My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 295 - Ouyang Qi’s Arrival (1)

Chapter 295: Ouyang Qi’s Arrival (1) "Yiyi, where are you going?" Zheng Xuan quickly caught up with Mo Yi and asked. Mo Yi turned to look at him, saying faintly, "I heard that the big prince sent reinforcements. Feng Xin would send people to welcome them. So I want to take a look.” Zheng Xuan twitched his mouth, saying with a disapproving tone, "I read the message. That is a total gang of rabble. Give me ten minutes, I can take down all of them.” Mo Yi rolled his eyes, "Don't so despise them! These people are here for some reason. Maybe they got some masters with them. We should go check it.” Zheng Xuan nodded, "All right." Zheng Xuan and Mo Yi followed Feng Xin’s people, went outside the city. Far away, a team of about 500 people was slowly moving their way. Zheng Xuan frowned, saying, "The strength of this people are mostly at level two to four, even not enough to fill the teeth gap for those star beasts. What does Prince Feng send them here for?” Mo Yi scanned the faces of those soldiers one by one, suddenly his eyes nailed on a young man. Zheng Xuan saw a handsome young man following the direction of his eyes. Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi’s solemn expression, saying with an unnatural tone,"Yiyi, what are you looking at? That man is a total toy boy." Mo Yi said dismissively, "He is not a simple toy boy!" "Is that so? I don't see anything special! And also not as handsome as I am." Zheng Xuan said disapprovingly. Only a level three star magician? How not simple would he be? Mo Yi cast a glance at Zheng Xuan, wearing a strange face. There came a shrill hawk's cry, which was filled with a chilling sense of desolation, making one quake in his boots. "Cannibal eagles! Cannibal eagles!"Read more chapters at L Suddenly someone cried, and the whole team immediately became chaotic. The cannibal eagles liked eating human brains. They liked using the claws to break the star magician's head, then slowly enjoy the brain. More than twenty cannibal eagles in the lead of of the head and flew their way. The leading cannibal eagle was huge, and the giant bloody eyes were full of brutality, looking very fierce! Feng Xin’s army had stationed here all the year round, already accustomed to the beast tide, so this group of cannibal eagles was not strange to them, and his soldiers soon calmed down. Mo Yi then scanned the other team. They all pulled out their swords, mercilessly waved at the sky, sword light as water, sword qi like rainbow. One could see a white flash! The leading cannibal eagle was immediately cut off half of the wing, blood gushing out. The eagle cried sadly, then fell down from the sky. Zheng Xuan noticed that the blood gushing out of the cannibal eagle mostly spilled on the young man Mo Yi had been staring at. Zheng Xuan suddenly remembered during the Top100 Championship, Mo Yi sitting on the orchid tree also sliced those flying birds into pieces, while he also happened to be under those birds and got blood and sliced meat all over. What a messy scene! Zheng Xuan frowned, secretly thinking to himself: Compared to himself, Mo Yi was really too gentle to that toy boy! Zheng Xuan felt suffocated in his heart. With slight waving of a hand, dozens of fire balls rose to the sky, and more than 20 cannibal eagles behind the leading one got exploded into pieces. The strong smell of blood spread, everywhere was shredded meat and blood, making one want to vomit. A few soldiers in Feng Xin’s army looked at Zheng Xuan surprisingly. Zheng Xuan looked at Mo Yi, only finding that again Mo Yi nailed his eyes on that young man again, immediately feeling jealous. Zheng Xuan angrily found the other side’s eyes unexpectedly also fell on Mo Yi, the young man's eyes were filled with total shock and unbelieving. Zheng Xuan pulled Mo Yi’s sleeve, whispering, "Yiyi, let’s go." Mo Yi nodded and said faintly, "All right." Zheng Xuan and Mo Yi moved at a very fast speed, in a blink of eye, they already disappeared before those soldiers’ eyes. "What is wrong with Zheng Xuan today? He wasn't so violent before!" Muttered one of the soldiers. "Perhaps because he saw his rival in love. People say, when rivals in love meet, they would be particularly jealous?" Said an old soldier, grinning. "Rival in love? I don’t think so. Who dare to be his rival in love? Does he want to end up like the cannibal eagles? Tut-tut, these cannibal eagles are really poor." A soldier said banteringly. "Not rival in love? Then what was that about? Childe Zheng was really bloody just now!" "Perhaps he saw the star beasts got laid while he still is a virgin, so he is not in the mood." "Fair enough, it's terrible for a man to be dissatisfied in bed."