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Chapter 212 - You Lied to Me, Xu Weilai! (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 212: You Lied to Me, Xu Weilai! (2)

    Xu Weilai opened her mouth, intending to ask him to clarify. Before the words could even leave her mouth, Gu Yu’s lips came crashing down, and only muffled sounds could escape her mouth.

    Gu Yu kissed her desperately as if he were stranded in a desert and she was an oasis. He sucked her lips hungrily, prying her mouth open with his as he tangled his tongue with hers and plundered her mouth without any inhibition.

    Xu Weilai clenched her hands into fists and thumped them against his chest repeatedly. What a bastard! Even when he was drunk, he wanted to bully her!

    Moreover, Mrs. Lin was still watching!

    At that very thought, Xu Weilai’s cheeks burst into a fiery red. If he didn’t restrain himself in time and went all the way, how was she going to face Mrs. Lin in the future?

    Perhaps it was because she was struggling so violently, but Gu Yu finally released her lips and turned his attention to her delicate neck, leaving a trail of red marks in the wake of his lips.

    Gu Yu’s kiss had sucked the breath out of Xu Weilai. Upon finally catching a breath of fresh air, her first reaction was to turn her head towards Mrs. Lin’s room. Fortunately, Mrs. Lin was polite enough not to continue watching and had already shut her door.

    While heaving a sigh of relief, Xu Weilai gritted her teeth. She was going to take advantage of Gu Yu’s drunken state and punch him a few times! It was time to get back at him for all the pain he had inflicted on her!

    Xu Weilai balled her fists up tightly as the man continued kissing her. All of a sudden, he stopped moving and laid atop her quietly, burying his face into the crook of her neck.

    She was baffled. Had he… fallen asleep?

    Xu Weilai hesitated for a moment. She was about to cradle Gu Yu’s face in her hands and check if he was asleep when she suddenly felt something that made her freeze up on the spot.

    What was that…?

    Xu Weilai reached her finger out instinctively and swept the side of her neck with her fingertip. It was wet.

    Were those… Gu Yu’s tears?

    Xu Weilai had never imagined the day would come when she would see Gu Yu cry. Rumor had it that the last time he had ever cried was at his parents’ funeral. After that, he had never cried again.

    Why was he crying?

    Was it because of that person he was waiting for? Had that person gone missing and never returned? Or… was she the one he was waiting for?

    Xu Weilai’s mind was suddenly in turmoil. Even though the description of that individual in his words seemed to match with her, she didn’t dare to harbor any hope whatsoever.

    She had been disappointed time and again, and was truly hurt by his actions.

    What if her affection went unrequited once again?


    When Gu Yu awakened, he was suffering from a splitting headache. Furthermore, his whole body felt unbearably stiff. Even both his arms were feeling numb.

    He slowly opened his eyes, only to realize that his hands had been bound tightly.

    Gu Yu sat up and surveyed his surroundings. He was in the living room of the apartment, and he had been lying on the couch.

    How had he come back? What had happened the night before? He couldn’t remember anything!

    Just as the man’s brows were furrowed together in consternation, Mrs. Lin came out of her room. When she saw that he was awake, she looked surprised and asked, “Young Master! Why are you sleeping here? Wait a minute. Why are your hands bound?”

    The moment Mrs. Lin asked that question aloud, a thought suddenly occurred to her and she held her laughter back. “I guess… Young Mistress…” she said. “You young people seem to like variety…”

    Mrs. Lin’s face reddened, and she couldn’t form a coherent sentence!

    Gu Yu looked at Mrs. Lin without any emotion on his face as he said gravely, “Tell me everything you saw last night, and don’t leave out a single detail.”