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Chapter 209 - The Sins We Bring Upon Ourselves Are the Hardest to Bear

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 209: The Sins We Bring Upon Ourselves Are the Hardest to Bear

    Su Ziqian was crying so hard that she couldn’t give him a reply. She could only raise her head and meet Assistant Lin’s eyes.

    Assistant Lin covered his mouth with his clenched fist and cleared his throat, indicating how uncomfortable he was with the situation. With a smile, he then said, “Simply put, everything you received throughout these three years was all thanks to her. Additionally, it was you who destroyed it all with your own hands. Indeed, the sins we bring upon ourselves are the hardest to bear.”

    After a pause, a thought suddenly occurred to Assistant Lin. He then added as an afterthought, “As for who she is, I’m sure anyone with half a brain would know the answer! If you truly don’t, then there’s nothing else I can do. You’ll just have to blame yourself for being too stupid!”

    Assistant Lin felt an immense satisfaction as he watched Su Ziqian running off, on the verge of a breakdown. Revenge was a dish best served cold, after all…


    When Xu Shuai stepped through the entrance of A-PUB, he wasn’t surprised at all to see the familiar figure sitting by the bar counter. He turned his head to the side towards Wu Er, who was standing behind him. Xu Shuai asked him, “How many days has it been?”

    As someone who valued brawn over brains, Wu Er counted with his fingers before replying earnestly, “Six days.”

    Xu Shuai knew this was going to be a problem. If Gu Yu continued to drown himself in alcohol like this every night, he would eventually end up dead. Xu Shuai didn’t want anyone dying in his nightclub! This was a business, and he still needed to make money!

    Xu Shuai strode over. “How much has he had to drink?” he asked the bartender.

    In response, the bartender pointed at the almost-empty bottle of whiskey.

    This was getting out of hand! This was exactly why he’d always said that feelings were an absolute waste of time and resources! He was open to experiencing anything and everything in his life except for love!

    “Yu, stop drinking…”

    Xu Shuai nudged Gu Yu on his shoulder. Gu Yu raised his head and revealed his blank expression with a hazy look in his eyes. It was clear that he had drunk himself into a stupor.

    Over the last three years, it was rare for him to get drunk unless he wanted to. However, he had gotten drunk every day for the past six days.

    It was almost as if they had gone back in time and had returned to that period three years ago after Xu Weilai had left. For three months, Gu Yu had gotten drunk every night.

    “Come on. Go upstairs and get some rest!”

    Xu Shuai took the liquor glass out of Gu Yu’s hand and held him by his shoulders, intending to help him up. However, Gu Yu wrenched himself out of his grasp and pushed him away.

    He tapped the bar table again, motioning for the bartending to pour him another glass!

    Xu Shuai repeated the words, “This is my bro, whom I’ve known since we were both in diapers,” ten times before he was able to suppress the urge to punch him. He walked over to his side again and threw out his trump card. “If you come with me, you’ll be able to see Xu Weilai again!”

    As he’d expected, Gu Yu turned to look at him in a daze. After a few seconds, he placed both hands on the table to steady himself and stood up.

    Xu Shuai was rendered speechless, and suddenly felt like Pied the Piper luring a child away…


    In the middle of the night, Xu Weilai was sound asleep when she was suddenly awakened by a commotion in her living room.

    What was that? Was there a burglar in the house? Or had she been hallucinating in her sleep?

    She held her breath and pricked her ears to listen carefully. Indeed, there was noise coming from outside…

    A thought occurred to Xu Weilai belatedly. Had Gu Yu come back?

    If it was Gu Yu, she wanted nothing more than feign ignorance and continue sleeping. However, Mrs. Lin had returned. If it truly was Gu Yu, she couldn’t do that in front of her.

    With a sigh, Xu Weilai tossed her blanket aside and put on a cardigan before heading outside.

    The living room was shrouded in darkness. Xu Weilai took a few steps out before she realized that Gu Yu was slouched on the couch. His brows were knitted tightly together as the pungent fumes of alcohol permeated the air.

    Xu Weilai was about to turn around and return to the room when she spied the door to Mrs. Lin’s room opening a bit. Knowing that she was being watched, Xu Weilai forced herself to walk over to Gu Yu.

    It was too dim to see anything clearly, and she accidentally tripped over a table leg. She stumbled forward and her whole body landed squarely onto Gu Yu. The next second, before she could even react&hellip