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Chapter 506 - This Guy Is Incredibly Powerful!

Medical Master
     “Where is he?” As the vice-captain hiding in the distance saw Fang Qiu disappear in an instant, his face changed greatly.

    He kept looking around, but he couldn’t find a single figure.

    “Answer me, where is he?” The vice-captain used the headset to contact his team members.

    In the end, there was no sound coming from the headset.

    Just a minute ago, there were still lively voices of the team members in the headset, but in the blink of an eye, it was dead silence.

    The vice-captain suddenly felt a chill through him.

    When the gunshots rang out, Fang Qiu easily sensed the positions of the ten people. Of course, he didn’t use mental power. These ordinary special troops weren’t powerful enough for him to use his mental power. Fang Qiu could judge the positions of them by detecting the flow of energy in the air.

    It would be too boring if he used his mental power. It would have no fun if he could figure out all the positions of the 100 people in an instant.

    According to the energy flow in the air, the positions of the ten snipers were quickly determined.

    Fang Qiu didn’t hesitate at all.

    In a flash, he quietly appeared behind the ten people one by one. The ten people didn’t even notice before they were directly knocked down by Fang Qiu on their necks and fainted on the spot.

    The vice-captain quickly retreated because he was far away from Fang Qiu every time, which made it easier for him to retreat.

    After dealing with the ten people, Fang Qiu continued to move forward.

    Soon, he arrived at the third blockade area.

    At this time, the vice-captain was observing the situation of the entire third blockade area at a commanding height at the edge of the fourth blockade area.

    “The third squad, do you copy?” the vice-captain said.

    “Copy!” Ten soldiers answered one by one.

    Someone asked in the headset, “Cap, how was the situation at the front? Why didn’t we hear anything?”

    The vice-captain smiled wryly. “The first squad and the second squad were annihilated.”

    “What?” The faces of the soldiers who were lying in ambush in the third blockade area all changed.

    The two teams were annihilated without making a sound.

    How, how was this possible?

    The vice-captain took a deep breath and said, “Listen to me carefully. Although there is only one enemy, this person is very powerful, and the bullets can do no harm to him. Don’t be soft-hearted when attacking, otherwise, you will be the one who will be taken down.”

    There was a slight silence in the headset.

    The vice-captain reminded them, “Just do as we say in the previous tactics. Use centralized sniping, do you copy?”

    “Copy!” The responses of the ten people came from the headset.

    At this time, a soldier reported as he intentionally lowered his voice, “Report, we’ve found the target. He’s in the direction of 11 o’clock.”

    Everyone turned to look at the direction as they heard that.

    What came into sight was Fang Qiu who was taking a walk leisurely in the forests.

    At this moment, Fang Qiu looked fairly comfortable without any sense of nervousness, as if he were enjoying himself in touring around the forests, which made him look extremely relaxed.

    The vice-captain ordered in a low voice, “Get ready.”

    In the third blockade area, the ten snipers got ready right away.

    “No. 1 is ready.”

    “No. 2 is ready.”

    Listening to the reports coming from the headset one after another, the vice-captain breathed a sigh of relief.Updates by vi p novel

    Fang Qiu soon walked to the center of the third blockade area.

    “It’s here, isn’t it?” Fang Qiu stopped and looked around.

    He had been calculating along the way.

    From the moment he took off the blindfold, he encountered a trap after walking more than 20 meters, and then he was ambushed by 10 people after walking 20 meters further.

    Then, he walked more than 100 meters before he encountered the second round of attack.

    Based on this distance, Fang Qiu speculated that each team’s ambush area was 100 meters, so when he reached 50 meters, he would encounter the first ambush. When he reached 150 meters, he would encounter the second round of ambush.

    If things went on like this, the place where they would ambush him in the third round should be 250 meters away.

    When Fang Qiu stopped, it was 250 meters away from the initial spot.

    On the commanding height of the fourth blockade, the vice-captain narrowed his eyes slightly, opened the whole channel, and said, “He found it! The original plan is canceled. Team Four to Team Ten, gather in the fourth blockade area and wait for orders.”

    After he finished speaking, he immediately turned on the third team’s channel.

    The vice-captain sneered. “He may have found out the scope of the blockade area, but even if he did, he wouldn’t know our attacking point. If he doesn’t move, we’ll waste time with him.”

    They were special forces. It was impossible for Fang Qiu to figure out their tactics of jungle battle.

    “Eh?” As expected, after standing at the exact position for a long time without sensing any movement, Fang Qiu arched his eyebrows and asked in surprise, “Am I wrong?”

    He turned to look around again.

    Without detecting anything abnormal, Fang Qiu continued to move forward.

    After walking for about 20 meters, he came to a place where the trees seemed to be quite dense.

    “Bang!” All of a sudden, the gunshot rang out.

    Fang Qiu dodged quickly.

    He heard that there was only one shot this time!

    However, just as he was about to hide behind a big tree and rush toward the direction of that gunshot, another gunshot was heard.

    “Bang!” Almost in a second, a bullet was shot into the big tree which was as thick as a bucket.

    Fang Qiu dodged to the side again.

    “Bang!” However, as soon as he moved, another shot rang out.

    Before he could even fall to the ground, the bullet aimed at the position where he was about to land.

    “Hmm?” Fang Qiu raised his brows. His body which was about to land on the ground stopped forcibly, spun fiercely in the air, and then quickly dodged to the other side.

    “Bang!” As a result, another gunshot rang out.

    They were giving one shot after another. Every shot was aimed at the position that Fang Qiu was about to land.

    Generally speaking, it took a very strong reaction speed for a normal person to change his position so quickly. Without even standing steadily, it was impossible for him to change his position again because there was no way for him to borrow strength.

    But for Fang Qiu, it was no big deal at all.

    He could easily accomplish it by simply relying on his own strength.

    “These are real special forces!” Fang Qiu marveled.

    Now, he finally understood how strong the special forces were.

    Whether he was right or not, the special forces’ temporary adjustment of tactics was completely beyond his expectation. Moreover, he was now standing in a dense forest. Under normal circumstances, no one would choose to ambush him in this place because there were too many bunkers.

    But the special forces of the third team didn’t think so.

    Although there were many bunkers, they still found perfect positions among those bunkers and covered the whole area without even leaving a single spot.

    It seemed that this was a dense forest, but in the eyes of these special troops, this place was an empty field— a trap that no one could get out once they came in!

    What was more, relying on the terrain, the ten snipers could track and even shoot the target in advance.

    This kind of tracking and shooting did not give people any chance to survive at all.

    Under these circumstances, even if ordinary criminals could dodge once, they would definitely not be able to escape it twice!

    Fortunately, their target was Fang Qiu.Access v ip novel

    Although the special forces had laid a trap like a tight dragnet, as for Fang Qiu, this kind of dragnet was still too weak. After all, he wasn’t an ordinary person.

    “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” He moved extremely fast.

    Under the continuous gunfire, Fang Qiu made movements that were against physics and dodged all the bullets that were shot at him effortlessly.

    Seeing this, the vice-captain was completely shocked!

    “This is a huge killing trap. Anyone who breaks in must die. Countless fierce criminals died in this siege. How could Fang Qiu avoid every bullet so perfectly?”

    Compared to the vice-captain, the people who had already fired several shots were even more shocked.

    However, those who had not fired their guns yet were expressionless. When they saw Fang Qiu’s incredible strength, they didn’t show the slightest emotion on their faces because they were soldiers.

    In the command room of the base. “Oh my god, this guy is not a human being, is he?”

    The commander was so shocked that he pointed at Fang Qiu who appeared on the monitor and turned to look at the person beside him.

    All of a sudden, Li Ji had arrived at the command room.

    Li Ji said, “I’ve told you that this guy is exceptionally powerful!”

    When he spoke, his face was also full of amazement.

    Although he had seen Fang Qiu’s performance many times before, when he saw it again, he still couldn’t help but be amazed because Fang Qiu’s strength was too incredible and scary!

    In the forest, ten people had fired their shots.

    Fang Qiu didn’t give them the chance to shoot in the second round at all. He took a step directly on the ground, flew up to the air more than ten meters high, and instantly got out of the snipers’ sight. Then he moved and rushed directly to a hillside not far away.

    A sniper was standing right there.

    When Fang Qiu arrived, the sniper didn’t notice it at all. When Fang Qiu’s fingers touched his neck, he had already fainted before he could even react.

    Then there came the second, the third one…

    The sound of something breaking through the air could be heard in the forest.

    Several seconds later, all 10 members of the third squad were knocked down.

    The vice-captain who was in the fourth blockade area ran back quickly.

    While running, he said to the headset, “The enemy is too strong. The rest of you, get ready for massive killing!”

    The vice-captain knew it well.

    Judging from Fang Qiu’s invincible strength, it was obvious that they couldn’t hurt Fang Qiu at all.

    Then, the only way to complete this mission was to catch Fang Qiu!

    There were so few of them that they were no match for him at all.

    Therefore, as he retreated again, he transferred the remaining 70 people to ambush Fang Qiu in the fourth blockade area.

    Soon, all the preparations of the ambush were ready, and they were waiting for Fang Qiu to get in.

    The vice-captain was a little angry. “I don’t believe it’s not going to work this time!”

    He had completed several tasks, and every time he returned with a successful accomplishment. He had never made any of his team members get hurt. But now, he had suffered a lot in this maneuver!

    If this was a real fight, he would have lost thirty of his men.

    How could he not be angry?

    After taking down another ten people, Fang Qiu continued to move forward leisurely. While walking, he said, “Is this some kind of game of breaking through? Are you going to let me continue to break through until I pass this game?”