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Chapter 224 - SOS to Fei Bai

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 224: SOS to Fei Bai

    On the screen that was still showing their chat messages, the password on Huo Beichen’s last message was indeed “1102”.

    Yes, she was not mistaken.

    Ning Meng stared at the numbers as tens of thousands of thoughts raced through her mind.

    Was this a coincidence?


    Now that she thought about it, Huo Beichen not only knew her habit of drinking pearl tea, he also knew that she liked beef—so, that was why he had headed out to purchase some beef.

    Ning Meng faintly felt that she could guess what was going on, and yet, it was too ridiculous that she could not believe her guts. Standing in front of the door, Ning Meng wanted to type a reply immediately to ask him for the truth, and yet, her fingers were shaking.

    A moment later, she finally pulled herself together and lifted her phone. Perhaps it was time for her to give him a call and talk it out.

    However, suddenly… her phone rang!

    Ning Meng lowered her head in astonishment and saw that the call was from the Manager Sun Ge.

    A frown spread over Ning Meng’s face in an instant. Reluctantly, she answered the call.

    Before she could open her mouth, she could hear Sun Ge yelping in a frenzy on the other side. “Ms. Ning! We have a problem here!”


    The Glamour Club was not far away from the villa. Ning Meng quickly drove in her Pink Maserati and sped toward the club.

    In her head, all she could see was Li Shiyao’s pure and naive eyes. She was such a good girl. Although she was timid and shy, Li Shiyao was always kind and gentle to the whole world.

    Feeling disheartened, Ning Meng stepped on the gas pedal and sped on.

    Please… please be alright!

    At the same time, behind her car, two black armored cars were chasing after her the best they could. However, her car was a sports car—it was very difficult for them to keep up. Not only that, but the day was also getting dark and it was very difficult for them to maneuver on the road.

    The bodyguards who were sitting in the black cars were getting anxious and worried. Right now, they knew just how important the missus was to their boss. If they could not protect her, their heads would roll.

    Thus, one of them quickly picked up his phone and made a call to his superior—the chief of security of the company who had recently gotten back from overseas, Fei Bai!

    In sheer seconds, Fei Bai received the call.


    His voice was cold and monotonous.

    The bodyguard anxiously explained the whole situation to him.

    “… right now, we suspect that the missus is heading straight to the Glamour Club.”

    “I see. I am a few blocks away from there, I’ll head there first.”

    “Yes, sir.”


    When they entered the Glamour Club, the staff had distracted Sun Ge away with the excuse of discussing their contract while directing Li Shiyao into a private suite. Not noticing anything out of the ordinary, Li Shiyao entered the suite as instructed.

    Then, she saw that the ones inside were not the film crew that she had met in the day.

    Before she was able to inquire about what was going on, Li Dao called out to her. “Oh, Shiyao! Welcome! I hope you don’t mind the crowd. Heh, if you’re not comfortable with these people, I could bring you to somewhere much quieter to discuss further regarding your… ‘performance’?”

    Hearing this, Li Shiyao realized that something was off. Before she could say anything, her wrist had been grabbed by Li Dao. In an instant, she was dragged into a smaller, quiet room next door.

    The other men were sniggering at her. From the looks of it, they knew the “real plan” that they had for her tonight.

    Panicked, Li Shiyao called out to Sun Ge. However, Li Dao forcefully pulled her wrist and threatened her. “Shiyao, you’d better think this through. Su Tiantian wanted to get this role for quite some time now, and… you do know who I am, right? Every major decision of the film crew comes directly from me.”

    Like a pitiful little deer that had stumbled upon a den of wolves, Li Shiyao was tearing up in fear. “Li Dao, I…”

    “Lemon Entertainment is going downhill these days. Do you know just how much they still have in their cash flow? Heh! However, if you come with me, you will never meet many struggles on your way to stardom.”

    Li Dao then pulled her into his embrace. “But before this… I would like to… do some ‘body checkup’. Let’s see how good you look under that thin layer of cloth, yeah?”

    Li Shiyao was overwhelmed with fear, her entire body trembling as she pushed Li Dao away. “No!”

    Seeing her like this, Li Dao was now sure that this girl had no huge background that was supporting her.

    Thus, Li Dao glared at her coldly. Forcing himself onto a woman was not his thing. He preferred to take things slow and have this beauty succumb to his power and willingly crawl under his crotch.

    “Shiyao, I’ll be honest with you. The whole premise is brimming with my men today. There is no way you can escape me.”