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Chapter 272 - Ye Ruyi Enters the Path of the Devil

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 272: Ye Ruyi Enters the Path of the Devil

    Ye Jiuge could not understand how Seventh Concubine had died.

    Her purpose here today was to hold Ye Yuxuan accountable for Ye Ruyi, not to solve a murder mystery. She ordered the butler to seal Shuimo Garden and Xianglan Residence then went to the main hall to wait for Ye Yuxuan’s return.

    At dusk, Ye Yuxuan finally rushed back.

    Hearing that Su Yufeng had died along with his newborn son as well as learning about the murder of everyone at Seventh Concubine’s residence, he did not immediately launch a thorough investigation. He turned around and accused Ye Jiuge, “You jinx! The moment you return, the whole mansion becomes chaotic and messy. What are you playing at?”

    Ye Jiuge had already predicted that Ye Yuxuan would make her the scapegoat.

    She did not care to argue about the accusations and told Ye Yuxuan directly, “Cut the crap and hand over the Universal Window Haworthia Pill.”

    “That is my pill. Who are you to demand it?” Ye Yuxuan shot back fiercely.

    He had obtained the pill with much difficulty. He would never give it up.

    “You only obtained that pill because you sold your daughter. If you do not hand it over, I will ensure that your reputation is dragged through the mud. Let’s see if you can walk out of this house again with your head held high.” Ye Jiuge knew that Ye Yuxuan’s weakness was his fear of losing face. He was most afraid of having his shortcomings ripped out in public.

    “You wouldn’t dare!” Ye Yuxuan hollered.

    “I dared to head to Bloodcloud Peak to kill the Bloodthirsty Patriarch. Do you really think I wouldn’t?” Ye Jiuge’s expression was chilling. Her ruthless eyes made it impossible for Ye Yuxuan to maintain eye contact with her.

    Ye Yuxuan’s heart thumped nervously. He had to admit that his daughter was really becoming more and more frightening.

    He swallowed. After struggling within himself, he told Ye Jiuge, “But I already ate the pill.”

    “You ate it?!” Ye Jiuge’s eyebrows pinched together. She channeled her Spiritual Eye and scanned Ye Yuxuan’s body. She found that the Spiritual Dissipating Pill that Zi Shang had fed him had already dispersed.

    If Ye Yuxuan had lived a more honest life, he would not have been in danger before Ye Ruyi came of age.

    But he couldn’t sit still and had used Ye Ruyi to exchange for the Universal Window Haworthia Pill. That decision, in turn, had accelerated his death.

    His vitality was waning, and he was already at death’s door.

    “I had no choice, Jiuge! I have no idea what happened. My cultivation just stalled. I thought that by eating the Universal Window Haworthia Pill, I would be able to break through my boundaries. But it was useless. Jiuge, you must have gotten a lot of good stuff when you went to Bloodcloud Peak. You must help me!” Ye Yuxuan begged pitifully.

    “You’re on your own. Beware!” Ye Jiuge would never save Ye Yuxuan.

    Since the Universal Window Haworthia Pill could not be retrieved, she could only rely on the Gong Clan to demand that Patriarch Lingyun return Ye Ruyi.

    Ye Jiuge turned to leave, but Ye Yuxuan screamed at her in anger, “Ye Jiuge, don’t forget that I’m your father! You would be unfilial if you did not help me. The world will look down and laugh at you.”

    “Ye Yuxuan, our father-daughter relationship has already been severed. From now on, I will be known as ‘Yun,’ not ‘Ye,'” Yun Jiuge said slowly, enunciating each word.

    “You are my daughter, so don’t even think about it for the rest of your life!” Ye Yuxuan flew into a rage. “Don’t forget that the plaque on your residence says ‘Ye.’ It was bestowed to you by Emperor Xuanwu. Are you going to go against the Dongfang Family?”

    “You asked Emperor Xuanwu to bestow the plaque?” Ye Jiuge caught his hidden message.

    “That’s right. So I advise you to keep it. That way, we will all be safe and sound.”

    Ever since Ye Yuxuan had learned that Ye Jiuge intended to establish her own household, he had secretly offered a level-three Lightning Spiritual Pill to Emperor Xuanwu. He implored him to bestow a plaque that said ‘Ye Jiuge’s Residence’ on Ye Jiuge.

    He saw that Ye Jiuge was on good terms with Imperial Consort Xi and Dongfang Que, so she would not go against Emperor Xuanwu.

    “That’s quite a scheme you had. It’s too bad that you are going to die, and we will never meet again,” Yun Jiuge told him then departed, leaving Ye Yuxuan screaming alone.

    When Yun Jiuge returned to her house, she waved her hand and took down the plaque hanging on the gates.

    Qing Mama and Old Huo caught wind of Yun Jiuge’s return and came out. When they saw what she was doing, they were shocked. “What are you doing, Eldest Miss?”

    “Send that plaque to Ye Yuxuan.” Yun Jiuge threw the plaque away, then said, “From today, we will become the Yun Residence.”

    “Really?!” Qing Mama was over the moon with surprise.

    She had originally belonged to the Yun Family. Naturally, she’d always hoped that Eldest Miss could change her name back.

    “But the plaque was bestowed by His Majesty,” Zhen Zhu said softly.

    She was an average human. To her, the Emperor was an existence far up in the heavens.

    “Emperor Xuanwu cannot dictate what I do.” Yun Jiuge did not think Emperor Xuanwu would pose any threat to her.

    “Eldest Miss is courageous,” Old Huo praised, then he went into the room and carried out a black Phoebe nanmu plaque with gold trimmings.

    It was decorated with an exquisite calligraphic carving that read ‘Yun Residence.’ It was the script of her maternal grandfather, Yun Tianwei.

    “Ye Yuxuan once bore grudges against me over this plaque, even causing me to lose my martial skills. This almost cost me my life in the countryside.” Old Huo sighed wistfully, thinking about the past.

    He had almost given his life to save the Old Master’s Yun Mansion plaque. Now, it was finally going to see the light of day again.

    “Then, Old Huo, please help me put the plaque up!” Yun Jiuge told the old man.

    “Alright!” Old Huo took the plaque, flew to the main gates, and hung the plaque with great care.

    The two characters, ‘Yun Residence,’ shone brightly under the sun, finally revealed to the world once again.

    That night, the Yun Residence was decorated with brightly lit lanterns, and the whole mansion buzzed with happiness and excitement.

    On the one hand, they celebrated Yun Jiuge’s triumphant return. On the other, they celebrated the fact that they were finally free of the Ye Family’s shackles and the glorious return of the Yuns.

    News of Yun Jiuge’s change of name and her new plaque spread like wildfire in the Capital.

    The nobility all sent gifts to congratulate Yun Jiuge, including Emperor Xuanwu. He didn’t even mention a word about the plaque that he bestowed.

    Yun Jiuge’s part of the house was celebrating, but Ye Yuxuan’s side was depressing and sad.

    He held a funeral for Su Yufeng, but no one came.

    Ever since Su Junqing had caused the Su Clan’s Old Master’s death, the Su Clan had suffered a downward spiral.

    The whole clan fought among themselves to sell off all the assets they could grab hold of then went their separate ways.

    None remained in the Capital, fearing retribution from people related to those killed by the Bloodthirsty Sect.

    Ye Yuxuan sent word to Ye Shanshan in the Danyang Sect, not expecting to receive bad news.

    On the journey back, Ye Shanshan and Ye Ruyi had been attacked by unknown people. The whole entourage had been sacrificed, and Ye Ruyi had disappeared.

    Patriarch Lingyun was enraged and sent people to demand the return of the Universal Window Haworthia Pill. But after learning that Ye Yuxuan had already eaten it, they had him beaten. Ye Yuxuan had already been at death’s door. After the beating, he became bedridden, and his life hung by a thread.

    He sent people to invite Yun Jiuge over, but she did not wish to see him.

    She was at her wit’s end about Ye Ruyi’s situation.

    Baili Moyun had sent a letter saying that, by the time he and Nangong Li had rushed to intercept the Danyang Sect entourage, they discovered that the group had been attacked and killed. The culprit was most likely from the devilish sects.

    But as to which devilish sect, they had not found any clues yet.

    Yun Jiuge had never thought that, after extinguishing the Bloodthirsty Sect, the devilish sects would pop out.

    What crimes had she committed that she was fated to be so involved with demons and devils?