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Chapter 205 - Feng Yuqi’s Plan

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 205: Feng Yuqi’s Plan

    Standing on her chair, the woman only rose a little taller than Xiao Luo. She placed her hands aggressively on the hips and cursed at Xiao Luo like a furious witch. The words she spewed were filled with foul invectives and disgusting, inappropriate references to his entire ancestral line; all in all, she was quite a nasty piece of work.

    “Enough. You’re in a police station. I can charge you with insulting police officers if you keep going like this!” Old Zhang let out a dry cough and reminded her.

    The woman became even more aggressive and said, “Insulting police officers? Stop talking to me in this bureaucratic tone. How dare this d*mn auxiliary police call himself a police officer? He’s no more than a fart in my eyes!”

    Xiao Luo smiled and turned around without saying a further word.

    Thinking Xiao Luo had given in, the woman was puffed up with arrogance and got carried away. She screamed even louder at Xiao Luo, “D*mn auxiliary police, why did you leave? Come back here! Didn’t you say you’re going to hit me? Come on. You bastard, son of a b*tch. If you don’t have the guts…”

    Bending slightly, Xiao Luo picked up the chair next to him, turned around, and smashed it right into the frenzied woman.

    BANG! It all happened in a split second!

    The vile and incessant curses came to an abrupt stop. The despicable woman with the foul mouth was thrown back several meters, landing hard on the floor. An expression of panic and fear appeared on her wide-eyed face. She let out a blood-curdling scream pointing at the blood in her mouth.

    For a second, everyone froze in the police station lobby. They looked at Xiao Luo in disbelief with shock in their eyes. They never thought Xiao Luo would pick up a chair and attacked a woman in a police station. But despite the excessive reaction, for the most part, the officers actually felt a sense of… delight! She had it coming, and they wished they could’ve given it to her as well.

    “Attack! Police brutality! Almost beat me to death!” Coming out of her stupor, the woman realized what just happened and started rolling on the ground and acting hysterically.

    Xiao Luo strode toward her and looked down on her with piercing, cold eyes.

    “You… What are you going to do? I- I can sue you… you…”

    The woman shrunk in terror. She could see now that the auxiliary police officer standing in front of her was not someone to be trifled with. He had a cold, devil-like face when angered.

    “Didn’t you say I don’t have the guts to hit you? I’m going to hit you now just to show it to you!”

    As Xiao Luo reached out to slowly pick up another chair, his wicked smile convinced the woman what was about to happen next.

    Could he be planning on teaching this woman another lesson?

    Everyone in the room shuddered at the thought. The look of unbridled anger on Xiao Luo’s face frightened them.

    Old Zhang sensed the situation was turning nasty and hurried to stop Xiao Luo. He said, “Xiao Luo. It’s enough. Don’t ruin your career over this kind of woman.”

    “Old Zhang, just pretend you didn’t see anything.” Xiao Luo forced a smile at the man.

    The smile was quite disturbing in other people’s eyes.

    Ma Pijin stood up at that moment. He pointed at Xiao Luo and said harshly, “Xiao Luo, you have done enough! Do you really think the police station is your house where you can do whatever you want?”

    Ma Pijin was waging a tit-for-tat against Xiao Luo. Standing on the legal and moral high ground this time, he admonished Xiao Luo forcefully.

    Finding in Ma Pijin, a straw to clutch at, she dramatically appealed for his help, “Officer! Please stop him! This man is crazy!”

    “Don’t worry, lady. We won’t let him run wild!”

    Ma Pijin promised that to her in all sincerity. He then continued to chide Xiao Luo again, “Xiao Luo, you need to stop your abuse right now. Otherwise, I will arrest you and hold you responsible according to the law even though we’re colleagues.”

    “Ass-kisser, I usually don’t bother to pay attention to you. I now find you aggravating!”

    Xiao Luo forced out a cruel laugh, then deliberately stepped on the woman’s hand. Although he didn’t apply much pressure, the hard sole of his leather shoe made the woman scream like a pig before slaughter.

    “Ai! You, you…”

    Intimidated, Ma Pijin broke out into a cold sweat. He immediately thought about instigating everyone in the room to berate Xiao Luo. He shouted, “Xiao Luo deliberately broke the law. Let’s hurry to stop him. We can’t let him keep committing crimes!”

    To his chagrin, no one responded to him. All the police officers who were looking on simply went back to whatever they were doing before. Answering the phone, writing reports, pretending that they did not hear or see anything.

    “You all…”

    Ma Pijin felt wronged by his colleagues and not a little embarrassed as well. He wondered why everyone shut their eyes to it when Xiao Luo was clearly doing something wrong.

    “Fine! I will go find the station chief since you all too afraid to act!” Ma Pijin said defiantly and ran straight to the station chief’s office.

    After a few minutes, the Chief’s door swung open, and Ma Pijin walked out, disheartened. Not only Feng Yuqi did not support him, but he was also given an earful by the Chief.

    “Do you have to bother me for this kind of trivial matter? What the hell do I need you all for?”

    Feng Yuqi made clear where he stood. Ma Pijin didn’t understand what he did wrong. Why did everyone choose to side with that lout Xiao Luo?

    “Hit a snag?” Liu Tieguo asked with a chuckle.

    Ma Pijin pulled a long face and glared angrily.

    “With the size of our station, how could it be possible that the station chief didn’t know what was happening outside his office? Ass-kisser, your cleverness indeed overreached itself.” Liu Tieguo said to Ma Pijin. “Oh, by the way, I need to tell you, the wallet that the woman stole was found. It was hidden inside of her bra and fell out when Brother Xiao Luo grabbed her feet upside down and shook her a little. With the surveillance footage and the stolen goods, the woman’s theft charge is now substantiated.” Liu Tieguo piped in further, with his hands together under his chin, tapping on his fingers and smiling with glee.


    She really was a thief?

    Ma Pijin felt devastated and demoralized at the same time when he heard it from Liu Tieguo.

    He turned his head and watched the woman in the chair. She looked dejected and was now making a truthful account to Old Zhang about what happened.

    As for Xiao Luo, he stuck his hands in the pockets and walked toward Ma Pijin. Almost in reflex, Ma Pijin jumped out of the way for Xiao Luo, with eyes full of fright.

    “Brother Xiao, tell me. How on earth did you find out the wallet was hidden in the woman’s bra?”

    Liu Tieguo was fawning and expressing his deep admiration for Xiao Luo. He had found the wallet that even Old Zhang, with his seniority and experience, couldn’t. For anyone looking, it would seem like he was infatuated.

    “I didn’t know in the beginning. I only realized it when I hit the woman with the chair.”

    Xiao Luo answered honestly. Even though he used a chair, it still felt different when the chair hit on the woman’s chest.

    “Hahaha… You’re so awesome. I couldn’t admire you enough.”

    Liu Tieguo burst out a roar with laughter. He then said, “Congratulations. Let’s play video games tonight!”



    “The boy is quite good.”

    Feng Yuqi had understood what had just happened as he watched through the blinds in his office. His praise was naturally for Xiao Luo’s action.

    The instructor scorned dismissively, “He’s quite good? What a typical hothead would strike a blow at a single word of disagreement. This kind of fearless characters will probably get us into trouble someday.”

    “Eh, you can’t only look at one side of things. Everything needs to be considered from both sides.”

    Feng Yuqi rested his chin on the back of his hands and said with a smile, “This Xiao Luo is a double-edged sword. If we can use him properly, he will be a natural enemy against crime. Didn’t the district station say we’re negligent and have far less achievement compared to other substations? I was very concerned and was just looking into that. By good fortune, this youngster Xiao Luo has come right in time.”

    “Station chief, you… Are you saying you want to put Xiao Luo in a key frontline position?” The instructor looked surprised.

    Feng Yuqi only responded with a mysterious smile.

    The instructor gulped. He had worked with Feng Yuqi for too long, not to realize what Feng Yuqi had meant. But putting the hothead Xiao Luo in a frontline position?

    It was so reckless and irresponsible! How was he not afraid that the youngster would make a huge mess?