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Chapter 201 - He is a Demon

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 201: He is a Demon

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    After the tie with Gi Qianxue in the shooting contest, the two competed in many other events, including obstacle racing, rock climbing, among a host of other things. The Auxilliary Police trainees were impressed, and even Yan Wang and Feng Zixiao were profoundly taken by the capabilities that these two had shown.

    Whether negotiating the hazards effortlessly in the obstacle race or climbing rock structures of seven to eight meters with the supreme ease of a seasoned free solo climber, these two were literally monsters. Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue were irrefutably the most capable trainees to ever attend the Auxilliary Police training camp.

    In fact, half a month of special training couldn’t be considered long. Strictly speaking, it was really short. After completing the final assessment, the group would now be bidding farewell to a place that would hold the memories of their very first days in the force. It would forever remind them of their trials and tribulations, friendships, and perhaps even the of the scent of bare earth and toiling sweat. Although they had despised this place over the last two weeks, when they were finally about to leave for good, an inexplicable feeling of sadness surged.

    “When you leave this place, please do not resent Feng and me. We trained you strictly because we want to secure you in your path of being an auxiliary police officer. After all, everyone only gets to live once. Therefore, your life is extremely precious. As you leave on both feet, I don’t wish to hear anyone of you becoming a martyr in the future. Yes, being a martyr is glorious, but the most important thing is to stay alive!”

    Yan Wang’s solemn voice was comforting and caring. This was the first time everyone heard his voice in such a pleasant way. It was not ear-piercing at all, and it even had a sense of empathy.

    “Sir, I can’t bear to leave you, sir!”

    Liu Tieguo stepped up and wanted to give Yan Wang a farewell hug.

    Yang Wang ticked him off with absolutely no kindness. He scolded, “Liu Tieguo, lowest score in the assessment, the person I’m most disgusted with is you. Scram as far as you can, and don’t tell people that I’m your instructor, I cannot afford to be embarrassed like that.” He promptly delivered a final kick up his posterior to make sure the message stayed in his mind for good measure.


    The newly minted auxiliary police officers couldn’t help bursting into laughter, seeing Liu Tieguo falling on his buttocks as he tried to avoid the incoming bum ripper.

    After laughing, however, their emotions returned and got the better of them. They couldn’t bear to leave the training camp, just like Liu Tieguo. They couldn’t bear to be parted from Yang Wang, Feng Zixiao, and everybody else.

    A female officer had red eyes, and choking, she cried, “Officer Yan, Officer Feng, we will come back and visit you in the future.”

    “Yeah, we will come back once we have the time.”

    “This place will forever be our home.”

    “Officer Yan, Officer Feng, please take care of yourselves!”

    The others echoed.

    Xiao Luo was also feeling some inexplicable frets at this moment. He turned around to find Gu Qianxue staring and winking at him with her bright eyes. As a courtesy, he returned her with a smile. But Gu Qianxue, for some reason, changed her countenance, making a grimace by puffing up her cheeks like a pufferfish.

    “Enough, stop being sentimental! Get your asses out of this place and report yourselves at your assigned police stations!” Yan Wang was issuing an immediate eviction order! If he were to let the nostalgia go on, he was afraid that he would lose his own composure.

    Get moving!

    The group of auxiliary police officers marched smartly towards the training camp’s entrance with the visions of their future and memories of the training camp in their minds. They would soon begin their career as auxiliary police officers.


    When there were before the gates, Yan Wang’s loud and penetrating voice came from behind them.

    The crowd turned around, only to see Yan Wang and Feng Zixiao standing firmly on their feet and giving them a standard salute. Under the sun, they were like two range poles, standing firm against the wind with a passionate sense of patriotism.

    “Strive forward with courage, fight relentlessly against crime, never retreat, for justice will reign!” The group subconsciously shouted the training camp’s slogan.



    Xiao Luo and Liu Tieguo were assigned to the Liren Police Substation, together with another loathsome figure, Ma Pinjin.

    Upon leaving the training camp, a black SUV drove over and stopped right in front of Gu Qianxue. The door opened, and Gu Qianlin in police uniform came down from the car.


    Gu Qianxue was like a child that has done something wrong, lowering her head and dodging Gu Qianlin’s eyes.

    “Get in the car!”

    Gu Qianlin’s face was sullen. Evidently, she wasn’t entirely happy about her sister becoming an auxiliary police officer.

    “Let me say goodbye to someone, and I’ll leave with you.”

    “Fine, I’m giving you three minutes,” Gu Qianlin said faintly.

    Gu Qianxue nodded, turned around, and ran towards Xiao Luo.

    Initially, Xiao Luo thought he could avoid Gu Qianlin, but when he saw Gu Qianxue running towards him, he knew that it was inevitable.

    To his expectations, Gu Qianlin seeing that it was him, walked briskly towards him as well. She was understandably surprised.

    “Xiao Luo, why are you here?” She spoke before Gu Qianxue in a questioning tone.

    Gu Qianxue blinked her gorgeous eyes, “You guys know each other?”

    “I think you can say that we are old acquaintances.”

    Xiao Luo smiled, then greeted Gu Qianlin, “It’s been a while, officer Gu!”

    Gu Qianlin nearly went berserk looking at his innocent display. That man played her like a fiddle at Yellow Skies Casino, landing her in the hospital for weeks. It was impossible to say that she doesn’t despise him.

    “What are you doing here?” Gu Qianlin wished to see Xiao Luo through.

    Xiao Luo said with a smile, “I guess you should have noticed that your sister and I are wearing the same uniform, which means that I’m also an auxiliary police officer.”

    “You? An auxiliary police officer?”

    Gu Qianlin sneered. Boss of Luo’s workshop, a net worth of six to seven billion dollars, becoming an auxiliary police officer? Are you sure that this isn’t a joke?

    Xiao Luo nodded, “Yep, I suddenly gained interest in fighting crime.”

    Right after saying that, he wished Gu Qianxue farewell, then left with Liu Tieguo as there was no need for him to get entangled with Gu Qianlin at this venue.

    Gu Qianlin figured everything out in a snap. Xiao Luo intended to deal with the Dragon Gang. Mafias, like the Dragon Gang, had always been the target of police prosecution. But the way they carry out their crimes were very seclusive and well planned. The organization’s modus operandi ensured that core members of the Dragon Gang would never participate in the action directly themselves. And even if they did, the tactics they adopted would not leave behind any trail that could implicate them. All this while, the police have been powerless against the Dragon Gang.

    She had also recently acquired intel on the deaths of the Dragon Gang’s two protectors, Leng Bao and Da Yuan, that occurred half a month ago. Da Yuan’s death was still unknown, while Leng Bao was smashed to death by a plunging car that fell from above a building more than ten stories high. What puzzled her was that there weren’t any pathways allowing a vehicle to be driven to the roof. The question of how that car that got up there was still an unsolved mystery.

    In her mind, the prime suspect was Xiao Luo, but she couldn’t imagine how he managed to accomplish such a feat.

    “Xiao Luo, I’ll go find you when I have time.” Gu Qianxue shouted at Xiao Luo’s back.

    “You are not allowed to find him!” Gu Qianlin warned.

    Gu Qianxue gazed her dazzling eyes at her sister and asked in bewilderment, “But why?”

    “He’s a demon that kills without even blinking his eyes, only that we can’t prove that yet. Once we get evidence, we will arrest him for sure. I don’t care about what bonds you have with him since training camp, but from now on, you must make a clean break with him.

    “But he doesn’t seem like a bad guy…”

    Gu Qianxue wanted to speak in Xiao Luo’s defense, but under Gu Qianlin’s unbending gaze, her voice grew softer, first to a whisper, then complete silence.