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Chapter 213 - Turns out you enjoy this type of play (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 213: Turns out you enjoy this type of play (1)

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    Xu Weilai woke up naturally. When she awakened, she realized… why were her hands tied up?

    Wait… that resistance band looked familiar, wasn’t it the one she used to tie Gu Yu’s hands together with the night before? After she pushed Gu Yu off the previous night, he still refused to let go of her. So, she decided to tie his hands together before releasing herself from his hold.

    Why had it ended up on her instead after a good night’s sleep? Did the resistance band develop a mind of its own, and learn to tie itself onto someone, or was she hallucinating?

    “You’re awake?”

    Beside her, the man’s deep and stale voice suddenly called out. Xu Weilai recognized the voice. She paused for a moment before her eyes widened and she looked over.

    Gu Yu sat on the other side of the bed. His gaze shifted to her, the devious smile playing on his lips made her back stiffen up involuntarily…

    Shoot, there’s no doubt about it, the resistance band tying her hands together was Gu Yu’s doing… It must be revenge for her tying his hands together the night before…

    She still thought that he wouldn’t be awake that early since he was drunk. She was planning to untie his hands after waking up herself, and then no one would know what happened. Who would’ve known… that plans always fall prey to change!

    Gu Yu turned over. With one hand on the side of Xu Weilai’s cheek, and the other pinching her chin, he forced her to raise her head. His smile turned more devious, as his voice carried a tinge of lust, “I only got to know today, that my wife likes… this type of play!”

    As he spoke, he raised his chin, gesturing towards those tied-up hands of hers.

    “…” Xu Weilai began to deny without missing a beat, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! I didn’t do anything!”

    She would never admit to it, over her dead body. He didn’t have any proof anyways! Even if he had his hands on evidence somehow, she! Didn’t! Do! It!

    Gu Yu’s lips curved into a smile, “If you’re not going to do it, I am.”

    What does that mean?

    Gu Yu watched as her eyes widened in surprise, as he lazily added, “As your husband, I must fulfill my wife’s needs. Since you enjoy bondage play, I’ll go along with your wishes.”

    “…You, y-you… don’t mess around, Gu Yu…”

    With her hands tied together, Xu Weilai had no way to push him off. She could only flail around, trying her best to get up, but was still ultimately pinned down by Gu Yu. A glint flashed past his eyes, his voice dropping deeper as he lowered his face beside her ear, and spat out, “Mrs. Lin’s already awake.”

    In an instant, it was as if Xu Weilai became mute, she dared not make another sound.

    That was because he knew she gets embarrassed easily, right? That’s why he was doing that, usurping power by holding the emperor hostage and acting in his name! Xu Weilai’s face flushed, aflame, as she held back her words. Annoyed, yet embarrassed, she eventually bit into his shoulder, not being able to let it go.

    Gu Yu didn’t hold back either. He pressed the body beneath him down harshly, beginning the first of their many deep exchanges.


    When Xu Weilai crawled up once more, with a hand supporting her back, it was going to be afternoon soon. She scolded Gu Yu inwardly many times, before the resentment she held dispersed a little.

    The way Gu Yu had always treated her was loathsome. Even if he poured his heart out after drinking, the “she” that he mentioned, definitely was not her!

    After washing up and wolfing down her lunch, her phone rang. Picking it up, Xu Weilai took a look, and joy sparkled in her eyes.

    For the past few days, she had been continuously sending Rong Wang messages on WeChat. Things like good morning, good afternoon, good night, as well as some messages of admiration and encouragement. He didn’t reply for the longest time, but he finally did!

    [King]: You’re so cute.

    Although it was just three simple words, it was still considered a significant breakthrough. Xu Weilai’s lips curved into a smile. It seemed like she would be able to move on to her second stage in no time.

    But Xu Weilai would’ve never thought that second stage of hers would arrive so quickly…

    Three days later, at eleven o’clock at night.

    Xu Weilai had received a call from someone within the industry. The caller said that Rong Wang was having a party at a certain nightclub. In an instant, Xu Weilai’s fatigue disappeared. She sat up and immersed herself in her thoughts. Then, she clicked on WeChat and typed a status to post on her story.

    And chose, for Rong Wang to be the only one able to see it!