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Chapter 210 - She’s Gone (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 210: She’s Gone (2)

    Gu Yu’s tightly-closed eyes suddenly sprang open. Without even looking at her, he reached out and grabbed her by her shoulders, shoving her away from himself. In a low and grave tone, he said, “Don’t touch me!”

    Xu Weilai was speechless.

    She fell onto the soft carpet, landing on her bottom. It didn’t hurt, but… clearly, no good deed went unpunished!

    Who the hell wanted to touch him? Seriously!

    However, she knew well that Gu Yu had a peculiar habit of disliking physical contact from other people. Because his parents had passed away early, he became insecure and would only allow the people closest to him to come near. Towards everyone else, he would maintain an aura of aloofness and detachment.

    Xu Weilai didn’t want to cause any more trouble, but Mrs. Lin was still spying on her out through the crack of the door. Her eyes were wide and round, inexplicably reminding Xu Weilai of the lyrics of the theme song for The Black Cat Detective: “With eyes like brass bells…”

    Xu Weilai had no choice but to get up from the carpet. This time around, she didn’t go as close to Gu Yu as before. Roughly patting his cheek, she called out, “Gu Yu, are you still alive? Hey, wake up! Go back into the room to sleep!”

    As long as he returned to the room, Mrs. Lin wouldn’t be able to observe them any longer. Thus, she’d be free to leave him on the floor for the night!

    Gu Yu’s eyes shifted around stiffly as confusion pooled within them. He seemed to see her, but his eyes couldn’t focus on her figure. He reached out, but it wasn’t to push her away again. Instead, he clasped her hand on his cheek.

    His thin lips moved slightly as he mumbled to himself. His words were so soft that Xu Weilai couldn’t resist leaning forward to hear him better. All she could make out were a few words spoken in a hoarse voice, “You seem like someone…”

    Who did she seem like to him?

    Xu Weilai unwittingly voiced her thoughts aloud.

    Gu Yu gave a completely irrelevant answer: “My Little Fox…”

    What did he mean by his “Little Fox”?

    This was Xu Weilai’s first time interacting with Gu Yu while he was drunk. His words were in a mess and made no sense. Then again, how clear did she expect a drunk man’s words to be?

    “She’s gone. Can you please help me to tell her…”Gu Yu suddenly lowered his voice and sounded very much like a wounded animal. With sorrow in his tone, he continued, “…that I’m waiting for her?”

    Was he referring to a person or an animal? Was he waiting for a woman or a little fox?

    Xu Weilai was baffled by his words. She was exhausted and in no mood to play any of his guessing games. She hustled him back into the bedroom, wanting to go back to sleep by herself!

    With much difficulty, Xu Weilai finally pulled her hand out of his grasp. She got up and walked into the kitchen. Pouring a cup of milk from the fridge, she returned to the couch.

    She crouched down beside the couch. With a gentle voice, she said, “Gu Yu, have some milk to help with the hangover. After you’re done, go back to the room to sleep!”

    As she spoke, she held the glass out to his lips.

    However, Gu Yu immediately pushed her hand away. “I’m not drinking it,” he said.

    Xu Weilai held her patience and smiled. “Why not? You’ll feel better after drinking it. Come on, be good.”

    Gu Yu continued to refuse. His frown intensified as he complained, “This doesn’t taste good. It’s unpalatable.”

    The situation wasn’t going the way she wanted. Despite being drunk as a sailor, he could still complain of the taste of milk? Then again, how had she had never known that Gu Yu disliked the taste of plain milk?

    There was only plain milk available in the apartment, and she couldn’t go out to buy the flavored ones. Hence, there was nothing she could do but to lie through her teeth, “You’re mistaken! This milk is flavored! It’s sweet! Trust me!”