My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 296 - Ouyang Qi’s Arrival (2)

Chapter 296: Ouyang Qi’s Arrival (2) Translator: Guy Gone Bad Later Ouyang Qi heard a lot of news about him, but he never took it seriously. He grew up with Mo Fei as a child. He was so crystal clear of Mo Fei. Even if Prince Yu could deceive the whole world, but not him. However, the scene just now really freaked Ouyang Qi out The first one who attacked first, Ouyang Qi found him very familiar-Mo Yi, Mo Fei’s intimate servant who he always hated since he found him kind of adulatory and unappreciative. However, it was such a person who he had disdained before, unexpectedly cut off the wings of the leader of the cannibal eagles. Ouyang Qi was very clear, the leading cannibal eagle was more than one level higher than him. If he met the leading cannibal eagle alone, he would never have a chance to survive. Ouyang Qi's heart was pounding as he looked at his blood-spattered combat suit. Mo Yi seemed to be warning him. He gulped and realized that the task he had been assigned was not as simple as he had thought. Looking at the soldier beside him, he asked, "Just now, who was the man that launched the attack later?" “You don't know him? Zheng Xuan, the grandson of General Zheng! He is only eighteen years old, and is already a master of seventh level. He is really something!" That soldier said with envy. Ouyang Qi froze there for a while. Level seven? Twenty years old, level three and this achievement in his original city, he could be regarded as among the best of the young generation, but, in front of the third prince, Zheng Xuan, he was nothing at all. "And who was the first one to attack? He seems to have a close relationship with Zheng." Ouyang Qi asked tentatively. "That should be Mo Yi, the third crown princess’ personal bodyguard. I heard that Childe Zheng has been chasing him. In order to get him, he took all the way from the imperial palace here. He is really a spoony.” said the soldier with emotion Ouyang Qi's heart was pounding. It was Mo Yi. How could it be him? After Mo Yi returned to the station, he directly went to Mo Fei. And Mo Fei, Lou Yu, Qian Ye and Su Rong happened to have a meeting. "Young master, I have something to tell you alone." Mo Yi said with a serious tone. Mo Fei looked at Mo Yi, confused. Qian Ye blinked and said, "Yiyi, can I stay? I am not an outsider, I am an insider now. I will never spit it out to anyone else. Is it possible you don’t want Prince Yu to hear it? If so, I can help you throw him out.” Lou Yu, “…” Mo Yi looked at Qian Ye. Watching the expression of Mo Yi, Lou Yu suddenly had some kind of foreboding feeling. Mo Fei said with a light tone, "Yiyi, there is no outsider here. What is it? Just shoot." "Young master, in the team Prince Feng sent here, there is an important figure.” Mo Yi said with a heavy tone. “Important figure? Who is it?" Asked Mo Fei, full of curiosity. “Ouyang Qi!” Mo Yi said, stone-faced. “Ouyang Qi? Who is Ouyang Qi? Is he very powerful?" Mo Fei cocked his head, totally confused. As those words went out of Mo Fei’s mouth, Mo Yi, Lou Yu and Su Rong all looked at him with disbelief. Zheng Xuan and Qian Ye both gave the “what-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about-face’. Mo Fei looked at the three of them, saying with some strange tone, "Did I say something wrong? Why are you all staring at me like that?" Lou Yu hurriedly shook his head and said, "No, you said nothing wrong. What you said is exactly right." Su Rong blinked, saying with difficulty, "My crown princess, Ouyang Qi is your first engagement man! You don't remember? You ever committed suicide for him." Mo Fei banged the table and said, "So it's him! Rongrong, your words reminded me!" Zheng Xuan secretly breathed a sigh of relief, he originally thought that the toy boy had a thing with Yiyi, but it turned out he got a thing with the crown princess. Since it was nothing to do with Yiyi, then it was out of his business. Zheng Zuan looked at Lou Yu's embarrassing face, could not help but feeling some sympathy for him. "You don't remember your fiancé, do you?" Zheng Xuan cornered him. Mo Fei took a deep breath and rolled his eyes. "Well, you know, I have numerous affairs to attend to. Besides, I've been engaged to so many men. How could I remember every one of them?” Lou Yu nodded, saying, "You are right. Why bother to remember those people?" Zheng Xuan said with some doubts, "But that is the first one! And for him, you even...You just totally forgot him? You either got too much hurt from it or you chose to forget." "Yeah! Yeah! I was hurt too much by that heartless man. Whenever thinking of him, I felt like a knife was being twisted in my heart, so, I chose to forget him. But, I remember now, he invited me to dinner, a big dinner, I even packed. This guy was very kind, and paid the bill. Didn’t dine and dash!” said Mo Fei wearing a big smile. While saying so, Mo Fei secretly cast a glance at Lou Yu. Lou Yu’s face went stiff. At the beginning, he also did not know why he just ran away without paying the bills on their first date. If he had known, he would have never done that only for a meal.