The Long awaited Mr Han

Chapter 998 - The Performers Viewership Ratings

Chapter 998: The Performer's Viewership Ratings Atlas StudiosAtlas Studios is too dumb, insisting on having the same broadcast time as. Wasn't that an attempt at riling them up? You already tried to provoke them all the way to their doorstep, but how couldlet you do that? They directly sought out Lu Man to go up against them. If you want me to comment, this is all caused bythemselves. They could have avoided Friday and randomly chose Saturday or Sunday, what's wrong with that? *** In Ge Guangzhen's office, the assistant hurriedly sent over's viewership ratings from yesterday. The viewership ratings that the television station compiled themselves only had the order of the viewership ratings in the television station. The netizens were waiting for the viewership ratings of all the variety shows. That was slower in coming than the compilation for the television station itself. The Pineapple Television Website's viewership ratings were more accurate, so, normally, they would directly wait for the viewership ratings from the Pineapple Television Website. Quickly hand it over! Ge Guangzhen snatched the viewership ratings' list from the assistant's hands. The viewership ratings in the television station itself had not just variety shows but also all the television station's internally broadcast shows. It contained a summary of all ratings of satellite TV stations and sub-stations. was aired on Xing Ke Station, and Xing Ke Station also had news channels, science teaching channels, anime channels, channels with everything, etc. Even though he could look from the top-down, Ge Guangzhen still took a deep breath and started looking from the bottom up. If he started to read from the top, every position he missed meant thathad dropped one in rank. If he started from the bottom, every position he missed would mean thathad increased in rank once. This sort of feeling was different. Searching from the top, every time he did not see's name, he would be disappointed once. But searching from the bottom, he would actually become happier and happier when he did not see it. Ge Guangzhen searched upwards one by one. When he saw that he had already reached the top ten, his frown relaxed a bit. Reaching the top ten in the station, that meant that their results were not bad. Xing Ke Station was a famous big station in the country, and the internal competition was even greater than the competition with other stations. As long as you could stabilize yourself in the station itself, there was not much problem already. Ge Guangzhen's goal was obviously number one, but when he reached number eight, he already saw's name. His frown, which had just relaxed, came back again, and Ge Guangzhen took a look. The viewership rating was 1.0562%. What happened?! Ge Guangzhen said angrily and hurriedly looked upwards. Even some television dramas had higher viewership ratings than they did. It must be pointed out that the fact that a television drama's viewership ratings had exceeded 1% was already a good thing. That was considered a high viewership rating. But now,had just exceeded 1%, and other television dramas all had 1.1 or 1.2% results. Even though there was the scandal about the results forbefore this and it was affected a bit, when they were predicting the viewership ratings, it was definitely not that low! That's not normal! Ge Guangzhen said. He suddenly remembered, the Xing Ke Station channels showed dramas at the same timing. He went to find, which was a popular show from their station. This was a popular Korean drama, and in Korea, its viewership ratings was at number one. So their station had it air at the same time as Korea. The female fans of the Korean drama were very strong. Both the male lead and the second male lead in the show were handsome, and the female lead was pretty. Her makeup was nice, and her clothes were also nice. The drama itself was also extremely sweet, making people feel happy when watching it. Normally, it was stable at around 1.8 to 1.9% viewership ratings, but what about yesterday night? The first episode that aired at 8:00 had a viewership rating of 1.8563%, but when it reached the second episode at 9:00, it only just reached 0.9967%.