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Chapter 215 - Meeting Little Tang Tang on a Date With an Idol

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 215: Meeting Little Tang Tang on a Date With an Idol

    EndlessFantasy Translation  EndlessFantasy Translation

    The chair belonged to Qiao Bo, so it naturally attracted the attention of everyone that was nearby when an unknown person sat there while the owner of the seat was off on a shoot.

    Meanwhile, Qiao Bo had been shooting the whole day, after having his makeup touched up, he continued shooting again without any rest. Upon ending his shoot, he and Coco came back to see Jian Qi that had fallen asleep on the chair.

    With a single glance, Coco recognized Jian Qi who was in disguise.

    Like an excited schoolgirl, he practically pranced over and left Qiao Bo in the dust.

    “Baby, you’re here!” Coco exclaimed as he shook a certain lazy sloth awake.

    Jian Qi woke up, before squinting at him sleepily. “Great Coco, can’t you see that I was having a nap?”

    Qiao Bo walked over with a soft smile, waving politely. “Long time no see, Lady Kao.”

    Jian Qi blinked and looked up at him, chuckling softly at the familiar name. “Why don’t you call me Lady Qi?”

    Qiao Bo nodded. “Jian Qi, long time no see.”

    “Long time no see, my idol! You’re becoming more and more dashing, I wanted to chase the female lead away and take her role when I saw you act just now!” Jian Qi’s face was obscured by the mask, but the mischievous glint in her eyes gave an easy idea of what she was thinking about.

    Qiao Bo was silent for a few moments before he hummed. “If you want to, that can be arranged!”

    Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “My idol wants to act with me again, eh?”

    “If you’re alright with it, my schedule can be freed up whenever you want!” Qiao Bo nodded and replied seriously, making Jian Qi chuckle at his earnest expression.

    “Hey, do you want to have dinner with me tonight?” Jian Qi winked at Qiao Bo.

    Coco couldn’t help facepalming at the girl’s familiar fickle mannerisms. Did she not know that a single misstep could cause her to go on the headlines again? Couldn’t she control herself?

    Even if he was her idol, she still had to exercise some restraint!

    “Do I have anything scheduled for this evening?” Qiao Bo asked Coco.

    “No, you don’t.”

    Upon hearing the reply, Qiao Bo nodded at Jian Qi. “You heard him.”

    “Get back to work then, I’ll be right here.” Jian Qi yawned softly before lying down and falling back asleep immediately.

    While Qiao Bo did not know what Jian Qi had been doing all this time, Coco felt quite sorry for her upon seeing how genuinely tired she was under the mask of flippancy.

    He had never approved of Jian Qi enrolling in the National Defense Academy, but she disappeared to join the military anyway. While he did not know which squad she went to and why she wanted to join so badly, but it still pained him when he saw the sight of her being so tired and so much thinner than before.

    In the time that followed, Coco stayed by Jian Qi’s side unless he was absolutely needed until the shoot ended, and they got onto the car before Jian Qi went to sleep once again. Coco stayed behind at the site to deal with some other matters and would go to where they were later.

    Qiao Bo was scrolling on his phone when he received a voice message, he put on earphones and tapped on the message.

    “Are you free for dinner tonight?”

    The message was sent an hour ago, and he had not seen it because he had been shooting a scene. Qiao Bo thought for a bit before looking at Jian Qi and typing on the phone. ‘Next time, I’m busy tonight.’

    He had promised Jian Qi after all, and he couldn’t go back on his words now.

    Qiao Bo waited for about ten minutes before the person on the other end replied. ‘K’

    Qiao Bo held the phone for a while before he turned off the phone.

    The car arrived at the restaurant quickly, and the two of them got down from the car. Jian Qi stretched with a smile on her face in anticipation of the nice meal that they would have, before seeing a familiar silhouette at the door.

    “Little Tang Tang!” The excited voice made the person in front instantly freeze in his tracks, and Tang Jinyu felt someone hug his arm.