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Chapter 868 - The Results of Grampy’s Health Checkup

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 868: The Results of Grampy’s Health Checkup

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    Old Mr. Mo had always hated going to the hospital and this time, Wen Xinya had to whine and play cute in order to persuade him to give in and go to the hospital for a checkup. She almost resorted to threatening him with her life. Old Mr. Mo only gave in because he was incredibly annoyed.

    Wen Xinya headed to the Mo Family home to pick Old Mr. Mo up to go to the hospital.

    Doctor Hans arranged for Old Mr. Mo to enter the treatment room while Wen Xinya waited outside.

    The waiting game was always the hardest, especially when she was filled with uncertainty and waiting for some unpredictable results. Wen Xinya was filled with nervousness and continuously checked the time.

    Ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes…

    Unable to wait any longer, she began to fidget about and thought to herself,

    Wen Xinya continued to wait impatiently and arduously.

    Forty minutes, one hour, two hours!

    Just as she was feeling anxious and uneasy, she heard the sound of the door being opened and out came Old Mr. Mo, followed by Doctor Hans. They seemed to be having a joyous conversation.

    Wen Xinya became more relaxed and smiled widely. Glancing at Doctor Hans, she said, “Thank you for giving my Grampy a checkup, Doctor Hans. How is his health?”

    Doctor Hans answered, “Old Mr. Mo is in the pink of health. Although he has a weaker heart, it won’t affect his overall health. I’ll email you the detailed report of his health condition within three working days.”

    Upon hearing his words, Wen Xinya smiled and said, “Thank you, Doctor Hans.”

    Doctor Hans was the top cardiologist in the field of medicine. Since he said that Old Mr. Mo was fine, it meant that Old Mr. Mo was really alright.

    Doctor Hans shrugged his shoulders and said, “I’m just performing my duty. Don’t stand on ceremony with me, Miss Wen.”

    After bidding Doctor Hans goodbye, Old Mr. Mo gazed at Wen Xinya, who was as happy as a lark, and no longer as depressed as she was earlier on. He felt extremely glad.

    “Are you happy now?” She had thrown a huge tantrum in order to convince him to go to the hospital. It was his first time realizing how annoying she could be, even though she was usually sensible.

    Wen Xinya stuck her tongue out at Old Mr. Mo and said with an adorable expression, “Of course I am. Grampy, since there are no issues with your health, that means that you will enjoy longevity and I’ll get to annoy you forever.”

    In her previous lifetime, Old Mr. Mo’s death had given her a huge blow, and she could not explain the complicated feeling that she felt. She only felt the excruciating pain of losing her dearest kin.

    In this lifetime, she decided to pay close attention to Old Mr. Mo’s health as soon as she returned, and she even went the extra mile to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine. She had never stopped feeding Old Mr. Mo with the herbal soups concocted by Du Ruo and medicines based on Wan Niang’s secret recipes. She was glad to see that his health was improving and he was becoming stronger.

    But, three years!

    In her previous lifetime, that was the year of terror and nightmares for her. It was the year that she had gotten addicted to drugs which inevitably ruined her life. It was the year that she fell in love with Chu Jingnan and caused her life to be pathetic and miserable. That was the year that Old Mr. Mo passed away, the year of the demise of the only person who genuinely treated her well. As a result, her life ended up in dire straits.

    It was like a complete nightmare.

    It became a trauma that haunted her for the rest of her life, and she could not stop worrying even though Old Mr. Mo was in the pink of health.

    She only felt much more at ease now that she knew Old Mr. Mo was alright.

    Seeing at how mischievous she looked, Old Mr. Mo caressed her hair and said, “I told you earlier on that my body and health are alright. Yet, you refused to listen and acted all paranoid. You even insisted that I go for a checkup. You mean you don’t trust your Grandpa Du’s medicinal techniques?”

    He knew that Wen Xinya was just worried about his health and he was glad to cooperate with her as well. However, he felt that she was abnormally concerned and worried, though he was unsure if he was just reading too much into things. Previously, he had merely suffered from a poor appetite and yet, she absented herself from school and even requested Old Mr. Du to take his pulse.

    He could not quite understand the reason behind her actions.

    Wen Xinya giggled and said, “Grandpa, you’re so sly. You actually used Old Mr. Du to set me up.” She then grabbed his arm and continued coquettishly, “Old Mr. Du is the prodigy of the medicinal world and his skills are undoubtedly terrific. However, there are specializations, and the main issue with your health is that you have a weaker heart. Western doctors can obtain more accurate data on your health condition and prescribe you with the right treatment. When combined with Grandpa Du’s medicinal recipes, you’ll be in better health, Grampy!”

    She naturally trusted Old Mr. Du, and Doctor Hans definitely could not be compared to Old Mr. Du. However, she just wanted to use the latest technology and medical equipment to find out the data of Old Mr. Mo’s health. Only then, could she find out the exact condition of his health.

    Old Mr. Mo glowered at her and chided. “Don’t be rude.”

    She was the only person who would dare to accuse her elders of being sly.

    Knowing that she had said something wrong, Wen Xinya quickly grabbed Old Mr. Mo’s arm and explained, “It’s just a slip of the tongue! A slip of the tongue! Grampy, you’re esteemed and reputable. How could I describe you using such a derogatory term?”

    Old Mr. Mo guffawed and ignored her. , he thought.

    However… he was all smiles. Ever since Wen Xinya returned, she had been extremely sensible and rational and never used to act like a teenager. Hence, he was heartened to see how much bubblier and cheery she had become towards him in the past two years.

    Wen Xinya leaped towards him and said, “Grampy, you were so suave today. People might just think you’re my father when we’re walking on the streets.”

    Old Mr. Mo was good looking, and Wen Xinya had inherited all of the aesthetic genes of the Mo Family. She had inherited 70% of her mother’s beauty and charm, and the other 30% was the grace and aura of Old Mr. Mo.

    Due to the intensive care that Old Mr. Mo had been giving his health, he was energetic and full of vigor. Besides, he was dashing and presentable, making him look youthful as if he was only in his fifties.

    Old Mr. Mo glanced at her calmly.

    Wen Xinya immediately grimaced at Old Mr. Mo and said, “Hehe, Grampy, you’ve finally decided to acknowledge my words.”

    Old Mr. Mo said resignedly, “Go back to school now and continue studying. You’re so young and yet, you absent yourself from school all the time. Your exams are coming up and yet you’re still so laid back.”

    Wen Xinya sulked and said, “I’ll send you back home first, Grampy.”

    Old Mr. Mo glanced at her affectionately and said, “You don’t have to. I’ve already called Old Zhang. He’s probably on his way now.”

    Just as they were speaking, Old Mr. Zhang pulled over and said, “Missy, I’ll send Old Mr. Mo home safely. Rest assured and go back to class!”

    Wen Xinya had no choice but to stride towards her car like an abandoned puppy.

    Old Mr. Mo burst into laughter.

    Wen Xinya scurried towards Old Mr. Mo gleefully and pecked him on the cheek before running back to her car. After getting inside his car, she waved at Old Mr. Mo and exclaimed, “Grampy, bye-bye!”