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Chapter 220 - Did I Bully Anyone?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 220: Did I Bully Anyone?

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    “What other relationship would a company have with an actor under its name?” Tang Yiyi asked back with an unquestionable tone, but hidden in her words was a sense of mockery.

    It was unclear whether this mockery was directed toward Qiao Bo or herself!

    Qiao Bo stared at her for a few moments before he let go of her. “Alright, I understand.”

    Tang Yiyi nodded. “I’ll be leaving now, then.”

    “Let me send you back.”

    “No need, my brother is downstairs.”

    Qiao Bo nodded and did not say anything else, and as the click-clack of high heels sounded out in the hallway, the light in his eyes dimmed slightly as he clenched his fists.

    Tang Yiyi walked down the stairs and got onto the car, before looking at Tang Jinyu and smiling bitterly. “Brother, I’m not feeling so well.”

    “If that’s the case then don’t smile, it looks ugly.” Tang Jinyu reached over and patted her head.

    Tang Yiyi shook her head in response. “Brother, things weren’t supposed to be like this.”

    Tang Jinyu sighed. “If you’re tired of it, you can step down…”

    Tang Yiyi inhaled before she spoke again, her smile unfaltering. “Brother, let’s go home now. I want to get some rest.”

    Tang Jinyu smiled softly and ruffled her hair. “Yiyi, if you truly don’t want to do it anymore, just step down. You have my support, okay?”

    Tang Yiyi nodded and smiled brightly, the gloomy emotions in her heart disappeared within moments as she reached over and hugged Tang Jinyu’s arm, leaning her head onto his shoulder and smiling contentedly. “Hey Brother, how about I become your subordinate?”

    “You can if you want to.” Tang Jinyu caressed her head gently.

    Tang Yiyi giggled and shook her head. “Actually on second thought, I’d rather not. I don’t want to be bullied by you like your subordinates are.”

    “Did I bully them?” Tang Jinyu asked.

    Tang Yiyi.”…Brother, are you serious?”

    Tang Jinyu nodded, and Tang Yiyi laughed.


    Coco went around town with Jian Qi for the whole day before going to the office for matters that had to do with Qiao Bo, bringing her along with him.

    To not cause a fuss, Jian Qi was still in a mask and a pair of sunglasses, which was not all that rare in this entertainment company. However, most of those celebrities would take those off when they have entered the doors of the company, Jian Qi did not.

    It was usually easy to guess who the celebrity was from the manager that followed them around, but the person that was always with Coco was Qiao Bo… Who was this woman in disguise?

    Coco went to the meeting room, and when he had Jian Qi wait in the lounge, she only smiled and replied, “I have to go check out how our Great Coco does his magic, how can I just sit there?”

    Coco did not have any choice but to bring her in with him. “Later, just act like an assistant and no one will notice you.”

    “Alright, I promise I won’t disturb you!” Jian Qi replied.

    Inside the meeting room were Tang Yiyi and a few men and women that Jian Qi recognized as the managers of a few popular celebrities that she had met before when she was on her shoots.

    What were they going to discuss?

    Coco walked in, and everyone’s sight fell on him. True to his words, all of them, except for Tang Yiyi, treated her like air and completely ignored her, and Jian Qi knew that Tang Yiyi had already guessed who she was.

    Tang Yiyi quickly averted her gaze and did not show any signs of surprise upon seeing her there.