Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1117 - All of Them Are Women in Goddess City

Chapter 1117: All of Them Are Women in Goddess City Zenobys, CatatoPatch Bu Fang stood rooted to the spot, looking a little dumbstruck. He looked at the horde of women riding dragons storming out of the city gate. These women were riding jade-green dragons. With bows in their hands, they were responsible for the rain of arrows that were plunging towards him. So many arrows had been shot at once. From afar, it looked as though a large sheet had covered the sun. The scene was very terrifying. “A man! Capture that man!” Even though Bu Fang was standing far away, he could still hear the words a woman had bellowed. It seemed she was the one leading them. This frightened Bu Fang. He understood the woman’s intent, and this made his scalp go numb. What did these dragon-riding women want to do? Bu Fang sucked in a breath of cold air. However, he didn’t run away. Running away wasn’t his style. Moreover, he had no need to run. Looking up at the arrows coming his way, Bu Fang snapped his fingers. Then, he opened his mouth and spouted a jet of white flames. The moment the white flames shot out of his mouth, the temperature around him soared at an alarming rate. “That man is fighting back! Girls, go!” Another roar rang out. The woman’s voice was so loud that it almost made Bu Fang’s flames quiver. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! The sound of air being torn rang out, again and again. The arrows, which had come really close, contained terrifying energy. That energy turned out to a scalp-numbing, dark Nether energy. Bu Fang’s eyes narrowed as he looked up at incoming arrows. He flicked his fingers, and the intense, white flames slowly expanded and shot upwards. The Heaven Illuminating Flame had swallowed many other immortal flames and Nether flames, and this had boosted its power to a terrifying level. Now, with such an intimidating power, it was highly likely to be in the top ten immortal flames! The inferno slowly rose upward. Bu Fang’s eyes focused. Strong waves surged within his spirit sea. Boom! Boom! Boom! His mental force erupted like the waves of a great sea, slamming hard into the Heaven Illuminating Flame. Those dragon-riding women roared, but they soon closed their mouths. Their green dragons came to a stop in midair, the flames in the sky illuminating their faces. Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! As the white flames rose really high and swallowed all the arrows, the roaring fire filled the sights of every one of the dragon-riding women! The burning sea of flames seemed to cover the entire world! Bu Fang clasped his hands. Gusts of hot air caused by the flames blew past him, causing his Vermillion robe to flutter. His face was cold and calm. After all, the sea of flames was between him and the women. Inside the sea of flame, arrows fell on the ground. When the arrows got close to Bu Fang, they were incinerated into ashes by the rising sea of flames. Swoosh… The fire came fast and retreated fast. The flames that filled the sky disappeared, leaving only ashes behind. A small ball of white flame was hovering in midair. It slowly moved and floated on top of Bu Fang’s palm. The dragon-riding women stared at Bu Fang in disbelief, and their eyes could not help but widen. The dazzling sea of fire had caused them to tremble inwardly. Bu Fang held his Heaven Illuminating Flame, frowning. A moment later, he cleared his throat. “Ladies… please listen to me.” Roar! However, as soon as Bu Fang spoke, the sky trembled from the women’s cries and shouts. “It’s a male voice! He’s a real man! Capture him and offer him to the Empress!” “It’s been so many years since we’ve seen a man in Goddess City!” “Is it a man? Look at his soft skin…” The clamor made Bu Fang stop talking. When he heard their words, a chill suddenly crawled down his spine. What are those women talking about? Is it really strange… to see a man? The green dragons flapped their wings and flew up, heading towards Bu Fang. Rumble! Rumble! Rumble! Horrible shrieks and screeches rang out. Afterward, the green dragons landed, causing the ground to tremble. They began to surround Bu Fang… Bu Fang felt multiple dragons gazing at him. He felt as though he was being stripped! “Goddess City… Where the heck am I?!” Bu Fang felt a little scared. He sought answers from the system. However, the system did not offer even a sentence in reply. Bu Fang felt like he got trapped again by the system after Whitey had trapped him… A low snarl from a dragon reverberated. The giant green dragon lowered its head, and a figure slid down from its back, landing in front of Bu Fang. She was a woman with heroic bearings. She had wheat-colored skin, big eyes, and a hot figure. Every part of her body added to her attractiveness. The woman glanced at Bu Fang. “A man?” “Do I look like a woman?” Bu Fang, whose expression did not change, sighed. “It seems you’re a real man.” The woman grinned, showing off a beautiful smiling face. She placed her hands on her waist, causing her round breasts to bounce. She then turned around and raised her hand. “Sisters, tie him up. We’re going to offer him to the Empress!” Puff! Bu Fang had almost vomited blood. What did she say? Tie him up and offer to the Empress? So, the men here… are some sort of interesting toys? “Stop. Don’t come close.” Bu Fang furrowed his brows. With a thought, the white flames flew before him and began to revolve around his body. The women stopped the moment they saw the fiery flames. “Three-star True Immortal Realm? It seems your cultivation base isn’t bad! Unfortunately, this old lady isn’t afraid of you!” The woman with a wheat-colored skin grinned. Suddenly, her aura erupted. A suffocating pressure descended, causing turbulent winds to break out in the sky. The sky above her had seven twinkling stars. “Nine-star True Immortal Realm?” Bu Fang was stunned. He had not thought that this woman’s power level would be similar to that of City Lord Meng Qi in the Immortal Cooking Realm. “I heard that men like to talk with their fists. Do you want to talk to me that way too?” the woman joked, her breasts bouncing as she chuckled. “Don’t cause trouble. I’m afraid my talking will scare you,” Bu Fang said, sighing. “The books say that all men like to talk big! General Lin Damei! Conquer that man!” “General Lin Damei, use your lance to conquer him!” “All men are stupid!” Multiple voices chimed in at the same time. Bu Fang was somewhat speechless. Those women were too weird. It seemed they hadn’t seen a man for several hundred years. The woman called Lin Damei couldn’t wait anymore. She rubbed her hands, excitement visible in her eyes. She clapped her hands, and a glint appeared in the eyes of the green dragon behind her. It stretched its neck and roared. “Let’s see this man’s origin. Let’s see if my treasure can subdue him!” Lin Damei grinned curiously. Right after that, the green dragon flapped its wings. It turned into green lightning as it sped towards Bu Fang. The dragon’s mouth was wide open, revealing its terrifying fangs and fuming its stinky breath. Bu Fang furrowed his brows. His mouth couldn’t help but convulse. With a thought, cyan smoke curled around his hand, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip. The knife was raised, pointing at the incoming green dragon. Bu Fang cocked his head to the side. A dragon roar suddenly thundered from the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. So deafening! Roar! The dragon’s roar caused the sky to tremble! The green dragon came to a sudden halt and kneeled. It retracted its wings and began to tremble. The other green dragons also kneeled, grunting in submission. The moment the golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared, ten thousand dragons had to kneel down. Lin Damei was startled. She had never expected this man to have such a trick up his sleeve. It seemed this man wasn’t normal. So, why would he come to Goddess City?! For the time being, Lin Damei wanted to take a risk. Her hand shook once, and a black, shining lance slid down into her hand. She whipped the lance around, its sharp tip tearing through the air as it aimed at Bu Fang. “Damei… Stop. Invite this mister to the city and treat him well.” Just as Lin Damei was about to strike her target, a cute voice reached the women. Lin Damei was stunned. That was… the Empress’ voice? Her Majesty had invited that man to visit the city? Lin Damei did not look convinced, but she dared not violate the Empress’ order. With a doubt-filled face, she took back her lance and said, “Sir, our Empress invites you to visit the city. Please follow me.” Lin Damei tried to curb her doubt, thinking, “Is it true that Her Majesty wants to establish her legendary harem?” Suddenly, her gaze at Bu Fang became sharp. Bu Fang was perplexed. That woman is sick, isn’t she? She looked both frightened and surprised, as though she had a mental disorder. “Show me the way,” Bu Fang, who did not want to fight any further, said. Lin Damei licked her red lips, and her big, round bosoms jiggled. “Sir, please follow me.” Lin Damei’s tone had changed. She swayed her hot body, bringing Bu Fang towards the city gate. The rest of the women rode their green dragons back to the city. Bu Fang clasped his hands, his Vermillion Robe billowing in the wind. His lanky figure looked somewhat magnificent. The women walking with him would often sneak glances at him and blush as if they were drunk. “This man is really good-looking…” “Right, no wonder Her Majesty invited him…” “I heard men have…” Bu Fang did not blush, and his heart did not beat faster. With so many women whispering around him, he walked into the city. The imposingly majestic city gates closed after they had gone in. Bu Fang’s brows twitched, as though he had just gotten a bad premonition. Goddess City… Did he just enter a strange place? Bu Fang looked around, and all he could see were beautiful women with sexy bodies. Their clothes were skimpy and seductive, and they were all studying him with great curiosity. Bu Fang took a deep breath. With a shake of his hand, he pulled out an improved version of the Spicy Strip and placed it in his mouth. He could talk later, but now, he needed a Spicy Strip to calm himself down. … The void shook and distorted intensely. A figure was dashing fast from a far distance, hovering in the air. The rushing wind had curled Old Tie’s white hair, making him look disheveled. Nether King Er Ha whipped his bangs off his forehead. He raised his head and looked far away. The corner of his mouth convulsed. “That direction… Did Bu Fang young man really come to that place? Worthy of being Bu Fang young man who likes to cause trouble.” Thinking about the result when Bu Fang came to that place, Nether King Er Ha wore a pensive look. The space underneath his feet distorted, and with a loud bang, he turned into a ray of light, zooming off. … In the distance, the void was torn apart, and a shiny black ship emerged. The Netherworld Ship had arrived. Nethery was wearing a long, black dress. She stood on the deck of the Netherworld Ship, scanning the vast wasteland with a frown. A green-haired, graceful young girl stood behind her. It was Flowery, who Nethery had dragged along to this place. “Where are we? Is Bu Fang here?” Flowery was lying on her side, her long legs crossed at her ankles. It was quite a sensuous pose. Nethery’s face darkened. “This is Goddess City…” “What is Goddess City?” Flowery asked, looking confused. “Goddess City is a little… Anyway, there are so many pretty and flirtatious bitches there.” Nethery’s eyes had darkened, and green veins extended from her sockets all the way to her ears. 1Flowery’s gaping mouth immediately shut.