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Chapter 219 - Talk About Killing the Mood!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 219: Talk About Killing the Mood!

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    “How have you been doing in the army? How are things with your comrades?” Coco smiled and asked.

    “Not bad, it’s better than when I was in school.”

    At least no one was trying to plot for her downfall every corner she turned, and even if there were any conflicts they were solved with straight out fistfights and resolved without any bad blood.

    “Coco, our instructor told us to write letters to leave behind for the people dearest to us if we were to die…”

    “What did you write in your letter to me?” Coco asked expectantly.

    Jian Qi looked over at him. “I didn’t write it for you, silly, I wrote it for Little Tang Tang!”

    Coco. “…”

    “Jian Qi, we are not friends anymore!”

    Jian Qi could not help but laugh. “Great Coco, you have to understand. That was my only chance to write a love letter to Little Tang Tang!”

    “Don’t talk to me!” Coco huffed and turned away from her. “I’m not your dearest person after all!”

    At this point, Jian Qi was laughing so much that she almost ran out of breath. “I won’t write a letter for you because I won’t leave you just like that, so even if you see my corpse one day, you would have to believe that I’m still alive and that the corpse is fake!”

    Coco blinked as sad emotions welled up in his heart.

    That was before Jian Qi spoke again. “Don’t you know that villains always survive until the end? I won’t die so easily!”

    Coco. “…”

    Talk about killing the mood!

    Jian Qi smiled again. “Great Coco, don’t be too touched, I’m too excellent and superior after all!”

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever you say…” Coco muttered.


    Qiao Bo returned to his condominium and pushed open the door before his brows furrowed slightly upon seeing the pair of high heels placed at the entrance.

    He closed the door and took off his shoes before walking toward the living room where a woman was sitting, flipping through a photo album.

    In the album, there were pictures all taken by him.

    Under the warm light, the woman sitting there seemed extremely frail and unguarded in her beige dress that was different from her usual work attire, giving her a gentle and elegant aura.

    Upon hearing the footsteps, the woman stopped what she was doing and closed the photo album, placing it down on the desk and standing up.

    With a single motion, her entire aura changed entirely, and the frailness from before seemed to be just an illusion.

    “You’re back?” The woman said, but one could not tell the emotions she had from her words.

    Qiao Bo hummed softly, before thinking of something and explaining, “I didn’t refuse you on purpose today, I just promised Jian Qi that I would eat with her beforehand.”

    “It’s fine, I don’t care.” Tang Yiyi stopped him from speaking any further, she merely looked at him with a glance that hid tumultuous emotions like the sea. “Qiao Bo, do you feel pressured?”


    “By me!” Tang Yiyi responded. “Does me being around you pressure you?”

    Qiao Bo’s brows furrowed. “Why do you say that?”

    Tang Yiyi looked at him in silence for a few seconds before making the decision to drop the topic and continued, “I’m just here to tell you that Director Zhang is going to start shooting a movie scheduled to be premiered during Chinese New Year. He invited you to be the main character this time around, and I agreed to it. I’ll tell Coco about this later, so you can just go to his set after you’re done with your current shoot.”

    Tang Yiyi continued on with an authoritative tone, “If nothing unexpected happens, you’re definitely going to get the title of Acting Emperor this time around too! I’m going to go now, rest well.”

    Tang Yiyi started walking toward the door but Qiao Bo reached over and grabbed her wrist before she could leave.

    “Do you have anything else to tell me?” Tang Yiyi asked.

    “What am I to you… Your company?” Qiao Bo asked in a deep tone.