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Chapter 207 - I won’t like you (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 207: I won’t like you (1)

    The man’s deep and elegant voice bellowed through the office, “Assistant Lin, you can step out for a moment.”

    Assistant Lin paused for a moment, before quickly nodding his head and releasing Su Ziqian. He bowed slightly before taking his leave, closing the door behind him.

    Su Ziqian was ecstatic. Not even taking the time to wipe her tears, she scrambled to her feet and ran towards Gu Yu. With red-rimmed eyes, she gazed at him pitifully, calling out, aggrieved, “Yu, I knew that you wouldn’t bear to do this to me!”

    Gu Yu put aside the fountain pen in his hand and leaned back in his chair. A tinge of fatigue graced his handsome features, and his eyes were a little red, it was as if… he hadn’t had a wink of sleep.

    But, the look he gave Su Ziqian was ice cold, not even a tinge of warmth was in his eyes.

    Seeing the look he gave her, Su Ziqian couldn’t help but tremble. Anxiety overwhelmed her, and she spurted out without a second thought, “Yu, I know… I shouldn’t have caused a ruckus at such an important event like the year-end banquet, I know that I was wrong. But I…. I only did that because jealousy got the better of me, I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t do that again! Don’t be angry anymore, okay?”

    Gu Yu remained silent.

    Tears rolled down Su Ziqian’s cheeks, like pearls of a broken necklace, “Yu, I really love you so much, I only became this way because of how much I love you. I didn’t want to end up being so pathetic either, but I really have no control over myself. Yu… you understand, right?”

    Gu Yu’s slender fingers rubbed his furrowed brows before he got to his feet and walked around his desk. He walked towards Su Ziqian, until the two were about a step apart, and stopped.

    The man stood tall, an aloof expression on his face. At that moment, it made Su Ziqian feel an inexplicable sense of distance between both of them, even though… he was right before her eyes.

    Gu Yu’s thin lips parted, his voice hollow, “Su Ziqian, do you still remember, what I said to you when we met for the first time?”

    The first time…

    It was something that happened so long ago that it put Su Ziqian in a trance for a while before she tried to recall the past slowly.

    The first time Su Ziqian met Gu Yu, was three years ago. Back then, she was just a stand-in within a drama crew. She had gone through a lot for being a stand-in for the female lead.

    Back then, there was a part of the show where the female lead got a beating. The female lead was jealous that she was prettier than her, and was always displeased with her. So, she took this as an opportunity to exact revenge. At that part of the show, on behalf of the female lead, she was slapped across the face ten times. When the director had finally shouted “cut”, her entire face was swollen. It was painful and looked so bad, that she looked ridiculous.

    After the show ended, she went to collect her wage. To humiliate her on purpose, the female lead’s assistant threw the money on the floor. It was not much, but she had no choice but to bend over and pick it up.

    As she was picking the money up, she cried. In the end, she couldn’t stand it any longer and just squatted there, crying.

    Gu Yu appeared then. He passed her a piece of tissue. She looked over, with tears clouding her vision. At that moment, he was like a celestial being that had descended from the heavens.

    After that, he became her god indeed. He saved her and had helped her build an impeccably perfect world.

    Gu Yu stood there, his inky gaze on her, as his thin lips parted, enunciating every word clearly, “If you wish to, I can sign a contract with you, and make you an A-list celebrity, but…”

    But what again…

    That was the part that Su Ziqian couldn’t recall. She pursed her lips for a long while, not being able to say anything.