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Chapter 276 - Dabie Mountain, Wicked Wind Cave

The Unparalleled Spiritual Doctor: Demon Emperor's Defiant Love
     Chapter 276: Dabie Mountain, Wicked Wind Cave

    On Dabie Mountain at the Wicked Wind Cave, Yun Jiuge examined the pitch-black cave tomb in front of her. She turned to Zi Shang with a blank look and said, “So, this is your brilliant idea?”

    “Yes, it is.” Zi Shang nodded. He had gone to great pains to find such an ancient tomb.

    “Did you think I look like a man?” Yun Jiuge was speechless.

    She had been wondering what great idea Zi Shang had come up with, but she had not expected something so lame.

    He wanted her to pretend to be a youth who had accidentally entered the cave possessed by a thousand-year-old Corpse, thereby gaining entrance to the Yin Corpse Sect.

    Did he think that the people of the Yin Corpse Sect were so stupid?

    No matter how flat her chest was, she was still a woman!

    “Swallow this Form Illusion Herb, and you will look like a man.” Zi Shang took out a Spiritual Herb that glowed like the moon.

    “Is that the transformation herb that makes it impossible even for Great Spiritual Masters to tell if something is off?” Yun Jiuge had heard that this Spiritual Herb was extinct. She never could have imagined that Zi Shang would be able to find it.

    The Spiritual Herb was milky-white and the size of a thumb. It emitted an intense but hazy glow. If someone looked at it for a long time, they would feel dizzy.

    “That’s right. Take a bite,” Zi Shang said and handed the herb over to Yun Jiuge.

    She swallowed the Form Illusion Herb.

    Yun Jiuge did not feel any different. But once she looked in the mirror, she found herself looking very manly. Her chest was flat, and she had an Adam’s apple. The only thing she lacked was the appendage between the thighs.

    Her face had changed a lot because of the toxin, so she already looked very different from before. Now, with her sex transformation, even Qing Mama would probably not recognize her if she stood right in front of her.

    “What about you?” Yun Jiuge looked at Zi Shang. Even if he did not keep his humanoid form, he did not look like a thousand-year-old Corpse!

    “That’s easy,” Zi Shang said. His body glowed, and his appearance changed drastically.

    When he was in demon form, he had silver hair and purple eyes.

    When he was in human form, his hair and eyes were black.

    Now that he transformed into a Corpse, his body was cloaked with a thick shroud of death energy, and his hair and eyes had turned ash-grey.

    His pupils were faint, and they looked gloomy and wicked without showing any emotions or humanity.

    Between his eyebrows, there was a faint red mark. It looked like a blood tear, but also like a blood eye, and looking at it made one shiver. However, it was also quite alluring. Most people would look at it several times.

    Even transformed into a thousand-year-old Corpse, Zi Shang was still very stunning!

    “Can’t you be more low-key?” He was still so stunning even after turning into a Corpse. He must have done it on purpose!

    “I am already lying low,” he said. He couldn’t help having such striking looks. Even if he wanted to be ‘low-key,’ he was still more attractive than an average person.

    Yun Jiuge was helpless in the face of Zi Shang’s thick-skinned approach. She could only say, “What should we do next?”

    “There was a Vampire Corpse Controlling Master called ‘Yin Shili’ near Dabie Mountain, who was the Yin Corpse Sect’s Secondary Disciple. Once he finds us, we will naturally be invited into the Yin Corpse Sect.” Zi Shang had already had a plan in place.

    Although the criteria for entry into the sect was relatively low, it was not that easy to enter into the core.

    A sponsor would save them a lot of trouble.

    “Alright!” Besides waiting, there was no other option for Yun Jiuge.

    Meanwhile, at the Heishui Village on Dabie Mountain…

    The village was comprised of only a dozen households. All the residents were in the Vampire Corpse Controlling trade, and the Village Head was called Yin Shili.

    Recently, the villagers had been reporting to Yin Shili that, while working, they’d noticed something odd when they passed the Wicked Wind Cave. The Vampire Corpses suddenly kneeled in the cave’s direction and refused to move.

    Within the 100-mile vicinity, the Wicked Wind Cave was famed for its dense Yin Qi.

    Yin Shili had gone to investigate. He’d found an ancient tomb and many traps and pits in the surrounding area.

    The tomb’s owner had already decomposed into bones, so the remains weren’t suitable to be used for a Corpse. He did not see anything unusual.

    But now that something strange was going on, there had to be a problem.

    That night, after 1 AM, Yin Shili secretly went up again to the Wicked Wind Cave.

    The Yin Qi at the cave’s entrance was dark, and the wicked wind that cut through the air wailed like a wolf. A timid person would have been frightened to death.

    Yin Shili carefully made his way down the path and headed toward the bottom of the cave. The deeper he went, the heavier the death energy became. At the bottom, the death energy was so thick that he felt like he was being submerged in a pool of black ink.

    However, within the heavy death energy, a faint sweet scent still remained.

    Yin Shili’s eyes brightened. Such a scent was only found on a top-grade Living Corpse. Could it be that there was a Corpse King in here?!

    He grew very excited. Ever since he’d joined the Yin Corpse Sect, he’d only advanced so far to a Secondary Steward. If he were able to find a Corpse King and offer it up to the Sect Leader, he would definitely be promoted.

    Yin Shili used a summoning technique with both hands, then swiped them across his eyebrows.

    His eyes turned completely black and put out a faint light.

    This was a unique technique that he had cultivated for so many years—Corpse Pupils. The skill was very sensitive when searching for death energy. Because of this technique, he had been promoted to the Yin Corpse Sect’s Secondary Steward.

    Within the sphere of his dark sight, the heavy and thick death energy glowed like a lighthouse, leading him toward the depths of the tomb cave.

    He followed the white light until it stopped in front of a wooden coffin, which clearly belonged to the tomb cave’s master. The death energy was coming from underneath the coffin.

    Could something be hiding under the coffin?

    Yin Shili pushed the coffin aside. As expected, there was an underground pathway leading deeper into the tomb cave. He had not discovered this secret path the last time he’d come.

    Following the pathway, he walked down and found himself in yet another tomb. This one was more grand, beautiful, and luxurious than the one above.

    “It is actually a tomb within a tomb!” It was no wonder that he hadn’t found anything during his last visit.

    Within the tomb cave, there was a bronze coffin, and the death energy was extremely thick. All signs indicated that the Corpse King was here.

    Yin Shili’s heart skipped a few beats.

    He took out a long black nail about seven inches long. It was densely carved with numerous Corpse Stabilizing Charms. The nail was a Black Magic Tool specially made to handle Vampire Corpses.

    Yin Shili breathed in, channeled his powers, and flipped the lid off the coffin. Without looking, he slammed the nail into the coffin aggressively.

    “Ah!” A pained cry came from inside the coffin.

    Yin Shili was taken aback. No matter how powerful a Corpse King was, it could not speak. Whoever was inside was still alive!

    He retreated two steps back and lit a fire. His eyes returned to normal, and he saw a black-clad youth climbing out of the coffin.

    The youth looked no older than 17 or 18. His skin was deathly pale, his eyes were a dull red, and his lips were dark purple. There was a bizarre beauty about this boy, and he looked even more dazzling in the firelight.

    Staring at the nondescript middle-aged uncle in front of her, Yun Jiuge asked fiercely, “Who are you? Why did you poke me with the nail?”

    She had only signed up to being taken in as a disciple. Why had she been pierced with a nail? The people of the Yin Corpse Sect were vulgar and unreasonable.

    “My apologies, little brother. I thought that you were a Corpse King, so I wanted to use the Soul Suppressing Nail to subdue it,” Yin Shili explained, quickly coming to his senses. Then, he asked carefully, “Why is little brother down here?”

    “I have no idea.” Yun Jiuge clutched at her forehead and pretended to be in a daze. She repeated the lie that Zi Shang had incoherently cooked up for her.

    She took on the identity of ‘Yun Jiu,’ who’d grown up on Dabie Mountain.

    His father had died early, so he lived together with his grandfather.

    While hunting the other day, he’d accidentally fallen into the Wicked Wind Cave. When he’d woken up, he was lying in the coffin.