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Chapter 158 - Alliance Disputes

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 158: Alliance Disputes

    When she opened the bedroom door, Su Cha saw Bo Muyi coming up the stairs.


    Su Cha called out as she stood by the bedroom door.

    When Bo Muyi raised his eyes, he saw Su Cha standing lovingly by the door. As soon as his eyes landed on Su Cha, the restless and uneasiness he had felt the entire day immediately disappeared. Bo Muyi walked over to Su Cha and carried her into the room.

    “Cha Cha.”

    Bo Muyi lightly kissed Su Cha’s forehead and held her in his embrace. As he sat down on the sofa, Bo Muyi set Su Cha down his legs. Although Bo Muyi may seem domineering, his actions were filled with love and care. He asked, “How was the competition today?”

    Although he knew that Su Cha was competing that day, Bo Muyi did not inquire about the results.

    Su Cha leaned into his embrace, “Hm… I passed this round, but I did not make it directly to the Top 50.”


    Bo Muyi frowned, and the aura around him turned chilly, “Was the judge unprofessional?”

    What a smart guess.

    Over the past few days, Bo Muyi occasionally heard Su Cha practicing for the competition. Although he was not professionally trained in this field, he could tell how unique Su Cha’s vocals were, she sounded like an angel.

    The street performers were nowhere close to Su Cha’s standards. How could Su Cha not make it to Top 50?

    The loving man immediately suspected that there were problems with the judges.

    Although he had guessed it, Su Cha was not someone who would complain about her grievances. She softly replied, “Well, it’s nothing serious. I am sure that I will be able to make it.”

    As it was just a minor matter, she did not want Bo Muyi to resolve it for her.

    In her past life, Su Cha was not someone who relied on others to solve her problems. If she had the abilities, she would choose to depend on herself.

    Seeing that Su Cha did not want to elaborate on the matter, Bo Muyi did not probe further. Although he was curious, Bo Muyi restrained himself as he did not wish to scare Su Cha away.

    Looking at the young girl’s lips, Bo Muyi could not help but kiss her.

    Although her response was a little awkward, it was much more gentle than before. Bo Muyi pried open her lips and invited her to play with his tongue. Just as things got heated up, a deafening ringing could be heard.

    At that moment, Su Cha felt Bo Muyi’s body stiffen, and he exuded a strong, icy cold aura. His eyes were bloodthirsty.

    Su Cha stroked his back and mumbled, “Take the call.”

    Bo Muyi placed his legs on Su Cha, unwilling to get up. He rested one hand on Su Cha while the other hand reached for his phone.

    He closed his eyes as he rested his head on the crook on Su Cha’s neck. Although Bo Muyi did not speak, the caller could sense an inexplicable coldness and quickly reported the matter.

    As Su Cha sat close to Bo Muyi, she could hear the phone conversation clearly. She listened to the caller reporting calmly, “Young master, there is a crisis. The Shen Alliance Chief’s successor had been assassinated, and the Chief is missing. The Wu Alliance had postponed the Chief’s election, and they sent someone to help the Shen Alliance investigate the matter. Old Madam hopes that you can return home as soon as possible.”

    After hearing the news, Bo Muyi remained silent for a while. Su Cha felt his unstable breathing, but he was not as aggressive as before. She speculated that the matter must have been grave.

    Su Cha was a little confused, Shen Alliance and Wu Alliance?

    What are those?

    The icy, cold voice asked, “Who did it?”

    The caller continued, “There is no evidence at this given moment, but Old Madam suspects that it is someone from the Sha Alliance.”

    “Do not suspect others without any evidence. Be careful. Otherwise, you might lose your life.”

    Bo Muyi sneered, he was like the devil, and his words had no emotions. As he spoke of the Old Madam, Bo Muyi’s tone was cynical.

    Su Cha slightly frowned in confusion.