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Chapter 217 - Brother, Do You Like Jian Qi?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 217: Brother, Do You Like Jian Qi?

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    Ever since she knew Qiao Bo, she had always known him as a person that had never liked lively situations, and he had always been quite a loner.

    “How about we go eat at another place? I can call it off with them.” Jian Qi asked again.

    Even though she wanted the chance to flirt with Tang Jinyu, but she had all the time in the world to do that. She could not let Qiao Bo feel uncomfortable, she was the one that invited him in the first place!

    “It’s fine, let’s go in.” Qiao Bo smiled gently, he knew that she was being considerate.

    “Are you really alright with it?”

    “Yeah, we all know each other, and it’s just a meal after all. Let’s go.” Qiao Bo started walking toward the entrance, but Jian Qi tugged at his arm again.

    “Actually forget it, let’s go eat at another place!”

    There were a lot of restaurants in the area, and it would not be all that hard to find another place to eat.

    Qiao Bo looked at her actions and could not help but smile.

    While the two were deciding over what to do, Coco arrived. “Hey, what are you guys doing?”

    “We don’t really want to eat here anymore, let’s change locations.” Jian Qi said calmly.

    He did not know why Jian Qi had changed her decision all of a sudden, but he was nothing if not compliant to all of her whims so he found another restaurant quickly.

    Jian Qi did not have Tang Jinyu’s phone number so she had the person at the desk relay the message.

    “Just tell him that what he did just now hurt his little cutie greatly, and her heart was shattered into pieces so she doesn’t want to eat with him anymore!”

    When the waiter relayed the message to Tang Jinyu, his expression darkened immediately.

    Tang Yiyi smiled and asked the waiter, “Did she really say that? Word for word?”

    The waiter nodded with a nervous smile, he would not have the courage to say something like that if it were not the case!

    Tang Yiyi waved the waiter away, and the food was served quickly.

    After the waiter walked away, Tang Yiyi could not help but giggle and ask: “Brother, your little cutie is angry! Don’t you want to go and comfort her?”

    Tang Jinyu squinted and glared at her. “Are you looking for a beating too?”

    “I’m your little sister, are you going to bully me too?”

    At this moment, the waiter walked over with their food and Tang Jinyu retracted his gaze. “Eat.”

    Tang Yiyi smiled brightly. “Brother, you really like her, don’t you?”

    Tang Jinyu sent another withering glare at her again.

    This question was one that a lot of people wanted to ask including Lightning and co., but no one had the courage to ask that question directly except for Tang Yiyi.

    Even though this brother of hers was completely unromantic and seemed aloof, but he was the one that treated her the best in the whole world!

    If anyone were to bully her, Tang Jinyu would be the one standing at the front to protect her!

    This was also the reason why Tang Yiyi could always act childlike and naive around him, and it was only around him where she could act any way she wanted without a care in the world.

    She did not have to care about all of the intricacies of human interaction, and she could be whoever she wanted to be!

    In the eyes of everyone else, Tang Yiyi was a ruthless and independent woman that would do anything to reach her goals! Only when she was with Tang Jinyu would she be a defenseless girl that needed protection.

    In the same way, if anyone other than Tang Yiyi were to ask that question, they would have definitely gotten a beating!

    Tang Jinyu squinted at her and warned again, “Stop that and eat!”

    “Brother, are you shy?” Tang Yiyi continued to tease him.

    “You’re having fun, aren’t you?” Tang Jinyu asked in an unamused tone.

    Tang Yiyi smiled, and continued, “If you really like her then let her know that! She likes you so much after all, what if her heart gets broken and she doesn’t like you anymore?”


    “Tang Yiyi!”