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Chapter 203 - Astonishing Work

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 203: Astonishing Work

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    “I will repeat, release her at once!” Xiao Luo said coldly.

    “Hah, another little hothead punk! Hey kid, you know to spell the word ‘death’?”

    The scarred man squinted his eyes and looked at Xiao Luo. The scar on his face was like a centipede, adding a touch of gruesomeness to his fearsome bearing.

    At the same time, one of his underlings blew a whistle with his fingers. The whistle served as a flare being fired into the skies. Suddenly, a host of burly men emerged from both sides of the alley, holding metal bars and wooden cudgels in their hands. They surged over like a tide of darkness, quickly surrounding Xiao Luo and Sun Haoze.

    Sun Haoze’s expression changed immediately. He quickly pleaded with a skittish smile, “S-Scar, this is his first day on the job, he doesn’t know the rules yet.”

    “Haoze, I really don’t know what rules we could possibly have here. We are cops, and fighting illegal crime is our duty,” Xiao Luo snorted.

    “Xiao Luo, are you for real or what. We are just auxiliary policemen, and we don’t even have a proper weapon with us. Our main job is dealing with civil disputes. These things are not within the scope of our supervision.”

    Sun Haoze continuously signaled him with his eyes. Their opponent was numerous in numbers, while they were only two. If this conflict were to go on, they would definitely be getting the shorter end of the stick. Even if they had intended to interfere, the correct procedure would have been to leave this place first, call to inform the substation, then wait for the substation to send some other people. And as to whether the girl could be saved if they had done that, it would remain a mystery.

    “Auxiliary policeman is also a cop. They are forcing a girl into prostitution right in front of us, and they’re certainly are more of those dirty deals going on behind our backs.”

    Xiao Luo’s expression dimmed as he shouted at the scarred man, “Last warning, release her now, or I will bring all of you back to the substation!”

    “What do you mean by you will bring us all back? You mean your tiny substation is so big, can fit us all?” a sloppy looking man said casually while whistling.

    The others all laughed out loudly.

    “Hey, little auxiliary policeman. If you could bring any one of us away, I will accept your surname,” the scarred man said arrogantly with his nose lifted.

    “Fine then, your surname will be Xiao after this!” Xiao Luo said faintly.

    As soon as he ended his words, he greeted the scarred man’s face with his fist, instantly smashing his nose.

    The scarred man fell to the ground. He touched the blood that was oozing out from his nostrils and roared, “F*ck, kill him!”

    The battle-horn was thus sounded…

    Xiao Luo smirked. Don’t mention these 40 to 50 people before him, he had no fear even if there were a hundred of them.

    Anyone who was struck by his fist, feet, elbows, joints, were knocked down instantly, twitching and shrieking in pain. He would dispatch anyone that came within range of his fist and feet. Simple, efficient, and brutal. Elegant footwork or dodging wasn’t necessary at all when dealing with such incompetent scumbags. The dull sound of fists on flesh echoed through the alley, accompanied by the rising and falling moans.

    Sun Haoze gawked in horror, forgetting to even move his legs. He couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo had such brutal power and skill within him. He single-handedly put these 40 to 50 Dragon Gang members on the ground with only his pairs of hands and legs. He was literally a raging beast.

    Now that Xiao Luo had Yijin Jing, he could, in fact, not use his hands at all. He could just as easily dash around randomly like a raging bull and instantly knock down five to six people.

    A total rout without any suspense!

    After about ten minutes, no one was left standing in the alley.

    Xiao Luo reached out his hands, grabbed the scarred man by his collar, and pulled him closer.

    The scarred man was suddenly as timid as a mouse. He said, “Don’t forget that you are a cop. Cops can’t simply hit people.”

    “I see that you have a scar on your face, and I thought you were vicious. Turns out that you’re just garbage!” Xiao Luo said chillingly, as he dropped him to the ground.

    His words triggered something in the scarred man. When Xiao Luo turned around and was walking to the girl, he gritted his teeth and pulled out a knife from his pocket.

    “Go to hell, you b*stard!”

    With a bellowing roar, he dashed at Xiao Luo and viciously stabbed his back.

    However, as if he had eyes behind his back, Xiao Luo turned, pivoting with his left leg, then forcefully thrust his right leg and slammed it into the scarred man’s chest.


    The impact sent a devastating force surging instantly through his body, and the scarred man could feel his internal organs trembling as he flew backward, spitting blood. Then he collapsed from the intense pain.

    Sun Haoze was in a stupor. His face was pale with fear, and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

    Xiao Luo ignored him and went to the girl, inquiring her name, age, hometown, and the reason she was forced into prostitution.

    She was still quivering in fear but felt reassured by Xiao Luo’s presence and the uniform of an auxiliary police officer. She answered the questions one by one.

    She was from Shan Province. After graduating from high school, she went looking for a job as she didn’t gain admittance to any university. She came to Jiangcheng via her middleman, but little did she know that her middleman was a nefarious pimp. After arriving at Jiangcheng City, she was placed under his control. To force her into servitude and destroy her will to resist, five to six men raped her day and night, even going as far as to beat her with electric batons. Later on, she was brought to this filthy alley to serve customers.

    “Haoze, don’t you feel anything after listening to her?” Xiao Luo turned around and asked Sun Haoze.

    Sun Haoze smiled bitterly. Anyone would have been infuriated listening to the girl’s miserable experience, but he also had his own family. As an auxiliary policeman, how would he dare to fight against a colossal monster like the Dragon Gang?

    Xiao Luo turned back to the girl, “Aside from you, are there any others who are being threatened?”

    “No one is willing to become a toy for men. We were all threatened from the very beginning. But after going through despair and struggle, many of them could no longer resist and succumbed to their fate,”



    The next day, the Liren Police substation was bustling with noise.

    The reason was that Xiao Luo had arrested 20 brothel patrons, 35 people who were controlling the business, and 45 prostitutes who were forced into the trade but whose will to resist still remained.

    “Brother, are you going against the Heavens here?!” Liu Tieguo gulped as he was shocked by Xiao Luo’s astonishing work.

    Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders slightly and spread his hands in a silent reply, then followed his instructor into went to Feng Yuqi’s office.

    Before Feng Yuqi could speak, the instructor reprimanded Xiao Luo without giving him a chance to explain himself. He was in a sullen mood, and it showed on his face.

    “Xiao Luo, what the hell you think you’re doing? Who told you to meddle with that area?”

    “Instructor, could you please answer my question before I answer yours?”


    “What is our duty as a cop?” Xiao Luo asked.

    The instructor snorted, “The police have to maintain social order, protect our citizens safely, freedom, and legal assets, and prevent, stop, and punish illegal and criminal activities.”

    “Alright then, I saw a lady being forced into prostitution last night. As a policeman, do you think I should interfere?” Xiao Luo said coldly. Although it was the Dragon Gang he was dealing with, he didn’t feel that what he did yesterday was wrong.


    The instructor was infuriated, “You are an auxiliary policeman, not a criminal policeman, nor a regular police officer. You just have to inform the station, and we will send someone to handle it.”

    “It would’ve been too late by the time the station actually sent someone. The girl that was crying for help would’ve already be locked up in someplace long before that,” Xiao Luo retorted.