This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 88 - This is True Legend

Chapter 88: This is True Legend Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio Lu Xuan’s actions were lightning-fast, moving as if the distance between him and his target was a mere matter of inches. His form disappeared, and in the very next instant, he appeared right before Sakata Juuzaburo. “What?” Sakata Juuzaburo never expected Lu Xuan to be able to move so quickly. To him, it was as if the man had teleported right before him. The speed was so frightening that it seemed to have exceeded that of his reaction. He swiped his katana at Lu Xuan almost entirely reflexively. However, the slash missed its target, and Lu Xuan remained unscathed. Lu Xuan leaped up and kicked. His legs became like bolts of lightning, tearing through the night, forming mirages and causing sonic booms. He became a terrifying barrage that hit the Japanese man squarely. Boom! Sakata Juuzaburo was sent flying as if he was a kite whose thread had been snapped. He crashed hard on the ground, coughing up blood. His eyes were wide open. He was unable to believe what had just happened. He never expected that the young Chinese man, whom he deemed beneath his notice, was actually capable of bringing such terrifying combat prowess to bear. His breaths weakened before long, and he died soon after. “Oh f*ck!” Yang Chengsi, who had watched what just happened, cursed at him right away, feeling as if the shock of the scene alone had almost killed him. Lu Xuan just killed a Martial Arts Legend with a single kick. He realized that the man before him was a legend through and through. Ever since Yang Chengsi became a Martial Arts Legend, he claimed that he hardly met his match, and he deemed himself to be ranked among the very best throughout the world. He wore his status as a Martial Arts Legend with great pride. It was not until that very moment that he realized that he had been delusional. Despite the fact that Martial Arts Legends were powerful enough to resist the might of firearms, they were still as fragile as cardboard before some people. It was only then that he realized that his intuition back then had been correct. If he went to provoke Lu Xuan any further back then, he would have probably suffered a fate just as bad as that suffered by Sakata Juuzaburo. That gangster boss was someone Lu Xuan had killed with a single move. He was hardly considered to be of any importance. Even that bit of frustration lingering in his mind dissipated after seeing what that kick was able to do. He began to tremble at the thought of what would have happened to him if he were to get on the bad side of that young master. He wondered just what kind of a monster he had actually offended. Sh*t, I’ve really just come back right before the reaper was able to bring the scythe down on me then! he thought. “Buy time? Don’t be ridiculous!” Lu Xuan smirked after kicking the Japanese agent to death. He hardly felt anything as he did so. Lu Xuan then turned his gaze to James. James felt as if his soul was on the verge of leaving his body after sensing Lu Xuan’s gaze on him. He saw from his peripheral vision how Lu Xuan killed Sakata Juuzaburo with just a single kick. He was already on the verge of being shocked to death by then. While his contact with that Japanese agent had been limited, he nonetheless knew how formidable that man had been, so much so that the now dead man was among the best of Japanese spies lurking in the country. Level Six fighters were considered the best of the best anywhere in the world. Even if they were to betray their respective countries, they would have quickly been accepted by other governments without question. Yet, this man had ended such a formidable being with a single kick. James wondered just what kind of a monster that young man was. He felt cold sweat all over after sensing Lu Xuan’s gaze on him, which caused him to slip up. That brief window was exploited by Monk Buyi, who went on to pound that staff of his onto the American agent. Boom! James was sent flying far away. While he put his arm up in the nick of time to stop the attack, Monk Buyi’s powers were equal to his, and that one hit from the staff crippled his arm right away. He no longer had any thoughts about buying time, thinking instead about how ridiculous he had been when he thought he was able to buy time. From the looks of things at the moment, his thoughts back then had been foolishly naive, and he had really underestimated the enemy. He recalled an old Chinese saying he saw somewhere: “great terror lies between life and death.” He came to experience what such great terror meant firsthand. His will to survive had taken over in that very instant. He quickly picked up the case on the ground with his remaining good hand as he was sent flying, and he ran afterward. He was fleeing. He was unable to afford to be concerned about his subordinates and the remaining Japanese fighters. Those people would have been the ones to buy him time instead. “You wanna run? You think you can run?” Lu Xuan stomped on the ground and launched himself into the air, zipping past him like a stallion. He came right behind James within a few steps. He then clapped the American agent right away. Boom! James was unable to evade. To put it precisely, he was unable to even react to it. Lu Xuan was simply moving too fast, and his attack hit the mark right away. Boom! James crashed to the ground right away and was still. There was no way he could have withstood that attack. Lu Xuan’s attack might have looked simple and even flighty, but the power contained within was extraordinarily explosive. He had practically turned Jame’s innards into mush with that one attack. The Shield of Vigor unique to all Martial Arts Legends was utterly useless before Lu Xuan, as it was something that he was able to punch through effortlessly. Both Monk Buyi and Yang Chengsi felt a chill run down their spines as they saw Lu Xuan pick up the case that James had held onto without care. “He’s dead. He’s really dead!” Yang Chengsi muttered to himself as if he had just seen a ghost. Two Martial Arts Legends killed in mere moments. Yang Chengsi felt as if everything he knew had been a lie. The strength that he had so much pride in proved weak and useless before that young man, so much so that his strength had been nothing in the end. “I can absolutely never get on his bad side. I’ll have to make it up to him after this somehow. If he still harbors a grudge again me, I’ll be doomed for sure!” Countless thoughts flashed through Yang Chengsi’s mind, revenge being among those thoughts. Yet they were quickly dispelled by the overwhelming fear he had for the young man instead. It was utterly terrifying. That young man was an invincible monster! Monk Buyi was shocked to the core as well. He had no idea just how capable Sakata Juuzaburo had been, but he knew just how terrifyingly formidable James had been when he fought him. He had even thought that the American was actually a tad bit stronger than he was. While he was of the complete lineage of the Southern Shaolin Temple, he was still a monk who spent most of his time being a vegetarian and chanting sutras. James, on the other hand, was a killer who excelled in the art of taking lives. He had seen a great many battles. While the combat prowess of both men was more or less on the same level, James had been the one who gained the upper hand when the two of them fought. The monk had been the one at a disadvantage as soon as the two began fighting. The odds became so apparent that the monk thought he would have lost for sure. Yet, that one man who gave him so much trouble ended up being killed by Lu Xuan with a single attack. He never realized that such a terrifying being emerged in their province. That, coupled with Lu Xuan’s age, truly made him a monster. “Help the others out, alright?” Lu Xuan said. Monk Buyi and Yang Chengsi only came to their senses after Lu Xuan spoke. The fighting was not over yet, and the two went back into the fray. With the hands of two Martial Arts Legends freed, the tide of the battles turned immediately. The previous deadlock became a slaughter. All those fighters from the States and Japan had been killed within mere moments.