I Am A Legendary BOSS

Chapter 337 - Card Collection Guidance Task

The City of Dawn had changed a lot, so much that many veteran players felt a little uncomfortable. More importantly, the BOSSES that they were familiar with had disappeared. Where did those muscular dudes go? Numerous players couldn’t find the mission dashboard Suddenly, a voice resounded across the entire City of Dawn. Ding dong! All players in the City of Dawn received a new mission. (The City of Dawn] [Mission Introduction: Within a few years, the Great Lord of Dawn turned a small border town into a massive force in the southern region. Want to get to know him more? Want to know more about this city, an icon of light? (Find the ‘Dawn Cards’ hidden in corners around the city!] (Mission Difficulty: 0] [Mission Requirement: Find the Dawn Cards, which record various pieces of news and forces in the City of Dawn. The more Dawn Cards you find, the more rewards you will receive… (You can exchange 50 Dawn Cards for Advanced Silver equipment. [You can exchange 60 Dawn Cards for Advanced Gold equipment. (You can exchange 70 Dawn Cards for Advanced Dark-Gold equipment. (You can exchange 80 Dawn Cards for Advanced Epic equipment. [You can exchange 90 Dawn Cards for Advanced Legendary equipment. [Once you have collected all 100 Dawn Cards, you can exchange them for Advanced Legendary equipment and an Advanced Legendary broken manual page!) [Mission Rewards: ???] [Affinity with City of Dawn: ???] (Equipment Rewards: ???] Had William forgotten what time the players would be coming online? No way! Even if he forgot the date he had transmigrated here, he wouldn’t forget the return date of the players. He just didn’t want to appear in front of the players the moment they arrived. He had to maintain his cool image. After all, as a mature Legendary BOSS, he was already familiar with how to project a mysterious image! At the same time, he knew how to cultivate a sense of belonging in the players. This sort of guidance task would allow them to actively explore the changes that occurred while they left. They would realize how strong the City of Dawn had become. This way, they would adore the city more. Of course, it was also the first time he was giving out such unprecedented and lavish mission rewards. Legendary rewards! The word ‘Legendary’ made everyone go crazy. Even the new players knew the value of it. Legendary equipment was considered to be one of the most top-tier equipment. To players, they were godly weapons. Since the veteran players had witnessed the previously small city that they lived in expand and become stronger, they naturally felt as if they were sharing weal and woe with the City of Dawn. Nonetheless, the Rewards were the most important… “Cards? Damn, I had picked up some for fun just now, but then I threw them away. It didn’t look like a mission prop. What a heavy loss!” Angry Fatty was dumbfounded. As he retraced his steps, he discovered that the streets had become filled with players looking down at the ground. Fatty opened a live-broadcast with a deadpan face. “Everyone look! Don’t become smartphone addicts like these people!” “Thump!” Fatty kicked a player to the ground and immediately ran off. The innocent player stood up with a confused look. He hadn’t lost many Health Points, but why was he suddenly shoved to the ground? From his information panel, he saw that he had been attacked by someone… Someone…? It could not be helped. If he hadn’t managed to see the person’s face, it meant that he couldn’t see the person’s ID too… This was why the assassin players in (Gods] were so annoying. The players were rather satisfied with the Version 3.0 guidance task. Most players were fond of these sort of missions that rewarded them with experience points and equipment for just finding stuff. They didn’t need to defeat monsters. It meant that they didn’t need to worry about the Durability of their equipment or dying in the game. If they collected all the cards, they could even redeem Legendary equipment and broken manual pages! “Damn! I can’t believe this. We are only Intermediate professionals, and Prince William has prepared such awesome stuff for us?” “I guess Prince William has struck it rich. We need to hurry and gather the cards. Perhaps we should find some new players and try to buy some cards from them at a lower price.” “I feel like this is some sort of conspiracy…” “Cut the crap. We are just required to search for some cards, not sell our bodies? What kind of conspiracy can there be? Just hurry up and find the cards.” Everyone was searching for the cards, and they discovered that the cards were located in very strange places. They could be found in wall cracks, flower pots, corners of bulletin boards, trees, magic lamps, and even certain places in public spaces. As a result, several male players used finding cards as an excuse to go into the female toilet… One might ask, how many cards were there? There were millions of cards. If the City of Dawn wasn’t wealthy enough, it would have been impossible to print so many cards. Why was William doing this? He went to such lengths just because he wanted the players to have fun and give them some equipment. “Huh? Aren’t these cards a panorama of the City of Dawn? This looks so pretty and seems worth keeping.” Umekawa and other casual players had gathered to talk. Someone asked, “How many card designs are there?” “100. I’ve only found over 30 cards, and most of them are repeated ones. Want to trade?” “Let’s trade! So many people are searching for these cards. I wonder how many can actually collect all 100.” Some players were feeling a headache. Nonetheless, even if they couldn’t gather all 100, they could probably gain some experience points from finding some cards. Umekawa grinned. “Don’t slack just because we are casual players. If we can gather 50 cards, we can get Advanced silver equipment. If we don’t search harder now, we’ll regret in the future when we reach the Advanced level.” “He’s right. Even if we can’t gather enough cards, we can sell them to the rich players.” “Yeah, I thought of that too!” “Same!” “Hehe! There are so many super-rich players in the City of Dawn. We should be able to make a small fortune from this.” Suddenly, a player ran towards the group and joined in the conversation. “Gosh, forget all your money-making ideas. Some NPCs standing around the streets are holding on to some cards too, and it’s those types of rare cards that we can’t find ourselves.” “What do you mean…” Some players questioned with a sense of foreboding. “Damn it! Those NPCs are selling cards at a sky-high price. Although, the cards that they are selling are indeed priceless. Besides, those NPCs only have one rare card to sell.” The player explained, still out of breath from his running “We need to report this at the city lord’s palace.” Someone angrily shouted. Were the NPCs trying to steal business from players? Umekawa glanced at the person who broke the news. “Did the NPCs have the City of Dawn crest on their clothes…” “Hmm! Yes, they did. How did you know? The crest was either at their chest area or at their sleeves.” After hearing that, many players knew what was happening Oh! So that’s why… Prince William was publicly extorting money on the first day of Version 3.0… “Sigh! I guess we can only search for the common cards, and let the rich players buy the rare cards. Moreover, those rare cards are extremely expensive, and the NPCs will only sell them when there’s a crowd. There’s even an auction held for the card. They are not letting us average players get a chance to obtain rare cards at all.” “Let’s quit the game!” “What a trashy game! I’m not playing anymore!” “I’m quitting. I’m an idiot if I continue playing this game.” In the next moment, the player who had made the last comment squatted down. His eyes lit up as he picked up a card from a corner of the wall. After he read its contents, he suddenly jumped up and down, wild with joy. “It’s the third card in the southeast corner of the City of Dawn. Isn’t this a rare card?” “Brother, you’ve struck it rich. This card is extremely valuable. Someone from the forum is willing to buy it for 1000 gold coins!” “Oh wait! You said you’re going to quit the game, right? Why don’t you give me the card then?” “Quit the game? Is there a problem with your ears? Since when did I say I was quitting?” The player gave a sly smile. He hid the little angular card in his underwear. He didn’t care that it was uncomfortable and continued searching for other cards. The others grinned. “Prince William is rather tactful. It seems that he did give us average players a chance too. Otherwise, I would definitely not let this matter rest and would’ve stirred trouble.” “You should continue searching for cards rather than plot against the prince. Anyway, we don’t know how strong he is now.” Umekawa waved his hand. While the others were distracted, he had already found two rare cards! He wasn’t going to engage in meaningless chatter with them. “This is really profitable!” Umekawa shouted in his heart. He had managed to find those rare cards before the others did. It made him ecstatic with joy. This sort of guidance task, which required players to collect cards, was rather interesting. Not only could the cards be exchanged for valuable stuff, but they also contained details on how the City of Dawn had evolved. More importantly, there were NPC portraits on the rare cards. It contained a detailed explanation of that particular NPC’s background. The card recorded all the BOSSES that the NPCs had managed to defeat and all of the NPC’s glorious feats. The cards of Burned Cinder and Sorimas had already been found. The former was wearing a fiery red armor. His body was enveloped in flames, and his long Dragon-slayer blade looked like dangerous magma. Burned Cinder looked extremely handsome in the portrait! Other information like his ranking in the Magic Conference and his position in the City of Dawn were also included in the card. Sorimas’s portrait was a silver-backed monkey carrying a mace. Ahem! Not only could these cards be exchanged for equipment, but they could also let the players gain an in-depth understanding of NPCs. In the eyes of players who were collectors, these cards were as valuable as Epic equipment. Nonetheless, Legendary equipment was what all players wanted to obtain in the end. But until now, no one had found a card with William’s NPC description. No one knew how many cards there were with William’s description on it. However, several ladies had already started to bid for William’s card on the forum. They were offering 20,000 Chinese Yuan just for William’s card! William’s card was definitely the rarest. It was also indispensable if one wanted to redeem the Legendary equipment and Legendary broken manual page. The City of Dawn’s guidance task was interesting and had lavish rewards. It was outstanding in all aspects as compared to that of the Black Lava Dukedom and the Emerald Grand Duchy. In the other nations, there was no such thing as guidance tasks. In this liberal and modern game world with no restrictions, the players could only rely upon themselves to explore… The Black Lava Dukedom and the Emerald Grand Duchy forums were filled with complaints from new and envious players. F*ck! The difference was too vast. It was not acceptable! Even some foreign friends could not help but complain after hearing how generously the City of Dawn players were treated… Not only was the guidance task interesting, but the cards were also invaluable! As a result, many brawls broke out in the City of Dawn as players were fighting over the possession of a card. The Guardian Legion was kept extremely busy. The players were fighting really hard for money!