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Chapter 206 - They’ll be better off apart (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 206: They’ll be better off apart (2)

    She thought that she had missed the opportunity, but he came knocking on her door! That’s right, the person who added her on WeChat, was King, Rong Wang!

    Even though she didn’t know where he got her WeChat ID from, it was still a happy surprise. Her livelihood that had flown away, was flapping its wings once more, making its way back to her~

    Only money could make that cold heart of hers beat back to life again!

    Suppressing her excitement, Xu Weilai accepted his friend request. Then, Rong Wang’s name appeared on the list of chats on her WeChat.

    Since Xu Weilai did some homework to prepare for the project previously, she had managed to sneak into a group filled with Rong Wang’s fans. From there, she got to know a catchphrase commonly used among his fans. To prove that she was an avid fan of his, she took the initiative and sent a message over.

    [ Lil’ Lil’ Weilai ]: You’re my king, and I’m your dutiful subject! Rong Wang, I love you!

    Right after that, Xu Weilai even picked arrow heart emojis and sent it over.

    Perhaps Rong Wang was really busy, or he just wanted to maintain his aloof image as an idol, but there was no reply from him for a long time. Xu Weilai wasn’t anxious, a watched pot never boils after all!

    But… looking at how Rong Wang had taken the initiative to add her on WeChat, there were once rumors saying that he treated pretty fans differently, seems like those rumors… weren’t baseless~

    For some reason, Xu Weilai had a hunch, that she was going to uncover something big this time!


    At Gu Corporation, the CEO’s office.

    Assistant Lin had just gone to the restroom for a moment to relieve himself, but while he was out, he caught sight of Su Ziqian, with her hair disheveled, rushing towards the CEO’s office. Before he could stop her, she had already rushed past him. He could only try to catch up quickly. Before she had the chance to launch herself on Gu Yu, he managed to stop her.

    Gu Yu sat behind that spacious desk of his, lifting his eyelids open lazily. The look he gave was cold and frightening.

    Assistant Lin felt his hair stand. He admitted his mistakes immediately, “CEO Gu, this was due to my negligence. I’ll make her leave now.”

    Naturally, Su Ziqian didn’t comply. After Gu Yu dragged Xu Weilai away in front of her very eyes and left, she was brought away by her agent. She couldn’t even sleep a wink the night before. She waited for Gu Yu’s call and was even expecting him to come to look for her, but none of that happened!

    There was a shoot scheduled for her that morning, but her agent gave her a call and informed her that it was canceled. Not only was that shoot canceled, the advertisements, shoots as well as dramas that she was scheduled to work on, were all canceled!

    In other words, she was getting shelved!

    She was dazed for a long while, her mind blank. She couldn’t believe that Gu Yu would do that to her. For the past three years, no matter what she did, Gu Yu had never treated her that way. But why… Why was Gu Yu ordering to shelve her after she got punched by Xu Weilai?

    Was that what Xu Weilai told him to do? Or did that wretch Xu Weilai complain about it to Grandpa Gu? So Grandpa Gu ordered him to do so?

    She couldn’t just sit around and wait for her doom, she had to get to the bottom of the issue. She wasn’t afraid of losing all those jobs, what she’s afraid of, was losing Gu Yu! She could do without anything else, so long as she had Gu Yu, it was fine as long as he was around…

    Su Ziqian trashed around as if she was crazy, screaming for Gu Yu with tears streaming down her face, “Yu, I have something to tell you. Yu… don’t chase me away, I beg you… Yu!”

    Assistant Lin dragged her out coldly. Su Ziqian sobbed, adamant about not wanting to leave. Just as she was about to be dragged out of the office, with every ounce of strength she had left, she shouted indignantly, “Just why? Why do you have to treat me this way?”