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Chapter 867 - The Queen Is Too Formidable and Extraordinary

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 867: The Queen Is Too Formidable and Extraordinary

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    The institute had begun preparing revision notes for the students for the final examinations and Wen Xinya had also taken part in the collation of notes. Hence, she was much busier than before and had not seen Si Yiyan in days. They would usually just speak on the phone.

    To her surprise, the cold and aloof Si Yiyan would actually act like a normal boyfriend and ask her boring questions like “Do you miss me? I miss you”, “Have you eaten yet?”, “What did you eat today?”

    She would sometimes call him to seek help for her revision and he would also explain to her patiently. In fact, he would end up giving her tuition over the phone.

    Most of the time, she would put on her earphones and sit in front of the computer. They would remain silent while getting busy with their own things. However… they both knew that they were focused on doing their work, so much that they would sometimes forget that they were speaking over the phone. “Are you still there?” she asked gently.

    He would answer immediately, “I’m here!”

    Although it was not exactly romantic, he would feel rather safe and secure after hearing her question.

    They had too many romantic exchanges and she did not know that she could actually have such a peaceful interaction with Si Yiyan!

    However, regardless of how busy she may be, she still remembered that she was in a relationship. She had arranged to meet a foreign cardiologist who rarely came to China, and requested for him to give Old Mr. Mo a body checkup. In her previous lifetime, Old Mr. Mo passed away three years and six months after her return…

    That matter had become a trauma that she would always remember.

    She arranged to meet the cardiologist at three in the afternoon. She took a look at the time to see that it was half-past one and that it was time she hurried over.

    Wen Xinya packed up and left the classroom.

    “Ah! It’s just different for the rich and powerful. She applies for leave as and when she pleases. It’s as if she owns the institute,” said a girl dressed in an attention-grabbing outfit. She sounded rather bitter and sour while watching Wen Xinya leave.

    “On top of that, the doors of the institute are always open for her regardless of how often she applies for leave. The teachers will still take care of her. Unlike her… we have to be so sneaky about taking leave,” another girl said sourly.

    “Hey, you two, stop badmouthing others. You can enjoy the same treatment as her if you still pass all your tests with flying colors and achieve impressive grades while being absent from school all the time.” One of the guys interjected, unable to tolerate their behavior.

    “Exactly! What’s wrong with being absent every now and then? Is she doing worse than you or is less talented than you? Must you badmouth her behind her back? I hate it when you girls criticize the people that you’re jealous of.”

    “Even if Wen Xinya is absent all the time, she’s still top the cohort. Even if you study every waking second of your life, you’d still be inferior to her. You’re so incompetent and yet, you still have the cheek to criticize others…”

    A few other girls defended Wen Xinya.

    The two girls turned pale and one of them stomped their feet angrily. “What’s the big deal? Must you guys be so defensive towards her? Don’t forget that she used to be a gangster.”

    The other girl chimed in. “Exactly. Wen Xinya is nothing but a pretty face. Yet, you boys are so smitten and obsessed with her. She’s always acting so high and mighty, but actually… she’s more shameless than anyone else!”

    Silence filled the air in the classroom.

    The two girls glowered at the girl who defended Wen Xinya and said, “Don’t think that you can get into Wen Xinya’s good books just by putting in some good words for her. I’m telling you, Wen Xinya is very arrogant…”

    As soon as they finished speaking, they discovered that the room was silent and their hearts dropped at the instant that they met Wen Xinya’s bright and glittery eyes. Wen Xinya was glowering at them angrily, giving them a great shock.

    The two girls stared at Wen Xinya in shock, noticing that she was standing still quietly as if the entire classroom had become a backdrop. Her aura made her look dominant and menacing, causing their hearts to drop.

    Wen Xinya said coldly, “You’re blocking my desk.”

    She admitted that she was not incompetent. Hence, it was only understandable that others would get jealous of her. However, she did not take the criticism to heart. They were just small fries whom she did not have to be bothered by.

    One of the girls subconsciously moved away.

    Wen Xinya forgot to take her revision notes. She turned around and walked away.

    She did not even look at them!

    It was far worse than being chastised.

    “Ah! The Queen is so suave!”

    Suave? She didn’t even do anything. These die-hard fans need to go away.

    “Yes, yes, yes, she’s way too formidable. Look at how domineering Queen Wen’s aura was. One look from her is enough to kill.”

    Everyone was suddenly enlightened. Yeah… she’s the queen! She’s noble, prestigious, graceful and posh. How could she possibly be affected by a small fry?

    The Queen is too shrewd!

    One of the girls teared up in exasperation and dashed towards Wen Xinya all of a sudden. “Wen Xinya, hold it right there. Didn’t you hear what I said about you just now?”

    Everyone stared at her in horror, as if they had just seen an idiot.

    Wen Xinya stopped in her tracks and turned around slowly. Her calm aura made her look even more menacing. “Classmate Wang, please give Classmate Bai a mirror to see what she looks like right now.”

    Classmate Wang was one of the girls who defended Wen Xinya just now, and she did not know what Wen Xinya was trying to do at all. She immediately turned on her fan mode and frantically fumbled about for her mirror before handing it to Classmate Bai.

    Wen Xinya stared at Classmate Bai calmly and asked, “Have you seen clearly? Look at how you’re behaving. Who do you think you are?”

    She was blatantly giving her a tight slap across the face.

    The girl began weeping uncontrollably. It turns out… Wen Xinya did not even take her seriously. She did not even have the right to criticize Wen Xinya.

    “Ah… I’m starting to discover that I love Queen Wen more and more. What do I do? She’s so shrewd and dominant, isn’t she!?!”

    “Become a lesbian, then!”