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Chapter 159 - I Promise To Feed You

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 159: I Promise To Feed You

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    Su Cha felt like she had just seen the tip of the iceberg.

    The once distant and mysterious real world had begun to reveal its peculiar self to Su Cha.

    Her heart throbbed, but Su Cha did not ask Bo Muyi about what she had just heard.

    After hanging up, Bo Muyi nested his head in the crook of Su Cha’s neck for a long time without moving.

    Su Cha felt his warm breath on her ears, but she could not feel his emotions.

    “Cha Cha.”

    After a long pause, Bo Muyi continued softly, “Do you really like me?”

    Although his voice sounded bright and gentle, Bo Muyi was in low spirits.

    It seemed like he had finally asked the question he had suppressed in his heart for a long time.

    At that moment, Bo Muyi felt extremely nervous.

    His mouth went dry, and his fingers curled up towards his palm.

    He should not have asked.

    But, he could not help it as he had become increasingly greedy.

    He wanted more…

    In the past, Bo Muyi did not care about what Su Cha was with him for. However, he no longer thought this way.

    He wanted to know if Su Cha liked him a little bit more than what he had thought.

    He did not want to be too greedy. Just a little bit, a little bit more would be enough.

    “I like you.”

    The girl’s voice was low but earnest. She whispered into his ear, “I only like Muyi.”

    At that moment, Bo Muyi felt extremely satisfied. As all the tension was released from his body, Bo Muyi could not help but kiss Su Cha’s eyes, eyebrows, lips, and chin. He did not want to miss a single spot on her face.

    “I also like you… My favorite Su Cha…”

    His soft, lingering voice was incredibly sexy.

    He flipped Su Cha over, and the girl’s face was buried into the middle of the sofa. Bo Muyi left a trail of light kisses from her forehead to her neck. Su Cha could feel the man’s satisfaction in every kiss.

    Su Cha was lost in Bo Muyi’s kisses. She could not help but hook his calf with her ankle to get his attention, “I am hungry, let’s go eat…”


    Bo Muyi responded firmly as she leaned forward to bite and lick her lips. He continued sweetly, “You can have me, I promise I’ll feed you till you are satisfied. My lovely Cha Cha…”

    Su Cha: “…”

    The maids do not dare to knock on the door to interrupt Bo Muyi if he did not instruct them to. As a result, Su Cha did not get to leave the room that night.

    Su Cha woke up in the middle of the night, she was famished.

    Due to her martial arts training, Su Cha’s appetite had begun to increase. To an ordinary girl, Su Cha’s appetite would be abnormally large.

    Especially tonight, Su Cha was kept in the room by Bo Muyi without anything to eat at all.

    Hence, it was normal for her to wake up in the middle of the night due to her hunger.

    When she awoke, Su Cha sat up in bed as she put on her pajamas. Her movement unintentionally woke Bo Muyi up. When he opened his eyes, Bo Muyi hugged Su Cha as he did not want her to get out of bed.

    Su Cha was a little gloomy as she did not know if there would be any food in the kitchen. Looking at how needy Bo Muyi was, Su Cha pinched his attractive face angrily.

    If someone else had tried to do that to Bo Muyi, they would immediately be faced with death. After Su Cha pinched his cheeks, Bo Muyi grabbed her wrist and licked her fingertips with the tip of his tongue.

    As he was half asleep, his actions…

    Were extraordinarily sensual and sexy.

    As Su Cha was starving, she reached out and pressed her palm against Bo Muyi’s chest, “Go back to sleep, I’ll go grab something to eat.”