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Chapter 565 - Little theater side story

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 565: Little theater side story

    [The annual pampering drama is now over, no abusing male or female leads!  Little fairies, are you happy!]

    Ning Wei Han: “......”

    [Alright, our sir male lead can’t wait for the ten questions.  Then this system will not waste words and begin!]

    [“First question: Do you feel her face looked better before or after?”]

    “System, are you certain you want to ask such a sharp question right away?”

    [“This…..You can just give an ambiguous answer!”]

    “They’re both good!”

    [“This is perfunctory!”]


    The system was angry, but it kept smiling and asking questions!

    [“Second question: What was the funniest thing in this world?”]

    “One year after my eleventh brother took the throne, he met this peasant girl.  Liu Xiang kept pestering him because of the difference in status, so he secretly contacted me to ask if he could give the land back to me!”

    [“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!  And then?  What was your answer?”]  The system felt like it was about to explode into parts from the laughter.

    “I moved the next day with my wife and I never came into contact with him ever again!”  Ning Wei Han gave a light shrug.  He had already given up the land, he had no reason to take it back!

    [“This system is about to die from laughter!”]

    [“Third question: How did you live your lives after?”]

    “At first Yi Shou lived next to us, so my wife and I got food from them each day.  After we moved, we had no choice but to go to a restaurant every day.”

    [“And then, and then!”]

    “Then we invited the chef of the restaurant to come to our home.”


    [“Fourth question: When did you feel you were the most handsome?”]

    “There seems to be quite a few times……”

    [“Pick one, pick one!”]

    “At the phoenix competition then!  I was thinking that I was radiant when I came in and only this dazzling me could stand by her side!”

    [“Fifth question: When did you not want to be the emperor?”]

    “When I told my royal father that I wanted her as my crown princess, I said that I could give up the throne.  It was because of this that the Luo Family’s identity was revealed.”

    [“Why couldn’t you inherit the throne after marrying her?”]

    “Because I didn’t want her to be jealous, having all those rivals!”

    [“Oh.”]  The system reluctantly replied.

    [“Sixth question: Who do you hate most in this world?”]

    “Liu Xiao.  He really knows how to repay a favour.  I personally saved him and he wanted to kill my beloved person.”

    [“Then shouldn’t you hate your royal father?”]

    “I also hate him!  But Liu Xiao owes me and I owe myself to my royal father.”

    [“Seventh question: When was she the cutest?”]

    “When she wanted to see what Ruan Fang Fang looked like, she was also very cute when she didn’t want to go.”

    [“Eighth question: What was the most exciting moment?”]

    “When I called her name in that endless hallway again and again.”

    [“Ninth question: When was the most nervous moment?”]

    “......”  Ning Wei Han had a look that said the system was asking a rhetorical question.

    He said after a while, “It should be in the nuptial chambers!”

    [“Tenth question: Say something to the cute host!”]

    “People can take my life or my country, but they will never take me away from you.”

    [Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 11/100]