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Chapter 271 - The Death of Su Yufeng

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 271: The Death of Su Yufeng

    Ye Jiuge mounted the red Spiritual Horse prepared by Gong Honglei and rushed back to the Capital.

    Usually, it was a three-day journey, but she hurried and shortened the ride to two and a half days.

    It was the afternoon when she arrived.

    After entering the city, she did not return to her own mansion but headed straight for the Ye Residence.

    The moment she entered the Ye mansion, there was an unanticipated nervous air.

    The servants were scared and uneasy, just like frightened birds about to take flight.

    The butler looked perplexed too, and he gaped at Ye Jiuge in confusion. “Who might you be?”

    The moment he completed his sentence, he apologized profusely, “Your servant deserves death! I must be out of my mind. Please, forgive me, Eldest Miss! Your servant…”

    “It’s fine. But what happened here? Where is Ye Yuxuan?” Ye Jiuge impatiently cut short the butler’s apology.

    “Old Master isn’t in. Madame just had a fall near the lake and miscarried,” the old butler’s voice trembled as he reported the situation to Ye Jiuge.

    “Su Yufeng miscarried?” Ye Jiuge was surprised.

    She was here to seek answers, and she’d never expected this news.

    “That’s right, Eldest Miss. Old Master is still out, and we have no idea what to do. Please help us, Eldest Miss!” the old butler was grasping at straws now.

    “Have you called for the Spiritual Doctor?” Ye Jiuge quickly made her way toward Su Yufeng’s Shuimo Garden.

    “The Spiritual Doctor came by and said that the child could not be saved. Madame’s condition is too dangerous, so he told us to summon back Old Master,” the butler replied.

    When Ye Jiuge stepped into Shuimo Garden, she could smell the pungent copper scent of blood.

    Su Yufeng was lying on the bed with an ashen face and purple lips. Her breathing was faint, and the blankets covering her were drenched in blood.

    A fully formed male fetus was wrapped in white cloth and placed by her side.

    Su Yufeng’s personal maid, Zhi Hua, sat paralyzed on the ground. Even as Ye Jiuge came in, she did not react.

    Ye Jiuge lifted the white cloth and looked at the fetus.

    His features were distinct, and he had a full head of hair. He looked very similar to Ye Yuxuan. If he had grown up, he would have been dashing.

    Sadly, his skin was purplish-blue, and there was no sign of breathing. There was no way to save him.

    Ye Jiuge sighed heavily.

    She detested Su Yufeng, but children were innocent. It was a pity to die just after being born.

    Ye Jiuge covered the fetus with a white cloth. She took out the Lightning Fire Needle and pierced them into Su Yufeng’s Baihui, Taiyang, and Renzhong Acupoints.

    Su Yufeng’s body jerked once. She started screaming before her eyes opened. “Child! My child!”

    “The child has passed on,” Ye Jiuge told her.

    “What did you say?!” Su Yufeng struggled to open her eyes. She never thought that Ye Jiuge would be the first person she’d see.

    “Let Madame see the child!” Ye Jiuge turned to Zhi Hua.

    “Yes.” Zhi Hua finally came to her wits. She carried the dead fetus and laid it in front of Su Yufeng.

    Su Yufeng wanted to reach out to her child, but she did not even have the strength to raise her hand. She could only stay in her position and cry.

    “What goes around comes around.” Ye Jiuge might pity the child, but she had no sympathy for Su Yufeng.

    “Ye Jiuge, it is true that I have wronged you in the past. However, my child is innocent,” Su Yufeng’s face was ashen, and her eyes bloodshot.

    Her chest heaved in anger.

    “What do you mean?” Ye Jiuge looked at Su Yufeng calmly.

    No matter what enmity they may have had in the past, looking at the dying Su Yufeng now, the animosity Ye Jiuge had felt for her seemed to fade away.

    “It was the b**ch, Mu Xianglan, who pushed me,” Su Yufeng heaved slowly, using all her strength to spit every word out.

    “It was the Seventh Concubine, Mu Xianglan, who pushed you?” Ye Jiuge raised an eyebrow. This morsel of information was a little unexpected.

    “Yes, it was her. I beg you, help me take revenge for my child…” Su Yufeng could not even take another breath. She left this world with her eyes wide open.

    “Madame! Madame!” Zhi Hua threw herself over Su Yufeng and started wailing.

    “Let’s go to the Xianglan Residence.” Ye Jiuge stood up.

    The Seventh Concubine had always tried to curry favor with Ye Ruyi, which meant she’d been up to no good. This was an excellent chance to deal with her.

    Ye Jiuge took the butler and Gan Mama from the torture chamber with her and burst into the Xianglan Residence.

    When the gates were flung open, the heavy metallic stench of blood clung in the air.

    The ground was littered with corpses. Their faces were twisted in horror and disbelief.

    “Heavens!” The butler’s legs quivered, and he almost couldn’t walk.

    Goosebumps rose on Gan Mama’s skin, too. She had served in the Ye Residence for many years and had never seen such a horrifying scene.

    Ye Jiuge’s expression did not change. She went past the courtyard of corpses and kicked open the doors of the main building.

    The doors and windows were shut tightly, and the room was dark. A little light shone through.

    They could vaguely see Seventh Concubine wearing a red robe and sitting on a chair.

    Her pretty eyes were downcast, and there was a slight smile on her stunning, beautiful face. It was as if she were welcoming an honored guest.

    “Mu Xianglan, you are psychotic and perverted! Killing Madame was not enough, you even murdered your own servants!” The butler stood behind Ye Jiuge and pointed at Seventh Concubine in accusation.

    The Seventh Concubine did not move. Her dazzling smile remained in place.

    But something felt off about that smile.

    Ye Jiuge sensed that something was amiss. She stepped forward and placed her finger under Seventh Concubine’s nose. She was no longer breathing.

    “Did Seventh Concubine kill herself out of guilt?” asked the butler, his voice trembling.

    “Impossible.” Ye Jiuge shook her head.

    The Seventh Concubine was a smart woman. She would never use such a clumsy method to kill Su Yufeng, and killing herself was out of the question.

    “There is a letter on the table, Eldest Miss,” Gan Mama’s sharp eyes spied a letter on the red wooden vanity.

    Ye Jiuge picked it up and was shocked.

    In the letter, Seventh Concubine accused Su Yufeng of having done many bad things, saying she deserved death and how killing her was a righteous justice. She even accused Ye Yuxuan of being cruel and cold-blooded and cursed him to suffer a violent end.

    But the thing that shocked Ye Jiuge the most was the charge that Seventh Concubine was a spy sent by the Yin Corpse Sect. She had been posted to the Capital to find the treasure map and information on Yun Tianwei’s whereabouts.

    The whole letter was written messily and hastily. Hardly a confession, it felt more like it had been written under duress.

    Ye Jiuge had guessed before that her maternal grandfather’s disappearance was related to the treasure map. Now, the letter confirmed her suspicions.

    What was precisely in the treasure map? Why would the Yin Corpse Sect search for it?

    Her thoughts were in a jumble. There were no answers. She crumpled the letter in her hands into a ball.

    “What was in the letter, Eldest Miss?” piped up the butler.

    “Nothing much.” Ye Jiuge reigned in her thoughts and pocketed the letter. Then, she began investigating the cause of Seventh Concubine’s death.

    Her death was very suspicious.

    There was no trace of any wound, internal injury, or poison. Her brain had simply died. She had only seen this kind of situation with Qiao Shaohua. Si Youyue had used a secret technique to destroy Qiao Shaohua’s mind and control his corpse.

    It was a very advanced and ingenious move that not even Ye Jiuge could recognize.

    Could it be that a Yin Corpse Sect expert had controlled Seventh Concubine?

    But who would go through so much trouble to kill Su Yufeng and the Xianglan Residence’s servants? It was too strange!