Superstars of Tomorrow

Chapter 464 - Setting Off

Chapter 464: Setting Off Atlas Studios  Atlas Studios After they passed the application process, Fang Zhao rejected all further requests for collaborations. He also didn’t attend the inaugural unveiling ceremony of the Poseidonsaur at Huangzhou. On the day of the unveiling ceremony. There were long queues outside the Huangzhou Museum doors. People enthralled by the Poseidonsaur had come from very distant places to see it. The security check teams struggled to cope with the crowds. Beside the queue were some Poseidonsaur figurines and toys. As they waited in the queue, the visitors could play with them first. Invited media representatives and reporters photographed the Poseidonsaur furiously after entering through a separate path. Many of them hadn’t gotten photographs before because not all of them had been permitted on Fang Zhao’s little island. The curators of Huangzhou Museum and Brian Museum were smiling all throughout the unveiling ceremony. When they returned to their office after the news conference, their smiles disappeared. The Huangzhou Museum curator glanced at the few lifelike bugs on the table with a look of disgust. The Brian Museum curator was also felt relieved. “If not for Fang Zhao reminding us to have these specific security upgrades, we would have suffered some losses this time.” Fang Zhao had advised them to do a security upgrade targeted at biotechnology techniques when he handed the Poseidonsaur over to them. The two curators regarded this Poseidonsaur unveiling ceremony with great importance. Thus, they had taken Fang Zhao’s advice and upgraded the security systems in their own museums before setting up the Poseidonsaur exhibit. While the curators felt a mixture of relief and anger, another group was hopping mad. “We can blame Fang Zhao’s military-grade equipment for not being able to enter his warehouse. But what does it say if we can’t even infiltrate Huangzhou and Brian Museums?” “This technology is way out-of-date!” “I actually spent so much money to purchase something so outdated!” “The seller scammed me!” The new biotechnology machinery that had been praised to the high heavens by sellers was all f*cking crap! So much money was thrown down the drain! Outdated technology was worthless. Goods on the black market were expensive, but such stuff had always been worth the exorbitant prices! These people who felt cheated went to look for the sellers for a refund but were unable to find them. In anger, they dumped some additional money to hire a hitman to find the seller and advised others that “the black market is full of fakes!” Within the “T” Organization, the person responsible for the imitation biotech cut a sorry figure. Ever since they had found out the imitation biotechnology didn’t work against the Yanzhou Navy, the “T” Organization had wanted to find some use for the technology to recoup their losses. Then, news of Fang Zhao’s fossil discovery broke. They took this opportunity to create a batch of biotech machines to earn a fortune on the black market. However, it didn’t take long for their buyers to start demanding refunds. This made the “T” Organization feel as though this “biotechnology” was a conspiracy targeted at them! They conceded they weren’t able to get through the military. But if even civilian security systems could render this useless, it meant that all their effort to obtain this outdated technology was wasted! As the person responsible for this whole fiasco, Fang Zhao once again delivered a blow to the “T” Organization. After discovering the imitation bugs, Fang Zhao had reported this matter to key authorities. In addition to Huangzhou and Brian museums, other strategic locations now had defenses against this imitation biotechnology. However, Fang Zhao currently didn’t have time to pay attention to the matter of security system updates. Right now, he was packing his things and preparing to head off towards Planet Yin. He would be away for a longer period this time. Fang Zhao had informed his great-grandparents of this without going into too much detail. It could be hard to organize communication, so he let the elders know that they shouldn’t worry too much if he couldn’t be contacted. “Boss, this 80 million…’rabbit’ will be just left here?” Nanfeng asked. “Mmhm.” Fang Zhao eyed the aquarium. He had decided to leave the “rabbit” in the oceanside residence instead of on the island. If anything were to happen here, property management would be able to react quickly once the alarm sounded. “Alright.” Although he was still a little worried, Nanfeng didn’t say much else and continued with his report. “The island construction team reports smooth progress. Things should be restored by the time we return.” Because of the Poseidonsaur fossil, the island had experienced lots of excavations, constructions and demolitions. Now, a construction team was filling up the large pits and restoring other parts of the island. After he was done packing his stuff, Fang Zhao received a call. It was from the person assigned by the military to pick them up. A flying transport descended on the landing pad. Two soldiers came over to verify their identities. Fang Zhao, an assistant, two bodyguards and a dog. Nanfeng noticed that the gazes of those soldiers lingered on Curly Hair for a bit as though they were double checking whether it was the same dog from the application forms. Four men and a dog. Once the verification was complete and the luggages inspected, the two soldiers didn’t say anything else and led them onto the flying transport. They quickly set off for Yanzhou Military District. The plan was to gather with other Yanzhou invitees at Yanzhou Military District before heading towards the space station orbiting Earth. Nanfeng, Zuo Yu and Yan Biao stood tall with their chests puffed out. One of them had a special forces background, while the other two had been on a foreign planet garrison. They had to display a steely demeanor when facing these soldiers from Yanzhou Military District. They couldn’t make Fang Zhao lose face at this time. However, upon boarding the flying transport, these two soldiers merely sent passing glances at them before focusing on Fang Zhao and Curly Hair. The orders these two soldiers had received were to take extra care of Fang Zhao and his dog. Nanfeng and the other two weren’t in that scope so verifying their identities would suffice. Actually, they hadn’t been specifically sent to pick Fang Zhao up. They had simply been the nearest to Fang Zhao’s residence after completing a mission, so they were dispatched for the pickup. Their main mission was to guard the power ore and other goods in the cargo hold that were bound for the military district. They had merely come to pick up this group along the way. Curly Hair lay quietly by Fang Zhao’s feet. His two innocent dog eyes scanned the surroundings. He licked his nose, looked up at Fang Zhao and whined. Fang Zhao shot him a look and reached out to pat his head. Curly Hair obediently lay back down. However, he would lick his nose and lips from time to time. One of the soldiers noticed and asked, “Is it thirsty?” “He’s thirsty indeed. Nanfeng, bring out his drinking bowl,” Fang Zhao answered without missing a beat. “Aye!” Nanfeng got the drinking bowl out and handed it over. Yan Biao thought to himself as he saw this, Fang Zhao got some water from the soldier. He thanked the soldier and placed the bowl down in front of Curly Hair. Then, he pointed at Curly Hair’s head as a warning. Curly Hair’s appetite and diet had expanded ever since he could completely transform. He had even been let out to forage yesterday. Thirst? No, he was just being gluttonous. Of course, the truth wasn’t something Fang Zhao could say. How would he even explain? Say that Curly Hair was drooling because of the power ore in the flying transport’s cargo hold? Fang Zhao was a little worried. Fang Zhao had to keep a close eye on him this time. Who knew if Curly Hair would run off and eat something strange without leaving any traces?