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Chapter 274 - Dual Cultivation, Yes or No? (2)

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 274: Dual Cultivation, Yes or No? (2)

    Zi Shang’s eyes narrowed. He stole a glance at Yun Jiuge but did not move.

    D*mn! Yun Jiuge thought that Zi Shang would pounce on her immediately. Who knew he could resist temptation?

    Could it be that her charms had waned, or did he have someone else who satisfied him?

    This sudden suspicion soured Yun Jiuge’s mood.

    She was a possessive and demanding woman. In the past, when they were not together, it had been fine. But now that Zi Shang belonged to her, she would kill anyone who laid a hand on him.

    “Dual cultivation, yes or no?” Yun Jiuge took off her outer robe and threw it at Zi Shang’s head. Her expression was not one of invitation. It was an order.

    If he said no, she would slice him up!

    Zi Shang had been making fun of Yun Jiuge. Seeing that she was getting peeved, he immediately gave up his game.

    “Alright. Fine with me!” Zi Shang slowly took off his light purple robe, revealing his perfectly sculpted body beneath.

    His muscles were firm and strong, each section separated clearly. His long legs were hard and so beautifully sculpted. Anyone who saw him like this would salivate.

    The duo did not waste time. They quickly proceeded with the dual cultivation.

    Zi Shang wanted to see the results of Yun Jiuge’s practice, so he entered from behind. He moved 49 times and saw faint traces of feathers appearing on her shoulder blades.

    Although not yet fully developed, this was a considerable improvement.

    “It seems like you have been practicing hard!” Zi Shang touched the red glow that appeared on Yun Jiuge’s back gently in satisfaction.

    “Of course,” Yun Jiuge had been very diligent.

    Zi Shang flipped Yun Jiuge over and started channeling his powers, face to face. Then, he saw a clear imprint of the Phoenix Feather Flower appearing between Yun Jiuge’s eyebrows.

    It was enchantingly red and alluring beyond compare.

    “How is it? When can I evolve to become a humanoid bird?” Yun Jiuge clutched Zi Shang’s waist tightly, panting a little as she spoke.

    It had been a while since they’d dual cultivated, and she could barely keep up with Zi Shang.

    “Do you wish to become a demon?” Zi Shang raised an eyebrow and grabbed Yun Jiuge’s waist. Falling to his back, he got her to sit on his waist.

    “I would consider it if I could fly.” Yun Jiuge did not like this position. It was too tiring.

    She preferred lying down comfortably.

    “I promise that you will fly!” Seeing that Yun Jiuge was not averse to becoming demonic, Zi Shang was so happy that he wanted to give her a hard kiss.

    But he did not dare. There could be no mistakes during dual cultivation. If his emotions fluctuated, the one who would be harmed was Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge was totally unaware of Zi Shang’s struggles. Her wish to lie down was granted, and she started dual cultivating comfortably.

    After the dual cultivation finished, Yun Jiuge’s elixir field was more stable and more robust. Besides, she’d made up with Zi Shang, so she felt pleased.

    In the coming days, Zi Shang did not bring up the topic of going to the Yin Corpse Sect to learn their techniques. It was as if he had forgotten about it.

    While Yun Jiuge enjoyed her freedom, she had a nagging feeling that something was going to happen. That Zi Shang was preparing something big for her.

    But if she insisted on not going, she told herself, there was nothing he could do to her.

    Soon, Yun Jiuge got to know Zi Shang’s plan.

    “Eldest Miss, you look pale. Have you exhausted yourself?” Qing Mama brought in a bowl of ginseng soup and looked at Yun Jiuge with worry.

    “Nothing of that sort.” Yun Jiuge felt that her condition was pretty good, and her cultivation was proceeding smoothly.

    “Fourth Miss will be fine. You needn’t worry so much,” Qing Mama felt that Eldest Miss must have been worrying about Fourth Miss.

    “I know.” Ye Ruyi had the protection of the powerful presence from the Black Fiend Sect. Her life would most likely be more smooth sailing than hers.

    Seeing that Yun Jiuge was not really bothered, Qing Mama continued guessing, “Was Eldest Miss worrying about Old Master? Although he is critically ill, he’s got what he deserved. You must not be too soft-hearted.”

    “I am not soft-hearted.” Yun Jiuge was very calm.

    Previously, the Ye Residence’s butler had come crying and screaming for her to save Ye Yuxuan. He had even wanted to create a scene to force Yun Jiuge to agree under public pressure and gossip.

    But, after being beaten by Zi Shang, he did not dare make a peep.

    “That’s good. You should drink the ginseng soup while it’s hot!” Qing Mama observed as Yun Jiuge downed the bowl of ginseng soup before leaving.

    “Ye Yuxuan has only three days left.” Zi Shang appeared soundlessly behind Yun Jiuge.

    “Alright.” Yun Jiuge nodded. There were no signs of sadness or happiness on her face.

    Her rotten father was about to leave this world, but she did not feel a sense of relief. Perhaps, this was all fate!

    “Don’t be sad. Ye Yuxuan does not deserve your goodwill,” Zi Shang consoled.

    “I am not sad.” Even if he was her biological father, Ye Yuxuan was so rotten that she could not find it in herself to cry.

    “If you are not sad, then why do you look so terrible?” Zi Shang frowned.

    “Do I look terrible?” Yun Jiuge took out a crystal mirror. She thought that she looked alright!

    Her face was a little pale. The rims around her eyes were a bit red, and her lips were slightly purplish.

    “Are you blind? You look very different from before. You looked like that in the past.” Zi Shang swiped the mirror in front of Yun Jiuge, and an image of her in the past appeared.

    Her eyes were bright. She had clean, white teeth and was generally as dazzling as a fully bloomed flower. She was magnificent. Her features were naturally chiseled. Fresh, natural, and delicate like a rose.

    After looking at her appearance in the past, she looked at herself now.

    Yun Jiuge then realized that her face was deathly pale. The rims around her eyes were red, and her lips were purple. She looked just like a ghost.

    She looked like a dispirited beauty. This was not how a person from the righteous sects should look.

    “How did I become such a ghostly sight?” Yun Jiuge lifted her head and looked at Zi Shang in shock. He had to know what was going on.

    “The toxin will slowly change your appearance, making you appear abnormal. That’s another reason you have to go to the Yin Corpse Sect.” Zi Shang had not forced the issue because he wanted her to discover the consequences for herself.

    “What do you mean by abnormal?” She wouldn’t become like a ghost, would she?

    “You’ll find out very soon,” Zi Shang laughed coldly. Who told you to ignore me?

    “How soon is soon?” Yun Jiuge chased after him, but Zi Shang ignored her.

    Yun Jiuge laid down to rest, feeling depressed. The next morning, she understood what he’d meant by ‘soon.’

    The crystal mirror reflected a pale white face.

    The corner of her eyes was tinged red, and her pupils were pitch black. But her lips were a deep purple.

    Red, black, white, and purple. These four colors painted her face.

    Even if she were beautiful, she still couldn’t accept looking like this!

    “How did I become like this?” Yun Jiuge couldn’t accept the fact that she’d turned from a white lotus flower into the image of a demonic ghostly flower.

    “If you do not go to the Yin Corpse Sect, you will change even more.” Zi Shang wanted Yun Jiuge to go to the Yin Corpse Sect because the Yin Qi there could help dispel the poison from her elixir field.

    When she turned the Yin Qi into Spiritual Force, the Nine Stages of Fractured Bones Poison would also temper her physique. This would double the effects of her cultivation.

    “If they find out who I am, they will never accept me.” Yun Jiuge was still resisting.

    “I created an identity for you at Dabie Mountain. I promise that you will enter the Yin Corpse Sect without much trouble.” Zi Shang was well-prepared.

    However, the Yin-corpse Bone-controlling Technique was only taught to the True Disciples of the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Entering the Yin Corpse Sect might be easy. But it wasn’t easy becoming a True Disciple. They still had much work to do.