Chapter 807 I Can Sell Stinky Tofu Now “No need to thank me. Your wife and kids are still waiting for you; hurry up and get home,” Mag said with a shake of his head. “Alright.” Gjerj carried the earthenware pot out of the restaurant, only to immediately turn around as he said, “I almost forgot; I haven’t paid yet.” “You don’t need to pay for this. It’ll be my present to your unborn child,” Mag said with a smile. “Don’t argue with me on this one, Boss Mag; I’m the kid’s godfather!” Despite Mag’s protests, Harrison firmly placed a bag of money on the table before ushering Gjerj out the door with a smile on his face. This is probably what friendship between men is like. Mag picked up the bag of money on the table, and he didn’t even have to check its contents to know that Harrison had overpaid. However, he wasn’t going to overcharge anyone, so he was just going to have to deduct the extra amount out of Harrison’s future meal costs as a discount. Boss really is a good person. Yabemiya’s eyes were filled with admiration as she looked out at Mag through the kitchen window. Babla was operating the dishwasher in the kitchen, but she also looked out at Mag through the window with confusion in her heart. He really does seem like a good person. The books state that the vast majority of men are bad people; could he be an exception? Even though Mag had made two more dishes than he’d planned, he was in quite a good mood, having just done a kind deed. He wrote up another slip that he plastered on the door. The slip read: “I’m back, and the restaurant will be officially reopened tomorrow!” Miya and Babla had also finished cleaning up at this point. Even though the process was made a lot more troublesome due to Sally’s absence, Miya used her actions to prove that even without using magic, the restaurant could be cleaned and returned to the pristine condition. “Father, can I go and play with Big Sister Anna in the square?” Amy asked as she held Ugly Duckling in one hand and Anna’s hand in the other. “Boss, you take a rest; I’ll go with Amy and Anna.” Yabemiya rested her hand on Amy’s shoulder before turning to Babla with a smile, and asked, “Babla, do you want to come with us?” “Yes.” Babla nodded without any hesitation as she removed her apron. She didn’t want to stay in the restaurant alone with Mag; that would definitely be super awkward. “You can all go together, then.” Mag nodded with a smile. The Aden Square was quite a safe place, and with Miya as well as the seventh-tier magic caster, Babla, by their side, Amy and Anna should be fine. Furthermore, he also wanted to see what changes were going to be made to the restaurant after it was upgraded to level three. After everyone had left, Mag looked at the shimmering activation button in his mind, and pressed it without any hesitation. “Ding! The restaurant has been successfully upgraded to level three! Activation will require 10 minutes!” The system’s joyful voice sounded. Immediately thereafter, Mag heard a series of sounds across the entire restaurant as if countless termites were devouring the structure all at once, and the entire restaurant began to tremor slightly. Mag remained quite calm during the renovations. It appeared that the internal structure of the restaurant hadn’t changed much, so the upgrade on this occasion was most likely more heavily weighted toward upgrading the restaurant’s defenses. In that case, he was a feeling a little less expectant. “Ding! The restaurant upgrade has been successfully activated!” The system’s voice sounded again after three minutes. “System, what changes were made this time?” Mag looked around, yet couldn’t discover any changes. Even the arrangement of the tables and chairs remained completely unchanged. “During this upgrade, the restaurant’s passive defense systems have been upgraded to level five, allowing it to be immune to all attacks below the fifth-tier, and an alarm system will also alert you to any attacks against the restaurant! The omniscient door has also been upgraded. Aside from the name, race, gender, and power levels of the people who pass through the door, limited information about their bodily condition will also be on display, including parameters such as blood sugar, blood pressure—” “What’s the point behind all this? I’m a restaurant owner, not a doctor; why do I need to know so many of my customers’ health parameters?” Mag rolled his eyes, unable to comprehend these upgrades. “The most important guarantee any restaurant can make to a customer is to ensure that they’ll be able to walk out of the restaurant safely. If the customer is struck by a health condition set off by the food consumed in a restaurant, then that would be a lethal blow to the restaurant’s reputation. Analyzing the health parameters of the customers is the best way to avoid such a situation from occurring,” the system said in a serious voice. “So I have to be a chef and a doctor now.” Mag pursed his lips. However, food safety was indeed of the utmost importance to a restaurant, so it was certainly not wrong to prepare for unexpected mishaps. Hence, he reluctantly accepted the system’s excuse.