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Chapter 275 - Ye Yuxuan’s Regre

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 275: Ye Yuxuan’s Regret

    “Oh, alright, when will we leave?” Yun Jiuge finally gave in to her fate.

    “As soon as possible,” Zi Shang replied. He was afraid that the poison in Yun Jiuge’s body would spread too fast.

    “Give me ten days to prepare.” Who knew how long they would be at the Yin Corpse Sect? It would be better if she were thoroughly prepared.

    Besides, Ye Yuxuan was about to die. She had to take back the things that belonged to the Yun Residence.

    “Sure. Right. The Ten-thousand Beast Technique that you are practicing will require a lot of herbs to temper your bones in the later stages. You should start collecting them now,” Zi Shang said. Then he gave a list of herbs to Yun Jiuge.

    Yun Jiuge was, after all, a human being. She did not have the protection of the mighty beast form. In the later stages of practicing the technique, she would need to supplement her cultivation through the support of medicinal herbs.

    “Fine. I’ll get the Gong Clan to help me gather them. I’ll cash in this favor as thanks for the Blood Lotus Flower,” Yun Jiuge answered. Previously, she had planned on asking the Gong Clan to demand Ye Ruyi’s return.

    But there was no need for that now. Yun Jiuge might as well just claim the favor for money. That way, at least the Gong Clan would stop harping on about repaying her.

    “Alright.” Zi Shang nodded.

    With Yun Jiuge’s devilish appearance, she could not meet anyone now.

    To regain her original appearance, she needed to consume some medicinal pills to replenish her energy, spirit, and essence.

    Thankfully, Yun Jiuge had amassed a large number of Spiritual Herbs that she’d previously cultivated through the Blood Refinement Technique at the Bloodthirsty Sect. She hurriedly produced a batch of Spiritual Blood Pills then consumed them to regain her previous appearance.

    Three days passed, and Ye Yuxuan was in a critical condition.

    Yun Jiuge led Qing Mama and Old Huo to the Ye Residence to see him.

    Ye Yuxuan was already on the verge of death. His face was shriveled, and his eyes were sunken.

    Seeing Yun Jiuge, he glared at her with bloodshot eyes and swore at her. “Jiuge, I’m your biological father, yet you’ve treated me like this. How will you have the decency to answer to your mother when you pass on to the next world?”

    Yun Jiuge stood at the edge of the bed. A mocking smile stretched across her face. “Ye Yuxuan, when you switched the life-saving medicine that my mother needed with fake medicine and took away the Marrow-cleansing Metamorphosis Pill that maternal grandfather left for me, did you ever think about how you would face my mother in the afterlife?”

    “What? What are you talking about?” Ye Yuxuan had never considered that his past sins would be discovered.

    “Because you hankered after the Yun family’s wealth and assets, you even poisoned my maternal grandfather. Did you really think that nobody would find out what you did?” Yun Jiuge demanded. Her gaze was chilling.

    “I didn’t! It wasn’t me!” Ye Yuxuan heaved, frantically shaking his head in denial.

    “My mother must be lamenting her blindness in the afterlife. She must still be wondering why she fell for such a cruel and heartless man.” Yun Jiuge’s words were like stabs.

    Ye Yuxuan’s eyes bulged open, staring at Yun Jiuge’s pretty face. It looked to him as if Yun Qiaoqiao had come from hell to take his life.

    “Qiaoqiao! I’m sorry, so sorry! I was too greedy, so you were harmed. Please forgive me!” Ye Yuxuan’s eyes strained. He wanted to reach out and hold Yun Jiuge’s hand.

    Yun Jiuge took a step back, avoiding his touch. She told him coldly, “Go beg my mother for forgiveness in hell!”

    Ye Yuxuan’s blood pressure shot up. His face paled in defeat. His outstretched hands fell limp, and he died in a moment of shock, fear, and regret.

    Yun Jiuge took a long hard look at him, then walked out of the building.

    Qing Mama and Old Huo were waiting outside. They were both worried when they saw her walking out.

    Yun Jiuge’s eyes were downcast. She related her orders without any sadness or happiness. “Prepare his last rites!”

    Ye Yuxuan’s last rites were simple. He was then buried without any funeral.

    Although Yun Jiuge had changed her last name, no one objected to her inheriting everything that Ye Yuxuan had left behind.

    The Yun Residence plaque replaced that of the Ye Residence. And the same went for ownership of the Ye businesses and assets. There would be no more Ye family.

    After Yun Jiuge arranged things properly, she spread the news of her having been heavily injured and announced that she was going to seek a life-saving chance encounter in the Miao border’s Shiwan Grand Mountain.

    Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling showed up within moments to ask if the rumors were true.

    Dongfang Que was absent. He had yet to return from his maternal grandfather’s home.

    Yun Jiuge received the duo and told them half-truths about her injuries. Then, entrusted them with looking after the Yun Residence on her behalf.

    She did not know how long her impending journey would take. With only one high-level Spiritual Practitioner, Old Huo, looking after the household, she was a little worried.

    Wan Ziyang and Bai Songling naturally obliged her.

    The others were easy to convince, but Ye Yu and Luo Tian were not.

    “I am unable to reveal my intended destination.” Going to the Yin Corpse Sect was very serious, not to mention it would be big news. Yun Jiuge did not dare let them know.

    “Then, when will you be back?” Ye Yu asked with melancholy.

    “It’s hard to tell,” Yun Jiuge replied and shook her head. The Yin Corpse Sect was not a comfortable place to be, after all.

    Even if she successfully infiltrated the sect, her aim was to learn their best secret technique to dispel the poison of the Nine Stages of Fracture Bones. She did not know when she would succeed.

    Ye Yu and Luo Tian fell silent. They did not blame the Eldest Miss for keeping her secrets. They only blamed themselves because they were too useless and couldn’t be much help to her.

    “Eldest Miss. Since you will not be in the Lei Kingdom, I would like to return to the Ye family to continue cultivating techniques.”

    Ye Yu’s cultivation level was too low. Visiting the Yin Corpse Sect to gather news about his elder sister was impossible for him now, what to speak of helping Eldest Miss. He had to grow stronger.

    For quite some time now, he had been trying to combine the Ye family’s heirloom concealment technique with the mental cultivation technique that Yun Jiuge had given him. He had successfully created a unique shadow assassination path of his own.

    But mental cultivation required a place that was dark and full of yin energy. As it just so happened, the Ye family had a dark, shadowy place that was fitting for practicing the concealment technique. He wanted to return there to focus on his cultivation.

    “Sure,” Yun Jiuge replied with a nod. Then, she turned to Luo Tian and asked, “What about you?”

    “I will remain here, awaiting your return.” Since Luo Tian had signed a servant’s indenture agreement with Yun Jiuge, he was obligated to perform his duties.

    “You would be wasting your time here. Perhaps you should seek out Jun Yichen at the Shiwan Grand Mountain. It would be good camouflage for me.” Yun Jiuge had revealed that she would be going to the Shiwan Grand Mountain, so she had to have some evidence of her presence there.

    “Alright.” Of course, Luo Tian would follow Eldest Miss’ instructions.

    After that, Yun Jiuge started organizing her luggage while secretly gathering ingredients with a Yin nature.

    Yin pills were not popular in the Lei Kingdom, so Yin ingredients were not easily found. The only common ones were Corpse Grass and Nether Bone Flower.

    Yun Jiuge was not picky, so she took whatever she could find.

    After spending more than 500 Spiritual Jade pieces, she had gathered quite a few herbs.

    Then, the rest of the medicinal herbs required for her Bone Tempering were sent over by the Gong Clan. The herbs filled a whole Magical Bottomless Bag and were worth about 5,000 pieces of Spiritual Jade. The Gong Clan had proved very sincere in fulfilling Ye Jiuge’s request.

    Yun Jiuge had also produced many poisons and knockout drugs for protection. Without Spiritual Power, she had to rely solely on external tools.

    The Lightning Snake Magical Whip could not be used, so she had to seal it up temporarily.

    The small Queen parasite was still in its larvae stage, and Yun Jiuge did not know how long it would take to hatch, so she kept it by her side.

    Black Fat Rat was still comatose. It was as if it would sleep until the end of the world.

    Yun Jiuge had listened to Zi Shang’s advice and stuffed the Spiritual Flower Pearl obtained from the Bloodthirsty Sect into its mouth. She had hoped that it would awaken faster and explain why she had been able to learn beast-speak.

    Even if she was unable to tell another human about her impending journey to the Yin Corpse Sect, she could tell the Treasure-hunting Scorpion.

    At the start, Yun Jiuge was thinking of letting the Scorpion couple go free to look for another Master. After all, following her into the Yin Corpse Sect was very dangerous and risky.

    But the Treasure-hunting Scorpion adamantly declared that it would follow Yun Jiuge to the ends of the universe. If it had to remain in the sack every day, so be it.

    Seeing that the Treasure-hunting Scorpion was so earnest, Yun Jiuge decided to let it be.

    Her belongings filled three whole Magical Bottomless Bags. But she could not keep them with her, so she entrusted Zi Shang to look after them.

    No matter what happened, Zi Shang was going to remain by her side.

    Yun Jiuge put the Yun Residence in order and told Qing Mama and Old Huo to look after the house. Then, she headed toward the Miao border’s Shiwan Grand Mountain with Luo Tian in a low-key manner.

    The duo traveled for about ten days. When they reached the vicinity of Dabie Mountain, Yun Jiuge left a letter for Luo Tian before departing with Zi Shang.