Dong Hua, he stayed in Dong Hua. The husband and wife were both staying in Dong Hua and would return to their hometown only during the New Year. "Hai, this is an important moment, right? That's why I came home earlier. Anyway I just came back two days earlier," Lu Dongliu said. It was not easy to separate oneself from your work. Lu Dongliu was a head director, and he could not even properly enjoy a holiday. After hanging up, Lu Man entered Weibo to see that a lot of people were calling out to her. "Lu Man, you are too bad. This is forcing The Performer to die ahahaha!" "Who would have thought that Lu Man would ask Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng to come? And adding on Du Lin, the guests for The Performer this episode were not good enough at all." "Right, who's the one who appeared for The Performer's third round? I switched channels halfway to watch Classic X Files. I did not watch The Performer." It was not only this netizen, but a lot of people also did not go and see it. They were all attracted away by Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng. "Wait until the whole video is out online to take a look." Lu Dongliu was still working overtime in the television station, and it was not until the show was done broadcasting that Lu Dongliu returned home. At that moment, he had just reached home and was concerned with only lowering his head to look at the comments online. Seeing that most netizens seemed to have changed stations in the middle, Lu Dongliu was happy, and he finally let out a breath of relief. At least they did not lose to The Performer's first broadcast. Lu Dongliu's wife saw how he looked and was both angry and amused. "You should at least change your shoes and your clothes and comfortably watch the results!" Lu Dongliu did not watch anymore upon hearing that. Changing his shoes, he said, "Did you watch the episode tonight? How was it?" "It was good," Mrs. Lu said. "Although Qiao Luna's performance was not great, the negative topic could help increase the popularity of the show. Actually, I quite wanted to watch how the first episode of The Performer was, but I didn't want to increase the viewership ratings for them, and so I held myself back and did not watch it. I'm waiting for websites to come up with the full video and watch it. Anyway, with how it looks like now, I feel that this time around, Classic X Files will exceed the previous times and would even evoke the feelings that the first season did." "That's good. Although Classic X Files has maintained good viewership ratings, the truth is that the viewership ratings are dropping with each season. It's hard to reach the peak of the first season. If it continues like that, I don't know how many more episodes this season can continue on for."