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Chapter 202 - Woman Calling for Help

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 202: Woman Calling for Help

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    “Good, I can see great potential in you guys. Work hard and earn merits for yourselves. When the time comes, I will apply for you to serve as official police officers!”

    Inside the Liren police substation, a man in his thirties, a smile on his face, was speaking to Xiao Luo, Liu Tieguo, and Ma Pinjin. The three of them were here reporting for duty. The man was the head of the Liren police substation, Feng Yuqi. He was tall, sturdy, had a macho look, and exuded a strong sense of integrity.

    Including himself, there were only some 20 people in the entire police station. There were less than five regular policemen, while the rest were all auxiliary police officers. The regular policemen that were deployed to this station were all older in age. They did not have the desire to go further in their careers. They were prepared to spend their remaining days as a police officer in this place, then retire, and enjoy their old age.

    “Report, sir! We do not condone evil, and we will fight crime until the end!” Ma Pinjin expressed his vow with an emphatic voice.

    Liu Tieguo wasn’t willing to be outdone. He added, “Yes, we are resolute in fighting to the end against crime!”

    Xiao Luo kept quiet. He wasn’t too interested in uttering such clichés and in buttering up the Chief. Now that he was already an auxiliary policeman, he could begin striking at the Dragon Gang.

    “It is very great for you to have such determination, but if you want to fight crime as a cop, you mustn’t be afraid of doing things. For those who are against the law, arrest those you should and educate them if necessary. Never forget that the country is our strongest supporter, and absolutely nothing can be more important than our nation,” Feng Yuqi said with comfort.

    “Yes, sir!”

    Ma Pinjin responded loudly.



    As newcomers, they were all assigned an older auxiliary policeman to mentor them.

    The auxiliary policeman assigned to mentor Xiao Luo was a man in his thirties, Sun Haoze. He had already been in this place for some six to seven years, and one could say that he was an expert in matters such as power distribution in this area, and the figures mustn’t be provoked.

    When night fell, Sun Haoze and Xiao Luo went to patrol the area they were responsible for on their motorcycles. As a newcomer to Liren, he felt it necessary to appraise Xiao Luo of the area they were responsible for, “The biggest force in the Guangming district is the Dragon Gang. Their businesses are scattered throughout almost the entire Guangming district. Casinos, hotels, entertainment cities, brothels… and many more. This area we are responsible for is the Dragon Gang’s red-light district, operated by the Dragon Gang’s protector, Han Mian!”

    “If I’m not mistaken, prostitution is forbidden in our country. Since you know that such a red-light district exists, why don’t you just sweep it clean?” Xiao Luo asked with a frown.

    Sun Haoze sighed, “In this world when there’s light, there will be darkness. Without darkness, how can there be light? This is just like our relationship with these dark forces. Justice and evil have co-existed since the beginning of time. No place in this world can justice prevail purely. Likewise, no place on earth is pure evil. I shouldn’t be saying this as a cop, but this is the truth. What I want to say is that, don’t even think of vanquishing evil. In my opinion, our responsibility as policemen is to maintain the balance between justice and evil. No matter us, or them, whoever that breaks the balance should be punished.”

    “I don’t understand.” Xiao Luo didn’t expect that being an auxiliary policeman was also an art.

    Sun Haoze smiled and patted his shoulders, exhorting Xiao Luo earnestly, “You just have to remember that these red-light districts aren’t to be messed with. Just turn a blind eye at them, and only then, you can be an auxiliary policeman in peace.”

    “I got it!”

    Xiao Luo nodded, playing along with the older man. But the fact, the sole reason he became an auxiliary policeman was to destroy the Dragon Gang. Since the Dragon Gang was running a red-light district in this area, this would be an excellent opportunity to go after them, naturally.

    To prevent Xiao Luo from inadvertently causing any trouble, Sun Haoze brought him to one of Dragon Gang’s red-light streets.

    The so-called red-light district wasn’t really a place that had red lights. On the contrary, it was a dimly lit alley a few hundred meters long. The place was filthy, messy, and simply awful. Litter was strewn everywhere, and on both sides of the alley, prostitutes paraded their wares with flamboyant makeup every other distant, exhibiting their thighs on a cold night wearing miniskirts, while their hour-glass figures incited lustful reverie.

    “This is one of them. I’ll bring you to the other two locations. We auxiliary policemen shouldn’t be messing around at these three places, leave that the regulars,” Sun Haoze continued his tutorage.

    Xiao Luo lifted his eyebrows and followed him to the next red-light district.

    However, as they were about to depart, he heard a hapless shriek of woe coming from behind him. From where he heard the loud commotion, a woman came running out from the street. Although she had heavy makeup on her face, he could tell that she was still young, perhaps about 20 years in age.

    She fell to the ground. There was a massive footprint on her back. Obviously, she was kicked to the ground by someone, and her pretty face was crumpled in pain. Five bulky men strode angrily after her, cursing, and lifted her from the ground.

    One of them took on a cruel expression, punching her in her stomach then grabbed her hair as he shouted, “You f*ckin dare to run, girl? Do you know what this place is? When you come to this place, you need to serve your customers and earn money for me! Take this b*tch away!”

    The woman howled in agony, desperately calling out for help. It was a tragic cry that pierced one’s soul.

    “Let’s go, stop looking,” Sun Haoze sighed helplessly.

    Xiao Luo said, “That girl is obviously being forced to do so. Forcing a fine girl into prostitution is a serious crime even during ancient times. Haoze, are you sure that we shouldn’t be interfering?”

    Sun Haoze stared at him, “Interfere? How should we do that? If we interfere, the next ones who’d suffer might be our family.”

    “But someone has to stand up to them!”

    Xiao Luo got down his motorcycle. From controlling child beggars, to deliberately torturing children into an unbearable state to gain sympathy, to forcing young girls into prostitution, everything the Dragon Gang had done made him bristle with anger. He never thought of himself as a nice person, but what Sun Yu had gone through fired up his determination to go against the Dragon Gang. He refused to believe that he couldn’t vanquish this evil force.

    “Xiao Luo…”

    Sun Haoze wanted to stop him but was too late. He could only follow him to prevent him from messing things up to a state of no return.

    Xiao Luo shouted at the five bulky men, “Release her at once!”

    The five men turned to look at him strangely.

    Seemingly seeing a ray of hope, the girl cried for help.

    A particularly muscular man with a scar on his face said chillingly, “Hey kid, you have no business here, you better stay out of this!” After he noticed Xiao Luo’s auxiliary police uniform, he snorted in contempt, “So you are an auxiliary policeman. Kid, you must be new, right? Didn’t the one that took you here tell you to keep an eye shut?”

    “My apologies. I’m a cop. You are suspected of persecuting women for prostitution, and I hereby arrest you in accordance with the law. You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say shall become evidence in court!” Xiao Luo took out some handcuffs.

    When the five men heard him, they cracked up.

    The scarred man laughed sarcastically, “Hey kid, you watched too many movies, don’t you? Rights to remain silent? You sound like a f*cking fool! Are you doing a movie or what?!”


    The others broke out in tears.