Kiss Me Goodnight, Mrs. CEO!

Chapter 107 - Let’s Fight!

Chapter 107: Let’s Fight! “Zuo Weiyi, I’ll fight it out with you!” Zuo Weiyi felt the pain and frowned hard as her hair was being pulled. She could not help but be more surprised when she heard this voice! This was Jiang Tingmei’s voice! “It’s all because of you, bitch. You have made me and my mother homeless!” Jiang Tingmei was angry as she dragged Zuo Weiyi to the ground. She then grasped onto her hair and hit at her desperately. “Ahh!” Of course, Zuo Weiyi would not let Jiang Tingmei hit her without hitting back. She then stretched out her hand and also grabbed Jiang Tingmei’s wavy hair. Jiang Tingmei was also then, dragged to the ground! “So what? If it weren’t because of you and your mother, my mother would not have died!” Zuo Weiyi hated Qiu Yun and Jiang Tingmei very much. She was so irritated at this moment. She then sat on top of Jiang Tingmei and squeezed her neck with both hands. Zuo Weiyi’s resentment surged even higher when she thought of the humiliation they had done to her mother in front of Lin Enterprise that day. Her hands gradually tightened around Jiang Tingmei’s throat! Jiang Tingmei had difficulties breathing and her face gradually turned red after being choked by Zuo Weiyi. “Let… go… of me…” She struggled hard. She felt like she was being strangled to death. However, Zuo Weiyi did not seem to hear Jiang Tingmei’s words. Her senses were engulfed by her anger. “Let go… let go…” Jiang Tingmei said it difficultly as if she could feel the impending death. She reached out and wanted to unlock Zuo Weiyi’s grip on her neck. Being suffocated, her nails gradually penetrated the back of Zuo Weiyi’s hand. Those fair and slender hands were scratched, instantly leaving bloody streaks. Zuo Weiyi had only regained her senses after she felt the pain on the back of her hand. She quickly released her hand looking at Jiang Tingmei’s already dark face! She did not want to be a murderer even if she hated Jiang Tingmei so much. She would surely avenge her mother, but not by risking her life! Jiang Tingmei could only feel the oxygen when Zuo Weiyi released her hands. She coughed violently while sitting on the ground. There was no more energy left in her body. At that moment, she really thought she was going to die! Zuo Weiyi stood up. She put away the indignation and hatred in her heart. She turned and got in the car after glancing at Jiang Tingmei. She then drove toward the gate not far away. Jiang Tingmei gazed angrily in the direction where the car was headed to. Swearing to herself in her heart. ‘One day, I will make Zuo Weiyi pay for what she has done to me!’ Jiang Tingmei finally calmed down a little after taking a few breaths. She got up and wanted to leave after a minute of rest. However, someone suddenly strangled her again before she could turn around. Her eyes widened. She wanted to pull the hands away from her neck. However, it was getting more and more difficult for her to breathe. Who was it? Who wanted to kill her?! Jiang Tingmei struggled to turn her head. But the culprit did not give her this opportunity, instead, he increased the strength of his hands, wanting that woman in front of him to die! “Who… let go of me…” Her breathing became more and more difficult. Jiang Tingmei reached her hands out and tried to use her nails to force him to let go of her like what she had done to Zuo Weiyi just now. However, she found out that that person was wearing gloves! The hands of death reached out to her once again. Jiang Tingmei was not willing to die like this. However, her consciousness gradually faded and her hands fell to the floor. The person behind her only loosened his grip then.