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Chapter 507 - One Versus Seventy!

Medical Master
     Fang Qiu said as he walked, “I heard that you were a squadron made up by a hundred people. Now I’ve knocked down 30 of your men. If each ten of you takes one pass, then I’ll have to go through another seven passes before I can finish this mission, right?”

    After thinking for a while, Fang Qiu shrugged again and said, “It’s too troublesome. Can’t you come together?”

    As a result, just as he finished speaking, all of a sudden, there was a sound of people standing up. “Swoosh!”

    On the ground where no one could be seen previously, a large group of people showed up in an instant. These people, like mushrooms after rain, suddenly appeared from all directions and directly encircled Fang Qiu. Moreover, each of them had a gun in their hands, pointing at Fang Qiu.

    “Oh.” Fang Qiu was startled.

    He didn’t expect that these special troops were hiding so well. So many of them were standing next to him, but he didn’t notice them at all.

    “You’re surrounded!” A voice came from the crowd. The man standing in front of Fang Qiu pointed directly at Fang Qiu’s forehead with a gun.

    At the same time, there were some noises coming from above.

    Fang Qiu looked up and found that not only people around him but also a few people hanging on the branches were pointing at his head with guns. He was completely surrounded by the army and air force.

    The vice-captain said to Fang Qiu as he walked into the crowd, “You’d better surrender.”

    Although it seemed to be a huge battle, he was speechless deep inside.

    They were special troops, who were the elites among all the soldiers. They were trained to fight against the crowd with only one person. They were always proud of defeating the whole crowd with only one soldier.

    However, this time, not only could they not fight against a group of people, but they also bullied one man altogether, which made him rather speechless.

    In the crowd, aimed by countless guns, Fang Qiu didn’t feel nervous at all. Instead, when he heard the vice-captain’s words, he smiled calmly and asked, “Do you think you can make me surrender by this?”

    “You’ve been surrounded. You won’t be able to escape…” the vice-captain said.

    However, before he had finished his words, a gust of wind blew suddenly. Fang Qiu, who was standing in front of him, suddenly disappeared.

    He was gone!

    This scene stunned the seventy people around.

    “How is this possible?” Everyone panicked.

    It was an actual tight dragnet. In this case, how could Fang Qiu escape?

    But he just ran away anyway!

    All of a sudden, a scream rang out. “In the sky!”

    Everyone looked up.

    They saw that Fang Qiu was falling rapidly from the sky and rushing straight into the crowd. He was like a ghost, moving fast in the crowd. Every time he stopped at a spot, someone would faint and fall to the ground.

    “Spread out!” the vice-captain shouted.

    Everyone scattered in panic.

    But even so, Fang Qiu was still moving at a fast speed, constantly knocking people out.

    Within one minute, seventy people fell to the ground!

    In the end, Fang Qiu appeared in front of the vice-captain again and said with a smile, “You’re the last one.”

    After Fang Qiu finished speaking, the vice-captain was hit by Fang Qiu before he could even react. His eyes went black and he passed out and fell directly to the ground.

    Clapping his hands, Fang Qiu turned his head, smiled at the camera on the tree branch, and continued to move forward.

    In the command room of the base, Li Ji and the commander standing in front of the screen wall were completely stunned by what they saw just now.

    The two of them just looked straight at the screen without saying anything.

    “He’s, he’s too powerful.” After a long while, the commander uttered in shock. Then he turned to look at Li Ji with worry, asking, “How many people like this are there in the whole country?”

    Li Ji answered, “Not many.”

    Only then did the commander let out a sigh of relief.

    Because what Fang Qiu showed them was invincible capacity, which was almost at the level of a human-shaped nuclear bomb. It would be fine if there were fewer people like him in the country. But if there were many people like him, it would be a huge threat to national security.

    Fang Qiu soon came to the base.

    After seeing the position of Fang Qiu through the surveillance video, the commander and Li Ji took a look at each other and immediately walked out of the command room to greet Fang Qiu.

    “Senior, you’re finally here.” Seeing Fang Qiu, Li Ji quickly greeted him with a grin and applauded with the commander.

    “It seems that I’m not fast enough,” Fang Qiu replied with a smile.

    Li Ji gave a wry smile and replied quickly, “No, no… That’s not what I meant.”

    At this time, the commander walked forward and asked, “Excuse me, sir, are those soldiers alright?”Updates by vi p novel

    Fang Qiu nodded and said, “They’re fine. They will wake up in ten minutes.”

    Only by hearing that did the commander let out a sigh of relief.

    There were a hundred people. If all of them passed out like that, he was afraid that there would be problems. Even if he asked people to bring all the soldiers back, it would be a lot of trouble.

    “Senior, let’s talk inside,” Li Ji said.

    “All right.” Fang Qiu nodded and walked all the way into the base under the lead of Li Ji and the commander.

    It was a green castle, which was completely hidden in the forest.

    Fang Qiu still felt that he was in the jungle even when he entered the castle.

    This place was a forest with all kinds of vines and shrubs, among which there were many large, camouflage-colored tents surrounded by creepers.

    In the innermost part, there was a two-story building under a very wide tree.

    The entire building was painted with camouflage.

    Under the lead of Li Ji and the commander, Fang Qiu quickly came to the building, entered the first room, sat down, and chatted with them.

    “Pitter-patter…” Ten minutes later, there was a loud sound of footsteps.

    “Report.” A shout came from outside.

    “It’s just the right time.” The commander looked at the time and found that it did take only ten minutes. He immediately gave Fang Qiu a thumbs up, and then got up and went out.

    As the commander looked at the one hundred people who were standing on the empty ground in front of him, his face darkened.

    “Humph.” A snort showed all his dissatisfaction.

    All of the soldiers lowered their heads and looked rather gloomy.

    This was the first time they had seen this inhuman power. This kind of power was so horrible that it made Fang Qiu look like a superman.

    It was impossible for them to deal with him at all.

    “Now you’ve seen it, haven’t you?” Walking in front of the square-shaped formation of a hundred people, the commander shouted with a solemn face, “You now know there is always someone better than you, right?

    “Don’t always think that you are so powerful just because you are a special troop!

    “I’m telling you, in this world, there are a lot of people more powerful than you!

    “After completing a few tasks and making some accomplishments, you feel invincible, don’t you? I admit that you’re doing very well in the face of ordinary enemies, but what about when you’re facing special enemies?

    “I’m very disappointed in your performance today!

    “Very disappointed!

    “Although you were not dealing with an ordinary enemy today, you have been trained so hard for so many years. Do you really have no chance to attack him at all? Have all these years of hard training been wasted in vain?”

    Not a single one of the hundred people spoke.

    Even though they felt very painful, they still raised their heads and puffed out their chests, listening to the lecture.

    “Let me tell you, it was your conceit that made you so miserably defeated!”

    The commander continued to reprimand, “Those who are conceited think that they are facing an ordinary person and believe that they can easily win no matter what kind of enemy they are facing!

    “Now, have you won?”

    “Where’s your pride? Show me!”

    Everyone was silent.

    The commander was right. They were too arrogant. Otherwise, they could have arranged more sophisticated plans and done better.

    If they really did it, maybe they could change the situation of the battle!

    Seeing the changes in everyone’s expressions, the commander gave a cold snort and said, “Humph. Get lost. Go back to training and reflect on your actions!”

    Upon hearing that, the vice-captain stood out and took the soldiers away.

    After the lecture, the commander returned to the room.

    “Are you done?” Li Ji asked with a smile.

    The commander nodded and said, “These ignorant boys should be taught a lesson. Otherwise, they really think that they are standing on top of the world.”

    Li Ji said, “Well, since they are all back, it’s time to talk about our matter.”

    “All right.” The commander nodded and looked at Fang Qiu, saying, “I know that you especially came here for learning the special forces’ skills such as lurking, scouting, tracking, and so on. There’s no hurry. I’ll send someone to elaborate it to you.”

    Fang Qiu nodded.

    The commander said, “But before you start learning, I have a request.”

    Fang Qiu was stunned. “A request?”

    The commander nodded with certainty and said, “That’s right! I want you to help improve the strength of our squadron.”

    Speaking of this, the commander chuckled and continued to say, “To be honest, you are the youngest and the most powerful person I have seen in the past few decades. Since you are able to train yourself so well, then there is definitely a way for you to help me train these young fellas.”

    Fang Qiu pursed his lips and said, “Actually, they are already very strong. Judging by their performance today, I think that even a sixth-class Martial Superior won’t be able to defeat them. And at present, there are only more than 1,000 sixth-class Martial Superiors in Huaxia. It’s very impressive that these 100 people can reach this level without the help of kung fu. Moreover, they are special forces. They have to face various criminals, not kung fu practitioners. To deal with people in Wulin, our country must have special people or departments handling this. So I don’t think it’s necessary for them to accept my training.”

    Li Ji said, “Senior, you don’t have to refuse. We’ve done you such a big favor. Maybe you should show your gratitude, right?”

    Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

    Although the time was short, it was good for the country to train these special troops. Moreover, these soldiers had good aptitudes. Furthermore, he came all the way here to study. Since he had to learn something from here, it was fair to leave something here.

    “All right then.” As he thought of this, Fang Qiu nodded gently. As he agreed, he asked directly, “How many people among these soldiers have practiced martial arts?”

    “They’ve all practiced it before.” Li Ji’s eyes lit up and he answered immediately, “It’s just that they haven’t mastered internal force, so they can’t be regarded as martial art practitioners.”

    Upon hearing that, Fang Qiu shook his head with a wry smile.