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Chapter 161 - Have You Ever Cared For Me?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 161: Have You Ever Cared For Me?

    When Su Cha noticed Bo Muyi’s tensed body, she took the initiative to hug him, “I will be there soon. You should go back and settle your family’s matter first. Otherwise, you might have to deal with a bigger problem in the future.”

    Hearing Su Cha’s comforting words, Bo Muyi relaxed a little.

    However, the thought of being apart from Su Cha made Bo Muyi anxious.

    Although he was uneasy, an accident had happened.

    He had to return home to help his family.

    Bo Muyi sat in silence while holding onto Su Cha. Su Cha did not know when she fell asleep.

    In the morning, Su Cha felt someone gently laying her on the bed. She opened her eyes and saw an outline of a man.

    The man covered Su Cha’s eyes with his palm and planted a kiss on her forehead, “Good Cha Cha, go to sleep. I will be waiting for you in the Imperial Capital.”

    “Hmm.” Su Cha replied.

    When she heard the man leave, Su Cha turned around to check the time. It was 5 o’clock in the morning.

    As she was already awake and well-rested, Su Cha decided not to return to sleep. After Bo Muyi left, she got out of bed to continue with her training.

    After training for some time, she moved on to embroidery.

    Su Cha was not only embroidering pieces for sale but also for herself.

    In the past, she preferred simple, monotone clothing. Hence, most of her clothes were black and white. Although she could continue pulling the simple pieces off, a girl should still wear some color to appear more vigorous.

    Su Cha did not plan on wearing the poor-quality clothes she had purchased in the past. She had recently spent around 2000 yuan on buying better quality clothes.

    Bo Muyi had wanted to purchase tailored clothes for Su Cha, but he did not bring the matter up.

    It was not because it was unimportant, Bo Muyi knew that Su cha wanted to have some control over her own life. He would not interfere with her decisions as long as they do not affect their relationship.

    He knew that Su Cha would not like it, and decided to restrain himself.

    Su Cha would have asked for it if she had wanted it herself.

    Now that Bo Muyi had left for the Imperial Capital, Su Cha had more free time. After her morning run around the residential area, Su Cha received a call from Mr. Su.

    “Su Cha, now that you are done with the college entrance examinations, you should come home for a visit. Fill up your aspirations form when you are home. I found a few reputable schools in the town I’m living in. You can choose which ones you prefer based on your examination results.”

    When Su Cha heard that, she became unhappy. She disliked people speaking to her in such an authoritative tone. As the caller was her father, Su Cha suppressed her anger and restrained herself. When she spoke, her voice became colder and more distant, “Let’s talk about it another time. The results for the college entrance examination have not been released, and my lease is not up. I will have to discuss it with the landlord.”

    Su Cha did not want to discuss her participation in the “Dreams in Progress” competition with Mr. Su. As Mr. Su was a conservative man with deeply entrenched stereotypes, he believed that the entertainment industry was flawed. He despised the talented artistes in the industry. Mr. Su would never agree to let Su Cha enter the entertainment industry.

    Su Cha did not care about Mr. Su’s disapproval. She had not shared the information to prevent making trouble for herself.

    Mr. Su was momentarily stunned by Su Cha’s coldness. After a brief moment, he snapped, “Now that your college entrance examination is over, you think that you are an adult? You don’t need your parents to care for you anymore?”

    It would have been better if he had said something else. Hearing Mr. Su’s words, Su Cha sneered, “Have you ever cared for me?”