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Chapter 502 - The Sixth Episode Is Mind-blowing!

Medical Master
     Although the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor had dropped, it was good news for variety shows of other TV stations. But everyone was also very clear that the source of all this was Fang Qiu!

    Last time, it was an exaggeration that they said Fang Qiu was carrying a variety show all by himself,

    But now, they had to admit that it was true.

    Without Fang Qiu, the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor dropped sharply.

    If Fang Qiu didn’t show up in the next episode, the ratings of the show might inevitably drop to 2%.

    In Central Television, looking at the ratings reports, Director Li Huawen gave a wry smile.

    In fact, this time he also wanted to have a try. After all, although Fang Qiu didn’t participate in the process of decocting herbs, there were some other shots of him that could be used.

    The reason why he didn’t use them was that, on the one hand, he wanted more people to pay attention to Chinese Medicine, and on the other hand, he wanted to see how much influence Fang Qiu had on the show.

    But he didn’t expect that this test actually caused such an enormous stir.

    “Oh, Fang Qiu, what am I going to do with you?” He shook his head with a wry smile.

    Li Huawen threw the ratings reports on the table, then he suddenly thought of the next episode.

    The next episode was filled with so many selling points.

    The most important thing was that as the audience expected, it was all about Fang Qiu!

    “Why don’t we make a trailer of the next episode to cool down these people first?”

    A thought came to his mind.

    Li Huawen immediately took out his phone and called the publicity chief. He ordered, “Hurry up and edit the trailer of the sixth episode as soon as possible!”

    As Li Huawen gave the order, the trailer of the sixth episode was soon released.

    However, the trailer was rather short because it was produced in a hurry, which only lasted for 59 seconds.

    In the beginning, everyone spontaneously resisted watching the preview because Fang Qiu didn’t show up in the fifth episode. Many people even began to boycott the entire show, saying that they would never watch it without Fang Qiu.

    Although everyone was furious, many of them couldn’t help but watch the preview curiously.

    They were astonished as they watched it.

    “Oh my God, the sixth episode is definitely mind-blowing!”

    “The sixth episode is freaking amazing!”

    “What? Bozhi Tianxia went to the broadcast studio to challenge Fang Qiu!”

    “It’s all about Fang Qiu in the next episode.”

    People who had finished watching the preview made all kinds of comments.

    Seeing these comments, the people who were going to resist the show and the preview couldn’t help but watch it out of curiosity.

    Less than an hour later, the click volume of the show’s trailer actually exceeded five hundred thousand, and it was also growing at an extremely fast rate.

    After watching the preview, all the people went wild on the Internet!

    “Is the show going to play something big?”

    “Bozhi Tianxia, you even went to the broadcast studio! Don’t you think you’re too bold?”

    “Oh my God, he even brought a patient with him. It seems that he won’t give up until he gets what he wants. I wonder if Fang Qiu will accept it.”

    “Can Fang Qiu cure the patient this time?”

    “He couldn’t find Fang Qiu on Weibo and decided to go to the studio to confront Fang Qiu face to face. There is going to be a good show in the sixth episode.”

    “It turns out that the reason why Fang Qiu has so few shots in the fifth episode is that the crew is preparing a big move in the sixth episode!”

    Someone proposed, “By the way, the sixth episode should have finished recording, right? Let’s go to Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo and have a look. Maybe we can see the result.”

    Everyone who was very curious immediately ran to see Bozhi Tianxia’s Weibo.

    However, they eventually found that the Weibo of Bozhi Tianxia was empty with all the posts disappearing, just like a new account.

    Thinking that Bozhi Tianxia had deleted all his posts in Weibo before, everyone grew more curious.

    “Could it be that the patient brought by Bozhi Tianxia has really been cured by Fang Qiu?”

    “He has been looking for trouble with Fang Qiu before, but he suddenly deleted all his posts, and nothing was left. It seems that he was likely to be slapped in the face by Fang Qiu on the spot.”

    Many people started to leave comments to analyze what might have happened.

    This time, all the people became more curious.

    Everyone wished they could see the sixth episode right away. However, the fifth episode had just finished airing. They had to wait for another week even though they were desperate to watch the next episode.

    Everyone was speechless.

    The show was so good at attracting people’s attention.

    Not just the viewers and netizens, people of the variety shows of other TV stations also watched the preview of the sixth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor as soon as possible.

    Previously, they firmly believed that the ratings of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor must enter a flat period and it would inevitably keep falling gradually. However, these people were all stunned as they saw the trailer.

    They were thinking, “Damn! The ratings of the fifth episode did drop, but will the ratings of the sixth episode decline?”

    Absolutely not!

    Instead, a huge surge would even be expected!Updates by vi p novel

    There was no doubt that whether Fang Qiu accepted Yang Bo’s challenge or not, whether Fang Qiu succeeded or not, the ratings of the sixth episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor would usher in an unprecedented surge, which might even exceed the previous peak and reach 5% or 6%!

    The variety show groups of the other major TV stations were speechless and felt bitter.

    This show didn’t even give them a chance to survive!

    After dinner, Fang Qiu returned to school.

    When he was still in the couple’s house, the president of the Chinese Medicine Association also offered to give him the consultation fee.

    Of course, Fang Qiu didn’t accept it either.

    After all, the child’s parents had already mentioned it once, but Fang Qiu didn’t accept it at that time. Moreover, he had already been treated with a thank-you meal. It would be a little inappropriate to take their money.

    By the time he got back to the dormitory, it was already 9:30 p.m.

    In the dormitory, Sun Hao and the other two who had finished washing up were ready to go to bed after the lights were turned off.

    “Knock knock knock…” Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

    “Who is it?” Sun Hao asked.

    “Me,” Fang Qiu answered.

    “The youngest?” Sun Hao, who had just finished watching the trailer of the show, suddenly jumped up from the bed and rushed to open the door.

    Zhou Xiaotian and Zhu Benzheng, who were lying in bed reading, also got up from bed immediately. Their faces were full of curiosity.

    As he opened the door, sure enough, it was Fang Qiu.

    “Bro, what did you do? Why did you come back so late?” Sun Hao asked.

    Fang Qiu answered, “I went to see a patient.”

    “No wonder.” Sun Hao nodded and said, “I was wondering why you didn’t pay attention to the fifth episode this time. It turns out that there are few of your shots in it.”

    “I don’t care even if I have my shots,” Fang Qiu said with a smile.

    “Bro,” Zhou Xiaotian suddenly jumped out of bed, mysteriously walked to Fang Qiu, and said. “We’ve just finished watching the preview of the sixth episode. Did Bozhi Tianxia really go to the TV station to look for you?”

    “Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded.

    At that time, he already knew that Director Li Huawen had taken a full picture of Yang Bo’s trouble-making process to him and was ready to make it as the material of the sixth episode. And at that time, the director had also asked for his opinion. He agreed. Since the preview had been released, it would not be a problem to tell that to his roommates.

    “I heard that he went to the studio with a patient?” Zhu Benzheng also came over and asked curiously.

    “Yes.” Fang Qiu nodded again.

    Sun Hao followed up. “I heard that he challenged you and said that he wanted to prove that you were a liar.”

    “Yes, yes,” Fang Qiu turned around and looked at the three of them speechlessly. “If you want to ask something, just tell me what you want to know once for all. Even though you don’t feel annoyed after asking so many questions, I’ll be very tired after answering them.”

    Upon hearing that, the three of them looked at each other.

    In the end, Zhu Benzheng and Zhou Xiaotian fixed their eyes on Sun Hao.

    It was obvious that Sun Hao had to help them ask the question that they were most curious about.

    Sun Hao chuckled and asked, “Then I’ll go straight to the point. I believe that with your temper, you will definitely accept the challenge. You’re a fighter! That guy has chased you to the TV station. It’s impossible that you don’t fight back, right? Since you will definitely fight back, did you win or not? Have you cured the patient he brought?”

    As he asked, the three of them gazed at Fang Qiu expectantly, waiting for the answer that they were eager to know.

    “I remember,” Fang Qiu frowned and said. “Last time, someone seemed to tell me not to be a spoiler. The one who acts as a spoiler is definitely not a good person.”

    The three of them became embarrassed at once as they heard that.

    They were indeed the ones who said that.

    However, they had said it when they were watching the first episode of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, and now the fifth episode had been broadcast.

    The most important thing was that Fang Qiu didn’t show up in the fifth episode. There was nothing worthy of watching. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so concerned about the sixth episode.

    Sun Hao smiled awkwardly and said, “Ha-ha… We’re your buddies. We’re just concerned about you. I didn’t mean to let you be a spoiler but simply concerned about whether you won or not. If you win, we can celebrate together, and if you lose, we can comfort you, right?

    “Oh, you just don’t understand our good intentions.”

    At the end of the speech, Sun Hao began to blame Fang Qiu.

    Fang Qiu shook his head with a bitter smile as he heard that.

    This guy was so glib. He could even turn bad things into good deeds.

    “Yes, yes, yes, bro, we care about you.”

    Zhou Xiaotian quickly echoed and asked, “What’s the result?”

    Fang Qiu looked at the three’s big bright eyes in front of him.

    He sighed softly. He turned around, pulled out the chair in front of the desk, and sat down. “What do you three think of my strength?”

    “Awesome!” The three of them all gave him a thumbs-up.

    “Do you think I can cure the patient?” Fang Qiu asked again.

    “I think you can,” Sun Hao answered immediately.

    “I don’t think so!” Zhu Benzheng shook his head and said. “After all, it’s in the TV station. In front of so many people, even if you have means, it’s hard to perform.”

    “Just cut to the chase, bro. Have you cured him? Give me an answer,” Zhou Xiaotian urged.

    “Since all of you think I’m so good, then why shouldn’t I cure the patient?” Fang Qiu asked with a smile.

    The three boys’ eyes lit up at the same time as they heard that.

    Zhou Xiaotian exclaimed at once, “Awesome!”

    Zhu Benzheng marveled and nodded at the same time. “You deserve to be a master with millions of fans.”

    Sun Hao jumped up excitedly and said, “I knew it! It’s the same as I expected. You are a fighter! You never lose!”