Sealed Divine Throne

Chapter 114 - Abnormal Combat(s) (II)

Chapter 114: Abnormal Combat(s) (II) GravityTales  GravityTales The fire cloud crystal in his hand, further adding to the fact that he had liquid spiritual energy, made low level defensive magic be several times more effective when used by him, and naturally, his spiritual energy would be used up very slowly. It would really not be easy for Sima Xian to break through his defense. “Stop.” In this very moment, the referee called out in a loud voice, making both people to be deadlocked. “The match is over. Victor, Sima Xian” “Eh?” Lin Xin frantically protested, “How is it that he won? Referee, haven’t you seen that he didn’t manage to break through my defense?” The referee gave him an unhappy look, and answered, “Are you the priest or is he the priest? Ten minutes, didn’t you know? You two abnormal guys, hurry up to go down.” “Hic..” Lin Xin finally remembered that his opponent was a priest, not a warrior. The limit of ten minutes was finished. Only, he just defended while his opponent was the attacker. Sima Xian immediately reacted, without holding back, he laughed out loudly, “Wahaha, you fool, big bro is a priest.” As he walked over to the side, Sima Xian imitated Lin Xin’s demeanor and speech, inclining his sturdy bottocks, “Big bro has drugs, big bro has drugs…” The other eight people in the rest area didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. What a clown! Only, what they didn’t understand the most was the fact that Lin Xin had not used any offensive spells all along. Only Li Xin had an idea about that: she remembered Ye Hua’s words, that this Lin Xin was most likely unable to attack. “Next match, Cai’er against Li Xin. Both sides may enter.” The referee gave a kind of demonic feel as he announced the begin of the next match without the slightest halt. Staring at Cai’er, Li Xin really felt embarrassed. This delicate young lady was blind. As such, how could she possibly fight?! “Cai’er, we should go on stage.” Li Xin had already made up her mind; for having passed the preliminaries, her luck was already excellent. For her to aim for obtaining in addition a good ranking was an impossible feat. Only one who entered the top 16 would have the possibility of obtaining a reward, but to do so from that group wouldn’t be easy. Since it was this way, she would just let it be water off a duck’s back and forget about it. She also made it clear to her little brother. Thinking about this, she pulled Cai’er’s bamboo cane and led her to the stadium. Both sides stood straight, and at the moment the referee was about to announce the raise of the pillars to enable assassins to display their might, Cai’er suddenly said, “No need, I concede this match.” ”Dang” Li Xin was instantly astonished, “Little sister Cai’er, you…” Cai’er calmly shook her head, looking at Li Xin. The bamboo cane in her hand hit the ground, as she left it without notice. Li Xin hurried to follow her. Yes, it was a good thing to win without a fight, but looking Cai’er who was taking somewhat unsteady steps, she felt greatly unwilling. “Little sister Cai’er.” Li Xin took her hand, “No need for you to concede, I have no way to enter the top 16 anyway.” Cai’er faintly smiled, “It is a matter for your own effort, you can’t say for sure that you can’t, right?” As the two last matches of the second group ended abnormally, another abnormal combat was also going to take place among the third group in the Warrior Stadium. “Next match, Chen Ying’er, Wang Yuanyuan, you may enter.” After Long Hao Chen’s match was done, he was originally preparing to leave, and wait for Cai’er, but as soon as he saw the two people on stage, he immediately came to a halt. It was because the two on stage were precisely the two girls he saw earlier who attracted his attention. Chen Ying’er was a petite girl, a little lady who looked extremely weak. And Wang Yuanyuan was the tall girl who carried a shield on her back. _Bang._ Wang Yuanyuan dropped her heavy shield on the ground, letting out an oppressive sound. The loess on the dirt shook as her shield hit the ground. Clearly, the might of this shield wasn’t all about its size. Chen Ying’er was startled, and her body shook, “Wah, big sister, your shield looks really heavy.” Wang Yuanyuan faintly smiled, answering her, “Little missy from the Spiritual Temple, in a moment, you should be careful. If that won’t do, just surrender.” Chen Ying’er repeatedly nodded as she stared at this enormous shield, showing an extremely frightened appearance. “The match may start.” The referee declared while simultaneously drawing back. Wang Yuanyuan carried her immense shield in her left hand, entering a combat posture. Moving her two legs rhythmically at high speed, she immediately charged toward Chen Ying’er. Her pace was quite fast, it could even be compared to that of knights using their skill [Assault]. On her shield, her hand splattered an intense blue brilliance. Facing Wang Yuanyuan’s lightning bolt-like assault, Chen Ying’er didn’t panic; with her hands joining with a movement, a big crystal ball immediately appeared in her palm. With a _buzz_ sound, a soft energy was fluctuating around this crystal ball. Wave-like ripples of spiritual energy were quickly being spread around. Although Wang Yuanyuan was coming at a great speed, it wasn’t, in the end, faster than the speed of release of the spiritual energy. The layer of ripples that undulated around Chen Ying’er were already blocking her path after only ten meters. “Ah, hey!” Wang Yuanyuan cried out loudly. Lifting the shield in her hand, she directed its sharp end forward. To one’s surprise, she moved her hand and lifted up her shield above her head, as if it was an axe, ruthlessly striking it down forward against the invisible protective screen. With a _puff_ light sound, Wang Yuanyuan only felt that Chen Ying’er’s defense was pierced as if it was cotton. This blow didn’t really get stopped, but a cotton-like soft feeling bound her, and immediately, a soft elastic force was produced on her, knocking her back together with her shield, making her steadily fall on the ground. How could that happen? Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes contained a bewildered look. In the past, she fought with mages, but this was the first time she battled a summoner. It was the first time she saw these techniques. The Chen Ying’er, who looked harmless at the first glance, wasn’t actually as easy to deal with as it seemed! Chen Ying’er seemed as if she didn’t see Wang Yuanyuan at all. Her pair of eyes were staring fixedly at the huge ring the size of a human head, above her crystal ball. A soft thin blue radiance sprinkled from her crystal ball, and suddenly, a thin blue-colored hexagram appeared on the ground before her. Her spiritual energy that was fluctuating on the ground from beginning to end gave off a very gentle vibe, but this thin-blue hexagram appeared instantly, and at the same time, Chen Ying’er’s face turned paler, so much that her body was on the verge of collapse. Immediately following, a gate rose from the middle of this hexagram. This gate was extremely beautiful, 6.5 meters wide, over 13 meters high, and as soon as it appeared from the ground, countless glows of light seemed to have appeared, hooping around excitedly. Numerous animal cries could also be heard, insect cry, bird cry, dog bark, tiger hiss, dragon roar, and countless living creatures cries resounded in the middle of this stadium. Around the magnificent gate were drawn countless carvings. It seemed like carvings of magical beasts. These magical beasts all looked extremely excited. Only, there was unexpectedly no way to recognize these magical beasts. From around the gate, a light-blue-colored weapon appeared, emitting a dark green luster all around. “’[Creature Summoning Gate]?” Not far apart, the referee let this remark slip, as he saw the huge changes that appeared in Chen Ying’er’s face. Long Hao Chen opened wide his eyes as well. It was the first time he saw such an astonishing scene, associating it with the previous list of names. Then, it occurred to him that summoner #1 from the Spiritual Temple was in his group. Could it be that it was actually this little lady who didn’t seem any older than him? It was clear that she was at least at the fifth step, after all, what was [Creature Summoning Gate]? The most nervous person was undoubtedly this Wang Yuanyuan in the middle of the battlefield. Not the least impatient to attack, she slightly curled up as an extremely tyrannical aura started to spread around her body. A strong blue-green radiance covered her body, including the shield in her hand. What no one saw was that an enormous gem appeared in her left hand; what mysterious use could it have? “Open please, Creature Summoning Gate. All living beings shall obey my call, return to me, my companion!” Chen Ying’er’s melodious voice was ringing in the middle of the battlefield, and immediately, from this Creature Summoning Gate, a white ring appeared, shooting a bolt of white light and then what came out from the gate was… The gigantic shield in Wang Yuanyuan’s hand was lifted up, as she was prepared to insert the gem in her other hand into one of the nine holes of her shield. However, in the next instant, she stopped her hand’s motion, and opened wide her mouth, seeing a completely inconceivable scene. It wasn’t only her; even the referee and the other competitors, including Long Hao Chen, had exactly the same reaction. All had their mouth wide opened, not daring to believe the sight before their eyes. Right, this was a too inconceivable scene. From this enormous Creature Summoning Gate, a summoned beast had appeared. Only, there was too huge a disparity between its body and the size of the Creature Summoning Gate. “Meeh–” The summon called out in a soft voice. Its soft little silhouette moved slightly; it seemed almost afraid of the surrounding atmosphere. Turning around, it ran in the opposite direction. Arriving before Chen Ying’er, it hopped and hopped, as if searching for protection. Exactly, that was a little lamb, a little lamb whose height didn’t even reach a foot. Its soft and curly woolen appearance was especially lovely. A pair of watery little eyes winking, it seemed to want to drink some milk. From Chen Ying’er’s face, it could be seen that she absolutely didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry as she carried it in her arms, stamping her feet, “What a bad luck, unlucky me; I concede.” The enormous Creature Summoning Gate slowly sunk down in the ground before disappearing completely. Chen Ying’er was still holding this little lamb, and under the attentive watch of the completely dumbfounded Wang Yuanyuan, left resentfully. Clearly, she was dissatisfied with her performance. “This…” The referee didn’t know what to say anymore. In the instant he saw this Creature Summoning Gate, he became completely terrified. Within the Spiritual Temple, only Spiritual Emperors at the eighth step of vocation or above could use this formidable summoning magic ability. By the means of the Creature Summoning Gate, extremely powerful creatures could be summoned. And its best benefit was precisely that by the means of this Creature Summoning Gate, the summoned creatures were completely obedient. During their time of existence here, they would be completely under the control of their summoner.