Archean Eon Art

Chapter 98 - Body Tempering With Baneful Aura

Chapter 98: Body Tempering With Baneful Aura “Then should I choose the Heart Intent Saber?” inquired Meng Chuan. The Supremacy nodded. “Choose the Heart Intent Saber. You will cultivate this saber art several times faster than the World Roving Dragon Saber, and Lightning Devastator Saber. What you should focus on now is to achieve Saber Intent. The true intent of a saber art needs to be sublime. “Therefore, one has to specialize in a saber art if they are trying to achieve Saber Intent. Only by cultivating the Heart Intent Saber and achieving the Saber Soul, can you choose a few techniques from the World Roving Dragon Saber and Lightning Devastator Saber to complete your saber art repertoire.” Meng Chuan nodded. “I understand.” Before reaching the Saber Soul realm, he was only to cultivate the Heart Intent Saber. “Heart Intent Saber has eighteen stances. The first stance is called the Heart Saber Stance. It’s the foundation of all other moves in the saber art. It’s the saber art’s core! This Heart Saber Stance is also known as the Heart Intent Saber Drawing Stance,” said the Supremacy with a smile. “The Saber Drawing Stance you’ve trained is very similar to the Heart Saber Stance. This is also why I said that you are 90% compatible with this saber art. However, you are still unable to accept a Black Metal Sutra legacy. All you can do is go to the Impartation Pavilion and choose ordinary manuals for perusal. “If you cultivate the Heart Intent Saber, you can head to Archean Mountain’s Thousand Sabers Cavern. This saber art was created when Godfiend Guo Ke was being punished in the Thousand Sabers Cavern.” Meng Chuan was secretly puzzled. Being punished? “Godfiend Guo Ke was struck at the Incessant realm due to his weak physical body. He was unable to reach the Creation realm,” said the Supremacy. “However, the Heart Intent Saber is indeed a saber art for Creation realm experts. It’s one of humanity’s most powerful weapon art legacies.” Meng Chuan nodded slightly. For Godfiend cultivation, one’s physical body, Essence Soul, and weapon realm were indispensable. The Heart Intent Saber’s creator was stuck as a Regis Godfiend because his physical body was too weak. … After Meng Chuan left Grotto-Heaven Pavilion, he was in no hurry to choose his saber art. Instead, he went to the library and searched for books regarding the three saber arts. Although he trusted his master, he still had to make his own decisions. The Heart Intent Saber Black Metal Sutra has two identical copies. One is in Archean Mountain, while the other is in Black Sand Grotto-Heaven. Meng Chuan gained an understanding while reading. In history, powerful Godfiends would usually pay the price to create two or even three copies of their legacies. Firstly, it was to prevent unforeseen events from causing the legacy to be lost or damaged. Their legacies were ultimately products of blood, sweat, and tears, so they were willing to create one or two more copies. Secondly, the copies were traded for other Black Metal Sutras with other factions. Archean Mountain had a huge collection of Black Metal Sutras and Godfiend body formulas. Many of them were created by Black Sand Grotto-Heaven, Two World Island, and experts from other factions. For example, Archean Mountain only had remnant copies of the Lightning Devastator Saber. However, Black Sand Grotto-Heaven had a complete copy of the Lightning Devastator Saber legacy. Ever since the demons invaded their world, humanity’s three supreme sects had deepened their relationships with one another. In the future, they would pay a certain price to obtain the complete Lightning Devastator Saber legacy from Black Sand Grotto-Heaven. Okay. Meng Chuan read one book after another, increasing his understanding of the three saber arts. Furthermore—with his master’s advice—he was confident. Master is right. The Lightning Devastator Saber is too domineering. It doesn’t suit me. However, I can choose one or two moves as secret techniques in the future. Many of these saber techniques are to be unleashed frenziedly. For example, the Five Lightning Descent was a swift, devastating move. The World Roving Dragon Saber focuses on strange, abrupt changes. I can learn from its unpredictable movement technique. These three saber arts contained movement techniques. Meng Chuan had taken a fancy to the World Roving Dragon Saber’s movement technique. Having unpredictable movement made it very easy to kill enemies. … In the Impartation Pavilion, Meng Chuan chose the complete secret manual of the Heart Intent Saber and three thick books filled with supplementary notes to bring back to his cave abode. The three books were written by three Regis Godfiends—who had cultivated the Heart Intent Saber. They were left behind for their successors. “Prepare hot water. I’m taking a bath.” Meng Chuan instructed after returning to his cave abode late at night. Following that, he began reading the Heart Intent Saber manual carefully. Without intent guidance, he could only read and ponder over the content slowly. With the supplementary notes, he began understanding the Heart Intent Saber slowly. After reading late into the night, Meng Chuan continued his Saber Drawing Stance repetitions when he woke up the next day. He wasn’t in a hurry to cultivate the Heart Intent Saber. Instead, he decided to spend ten days studying the manual and supplementary notes carefully. After gaining a deep understanding of the saber art, would he begin cultivating it. … Archean Mountain, Myriad Wither Peak, the next afternoon. “Lord Meng Chuan.” There was a servant guarding the entrance to a Myriad Wither Peak cave. There were four words engraved on top of the cave—Three Yin Banefire Cave. Meng Chuan walked over and smiled. “I would like a C-rank chamber.” “Please follow me.” A servant immediately led the way. Meng Chuan was astonished by Myriad Wither Peak. There were many baneful aura caves in Myriad Wither Peak. These baneful auras were transported from areas around the world by powerful Godfiends. It was hard for vegetation to survive on Myriad Wither Peak. A few special plants could survive, but Myriad Wither Peak didn’t have any trace of greenery at all. Three Yin Banefire was the first out of nine baneful auras needed to refine his body in preparation for the Lightning Devastator Fiend Body. Meng Chuan was a mortal; thus, the baneful aura concentration in a C-rank chamber was sufficient for him. The baneful aura would probably turn Meng Chuan into dust the moment he breathed inside an A-rank chamber. “At the Three Yin Banefire Cave. A C-rank room requires ten credits per day,” said the servant with a smile. “As long as you don’t spend more than 24 hours cultivating inside, it will be considered a day.” “Got it.” Meng Chuan nodded. Ten credits a day? It was already one of the lowest prices. Rumble! The door to the chamber opened, and Meng Chuan entered. He casually closed the stone door and shut it tight. The chamber was 50 feet long and wide. An oil lamp—that was permanently lit—and a mat furnished the room. There was nothing else. This baneful aura is really thin. Meng Chuan could see a faint dark red gas floating in the chamber with his naked eye. He also began to feel a slight stabbing pain on his skin. Time to begin. Meng Chuan drew his saber and used a saber art. This saber art was recorded in the Lightning Devastator Fiend Body legacy. It wasn’t meant for killing. Instead, it was for refining baneful auras. When executing the saber art, one would control their muscles with more finesse to exert strength. It allowed one’s strained muscles to absorb baneful auras, speeding up the body’s absorption speed. Breathe out; breathe in. He used Saber Force to exert all his strength as he used the baneful Aura Refinement Saber Art. The more his muscles exerted strength, the more they absorbed the baneful aura greedily. Strands of dark red baneful aura entered Meng Chuan’s body and slowly transformed his body. Slowly, Meng Chuan’s heart was filled with agitation and an impulse to go crazy. Baneful auras indeed affect one’s mind. I’ve only just started cultivating, and I’m absorbing the most ordinary baneful aura; yet, I’m already agitated slightly. Meng Chuan sighed inwardly. He easily maintained his lucidity and continued executing the saber art. One had to put in a lot of effort when executing the body-tempering saber art. It was useless if one carelessly executed the saber art. His movements had to be precise. The more he channeled his strength, the more the baneful aura would fuse with his body! It increased his absorption efficiency and speed. … He continued cultivating for nearly two hours before he began to feel a stabbing pain throughout his body. I’ve reached my body’s current limits. He immediately stopped executing the Baneful Aura Refining Saber Art. His body needed time to adapt. Rumble! Meng Chuan opened the stone door and walked out. If it weren’t for the fact that he needed the baneful aura to refine his body, staying in the chamber only brought harm. … Archean Mountain was very convenient. All kinds of resources for cultivating a transcendent-grade Godfiend body were prepared. They could be exchanged using credits. Every day, Meng Chuan would train in the Three Yin Banefire Cave’s C-rank chamber for two hours. He did this for five days, and it was now afternoon on New Year’s Eve. Oh? After using the body-tempering saber art for more than an hour, Meng Chuan suddenly felt like he had “eaten his fill.” He immediately stopped and inspected his body with his inner vision. Under his inner vision, his bones and flesh emanated dark red baneful aura faintly. Even his blood had the same traits. It’s already fused with the bone marrow? I’m done with the First Refinement? Meng Chuan extended his finger, and with a thought, dark red baneful aura rose from his fingertip. When he saw this, he smiled. The Three Yin Banefire has fused with my body completely. My body can produce a small amount of Three Yin Banefire now. The First Refinement is the easiest because the baneful aura is the weakest. The negative effects it has on my will is weak. Five days? The speed is still alright. Meng Chuan nodded slightly. I’ll begin the Second Refinement tomorrow. Every person—who had cultivated a Lightning Divine Body—completed the First Refinement very smoothly. The further one went, the slower the body refining would become. It was even possible that they would go crazy, and their bodies would collapse. Therefore, many geniuses would immediately stop when they sensed danger. They would have no choice but to give up on this Godfiend body if that happened.