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Chapter 160 - Can You Come With Me?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 160: Can You Come With Me?

    “Are you hungry?”

    Bo Muyi lazily asked, “I’ll ask the maid to cook for you.”

    “There’s no need to.”

    Su Cha replied as she shook her head. When she got out of bed, Su Cha asked, “Do you want anything to eat?”

    The couple did not have dinner that night. Although Su Cha was starving, she did not know if Bo Muyi was hungry.

    The man sat up and leaned against the headboard of the bed. His movement caused the thin quilt to slide down his chest, revealing his muscular, toned waist. His bare upper body was extremely tempting.

    The thin quilt barely covered the man’s lower body. If he moved a little, Su Cha could clearly see what was under the duvet.

    Bo Muyi raised his lips into a smile, he gestured to Su Cha, “I think I did not have enough…”

    As soon as Su Cha heard his reply, she knew what he was up to. Instead of playing along with him, Su Cha walked out of the bedroom, “I will grab a piece of bread for you!”

    Although Bo Muyi did not come home often, there should be some food left in the kitchen.

    Su Ch went downstairs to the kitchen. She looked around and noticed that other than a few fresh fruits, there was no food left.

    She picked out a few apples. After peeling them, she placed them on a plate before heading back to the bedroom.

    The warm, yellow light in the bedroom was switched on. When Su Cha returned, she found Bo Muyi awake and on a call.

    Dressed in his pajamas, Bo Muyi was seated on the sofa near the French window. His expression was despondent.

    When he saw Su Cha entering the room, Bo Muyi waved his hands, and Su Cha walked over. Su Cha took a seat beside him and began eating the apples.

    “That’s enough, I get it.”

    It seemed like Bo Muyi was unhappy with the news, and was impatient.

    He had never shown this ominous attitude in front of Su Cha. Su Cha glanced at Bo Muyi, he was sinister and ruthless. Bo Muyi reached out and pulled Su Cha into his embrace, letting her rest her head against his chest.

    Su Cha continued snacking on the apples. As she bit into the fruit, some of its juices dripped onto the collar of Bo Muyi’s pajamas.

    Su Cha: “…”

    She did not say a word. She sat silently as she listened to the anxious voice of the caller, “Young master, this is an accident. The Old Madam cannot handle this emergency on her own.”

    When Bo Muyi heard this, his eyes darkened.

    Su Cha could tell that this caller was not the same man who spoke to Bo Muyi on the phone before.

    This man seemed to be asking Bo Muyi to return to the Imperial Capital as soon as possible.

    Su Cha sensed that Bo Muyi was on the verge of exploding in anger. He was like a raging lion waiting to make a lethal attack on his prey.

    She reached out and patted Bo Muyi’s chest to pacify him. As she gently stroked his chest, she muttered, “Do not get angry, speak nicely.”

    Hearing Su Cha’s words, Bo Muyi could only suppress his anger. He said gloomily, “I will go back tomorrow!”

    He hung up as soon as he finished his sentence.

    The caller was a little surprised. Was that a woman’s voice?

    A woman…

    There is a woman around the young master?!

    The caller immediately knew that something big had happened.

    After he hung up, Bo Muyi hugged Su Cha tightly. He rested his chin on top of her head and asked, “Cha Cha, can you come with me?”

    Su Cha understood that Bo Muyi had to settle some urgent matters, but she could not leave, “Muyi, I can’t. I have not finished the competition here. You can go ahead first, and I will join you in a few days. Okay?”

    Bo Muyi did not say anything. He was reluctant to leave.

    No one can disrupt his time with Su Cha, even his family.

    But, he could not say that as he knew that Su Cha would be unhappy.