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Chapter 863 - Golf Course

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 863: Golf Course

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    The most humane business belonging to the Gu Family was their recreational clubs.

    Old Mr. Wen specially asked Wen Xinya to accompany him to a game of golf with his friends from the upper-class circle, and she naturally had no objections.

    Wen Xinya was dressed in a light blue cap and a leisure outfit consisting of a T-shirt and casual shorts. Along the way, she would accompany Old Mr. Wen while serving him and his friends some water and towels. The few elderly folks were rather pleased with her.

    “Xinya, do you know how to play golf? Would you like to have a game with us old fogies? It’s getting a little boring with only us playing with each other,” said Old Mr. Li, who was a little older than Old Mr. Wen.

    However, he was still rather energetic and healthy, and he was the best golf player amongst the few of them. “I’ve learned a little about golf before, but I’m not good at it. Grandpa Li, I wouldn’t dare to embarrass myself in front of experts like you. You guys may think that I am too brazen.”

    Golf was an expensive sport meant for the wealthy and prestigious and, in her previous lifetime, she did not know how to play golf at all. There was a golf course in Lishan Mansion, and Si Yiyan would teach her how to play golf whenever they were free. Hence, she did know a thing or two about the posh sport. She would not make a fool out of herself even though she was not an expert.

    Old Mr. Zhang smiled and said, “You’ve been accompanying us. Don’t be afraid that we’ll laugh at you!”

    They were all elites of the business world and were well aware that Old Mr. Wen regarded her highly. The fact that he had brought her along to the golf course with his friends meant that he wanted her to get closer to them. Hence, they were glad to chat with her, and they obviously wouldn’t neglect her during such circumstances.

    Another one of Old Mr. Wen’s friends, Old Mr. Zhu, guffawed and remarked, “Old Zhang, don’t be too quick to speak. We don’t know who might end up as the joke yet.” He then glanced at Wen Xinya smilingly and said, “Lass, we’re all hoping to see you exhibit your skills.”

    They knew that she was not a simple girl, for she had managed to get rid of the scheming Xia Ruya, who was difficult to deal with, and earn the respect of Old Mr. Wen within just three years of returning to the Wen Family.

    Seeing how cordial his friends were to Wen Xinya, Old Mr. Wen said, “Xinya, just have a game with these old fogies. They won’t make fun of you even if you do badly.”

    Wen Xinya smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll embarrass myself. Grandpas, please don’t make fun of me later!”

    Old Mr. Zhang and the rest began laughing.

    At this moment, Old Mr. Xiao entered slowly with a golf club in hand and Xiao Chengyu by his side.

    Upon sight of Old Mr. Xiao, Old Mr. Wen shot Wen Xinya a glance and an inexplicable expression formed on his face.

    Old Mr. Li, Old Mr. Zhang and Old Mr. Zhu were surprised to see Old Mr. Xiao. They didn’t expect him to still be in the mood to come out for a game of golf even after being attacked by the Old Mr. Wen.

    Everyone had ideas of their own.

    Wen Xinya paused in her actions and stood beside Old Mr. Wen.

    The Xiao Family and Wen Family had gotten into a conflict because of Ai Shang Group and, as a result, the Xiao Corporation’s stocks almost crashed. Just like her and Old Mr. Wen, Old Mr. Xiao was here for golf with his grandson Xiao Chengyu. It seemed they did not have any friendly intentions.

    Wen Xinya had her guard up.

    Old Mr. Xiao greeted the others and introduced Xiao Chengyu to the business elites who were highly respected, though they had already gone into early retirement. Xiao Chengyu’s outstanding achievements had also impressed them.

    Rather heartened about Xiao Chengyu’s performance, Mold Mr. Xiao shifted his gaze to Old Mr. Wen and said, “Old Wen, it’s been long since we last met, but you’re still as healthy as ever! I heard that you’ve been rather interested in charity lately. I’m not trying to criticize you but… you’re already old in your years and yet, you’re still so bothered about creating a good image for your family. Why don’t you just relax and enjoy your retirement? Us old fogies can’t take any more hardship.”

    Old Mr. Xiao said those words in a sarcastic tone with a grin on his face. He was just trying to mock Old Mr. Wen for making atonements at the eleventh hour, after having sinned too much during his younger days. He felt that Old Mr. Wen was better off resting at home.

    Old Mr. Wen was no fool. He obviously understood what he meant. He said calmly, “It’s not like you don’t know how I am. I’m a sucker for hardship and I like keeping myself busy. Fortunately, we have a capable heiress and I have time to do my own things. There’s still a long way to go before I retire.”

    Old Mr. Wen was just as sarcastic and, by mentioning Wen Xinya’s name, he was just trying to indirectly remind him that the Wen Family had caused the Xiao Family’s stocks to almost crash.

    Everyone else pretended to be unaware of the hidden meanings in their words.

    Even Wen Xinya was standing calmly beside Old Mr. Wen with a smile on her face.

    Old Mr. Xiao turned to look at Wen Xinya and exclaimed calmly, “Old Wen, this must be that granddaughter of yours whom you painstakingly reunited with after she led a wandering life for fifteen years!”

    At this moment, Old Mr. Xiao could not help but scrutinize Wen Xinya and size her up. He had specifically come to the golf course today because he knew that Old Mr. Wen would be there with her. Hence, he wanted to see what kind of a girl could plot against the Xiao Corporation and cause them to end up in dire straits.

    It was Old Mr. Xiao’s first time staring at her so carefully. She was dressed in a casual outfit and her skin was a little red because of the sun. Her eyes were large and glittery, and she exuded a youthful aura. It was hard to imagine that she was the one who caused the Xiao Family to end up in such a terrible state.

    Wen Xinya was rather famous in the circle for being a gangster in the past who had evolved into the most prestigious heiress in the upper-class society and a legendary figure in Lan Feng Institute. Every step of hers could be tracked, and it began with the homecoming party, followed by the Wen Corporation annual gala and lastly, her lavish coming-of-age ceremony. She had already become a household name in the circle.

    Old Mr. Wen guffawed proudly and gibed. “Hahahaha, yes, it’s my incompetent granddaughter who embarrassed herself in front of you.”

    Although he spoke humbly, he had a proud and smug expression on his face, which showed how satisfied he was with his granddaughter.

    Being geniuses, all of them understood what he meant.

    It was particular for Old Mr. Xiao, who subconsciously turned to take a glance at Xiao Chengyu.

    Old Mr. Wen gazed at Wen Xinya benevolently and said, “Xinya, greet Chairman Xiao.”

    Wen Xinya remained polite throughout. Upon hearing her grandfather’s instruction, she strode forward and greeted. “Hello, Chairman Xiao!”